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Is Google Photos not showing all photos on your Android phone or iPhone? Are you perplexed as to why your cherished memories seem to have vanished into the digital abyss of Google Photos? It's a common dilemma that many users face: photos not showing up where they should be.

Fear not, for we delve into the depths of this conundrum and provide 13 different solutions to ensure your precious snapshots find their rightful place.

fix google photos not showing all photos

Part 1: Why Are My Photos Not Showing Up on Google Photos?

Google Photos is a powerful tool for organizing and storing your photos, but sometimes, it may seem like your images have vanished into thin air. Several factors could be at play, from network issues to app settings gone awry. Let's unravel the mystery together.

  • Internet connection: Photos may not upload if there is no internet connection or if the connection is weak.
  • Syncing issue: If your device isn't properly syncing with Google Photos, there may be a delay in uploading or syncing photos from your device to the cloud.
  • Storage space: If you're running out of storage space on your Google account, it may prevent new photos from being uploaded.
  • Permission settings: Make sure that Google Photos has the necessary permissions to access your device's photo gallery.
  • App updates: Sometimes, outdated apps or OS versions can cause syncing issues.
  • File format compatibility: Google Photos supports a wide range of file formats, but some uncommon formats may not be supported. Make sure your photos are in a compatible format.
  • Temporary glitch: Occasionally, Google Photos might experience temporary glitches or server issues. In such cases, waiting for a while and trying again later might resolve the issue.

Part 2: Solve Google Photos Not Showing All Photos [13 Fixes]

If you're scratching your head wondering why your Google pictures is not showing on Google Photos, fret not. We've compiled a comprehensive list of solutions to help you navigate through this cloud photo labyrinth.

2.1 Check the Network of Your Device

First things first, ensure your device is connected to a stable network. A weak or unstable connection can hamper the syncing process and lead to Google Photos not showing all photos on iPhone/Android/computer. Please go to Settings on your device, and reset the network. Then reconnect your device to the network, and launch Google Photos again.

Besides, on your mobile phone, you can enable the "Airplane" feature, and then turn it off. Next, your phone will automatically connect to the Internet.

turn on and off airplane mode to fix the network

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2.2 Enable the Backup Feature

Have you turned on the backup feature on Google Photos? If not, it cannot show all photos automatically on your smartphone.

  1. Launch Google Photos, and tap your profile.
  2. Choose "Photos settings" and enable "Back up & sync".
  3. Then the app will back up your Android photos and show them on the screen.

enable the backup feature on google photos if it cannot show all your photos on your phone

2.3 Check Google Photos Settings

Take a peek into the settings of your Google Photos app. Sometimes, a simple tweak can resolve the issue. Even though you enable the backup feature but do not choose the folder that you want to sync, it cannot show all photos.

  1. Open the Google Photos app on your iPhone or Android phone, and then click "Profile" and choose "Photos settings".
  2. Hit "Back up & sync" > "Back up device folders".
  3. Ensure the folders you want to sync are synced to Google Photos. If not, select them. Then the photos in the folders will be uploaded to Google Photos.

check the photos settings when google photos doesn't display all photos

2.4 Clear Google Photos Cache

Over time, accumulated cache data can bog down the performance of the Google Photos app, resulting in Google Photos not showing all photos on Android. In this case, clearing the cache can refresh the app and potentially resolve the syncing issue.

  1. Launch Settings on Android, and choose "Apps".
  2. Locate "Google Photos", and tap "Storage".
  3. Click "Clear cache" to remove the cache data. Then refresh Google Photos to check your photos.

clear the cache of google photos on android to make all photos show up

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2.5 Check Trash and Archive

It's easy to overlook the Trash and Archive folders in Google Photos. Your missing photos might be lurking in these hidden corners, awaiting your rescue.

  1. Run the Google Photos app on your smartphone, and then choose the "Library" tab.
  2. Click "Archive" to check if your images are archived so that they don't show up on Google Photos.
  3. Long-press the files to select them, and click the "More" > "Unarchive" to regain your pictures.
  4. Next, enter "Trash" and restore your deleted images. If your photos is deleted over 30 days, they will be gone forever.

unarchive photos on google photos

2.6 Check the App Permissions

Verify that Google Photos has the necessary permissions to access your device's storage and media files. Without proper permissions, the app may struggle to display your photos correctly.

  1. Go to Settings and click "Apps" > "Manage apps".
  2. Find and choose "Google Photos".
  3. Tap "Permissions" > "Photos and videos" option, and choose "Allow".

allow google photos to access your photos

2.7 Turn On SD Card Access

If your photos are stored on an SD card, ensure that Google Photos has permission to access the card. Without this access, the app won't be able to sync your photos effectively.

  1. Go to Google Photos on your phone, and click "Profile" > "Photos settings".
  2. Click "Apps & devices" > "SD card access".
  3. Tap "Get started" > "Allow". Then your photos stored on your SD card will be displayed on Google Photos.

turn on sd card  access on google photos settings

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2.8 Check Your Google Cloud Storage

Is your Google Cloud storage reaching its limit? If so, you may need to free up space or consider upgrading to a larger storage plan to accommodate all your photos.

  1. Log in with your Google Account on Google Photos.
  2. Click your profile image, and then check the "Account storage".
  3. Delete the files that you don't need any more from your account, or you can upgrade your cloud storage space.
  4. After that, upload your photos again.

check google storage space

2.9 Allow Google Photos to Use Battery Without Restrictions

Some devices have battery optimization settings that may restrict background processes, including photo syncing, so that your Google Photos cannot show all your pictures. Granting Google Photos permission to use battery without restrictions can ensure uninterrupted syncing.

  1. Press the app icon of Google Photos on your phone for a while, and then click "App info".
  2. Tap "Battery", and choose "Unrestricted". Then the app can use the battery in the background without restrictions.

allow google photos to use battery in the background without restrictions

2.10 Check Your Phone's Storage

Low device storage can impede the syncing process and prevent new photos from appearing in Google Photos. Please check your phone's internal storage space first, and remove some files from your device.

On Android:

  1. Please go to Settings and click "Device care".
  2. Choose "Storage" to check how much storage you have left on your phone.
  3. If the storage is full, you can remove some files or move them to your computer.

check android phone storage

On iPhone:

  1. Open Settings and click "General".
  2. Click "iPhone Storage" to check the storage you used.

check iphone storage

2.11 Enable Background App Refresh

Enabling background app refresh for Google Photos allows the app to sync photos even when it's not actively in use. This ensures that your photos are always up to date. Notice that this way is suitable for iOS devices only.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone, and choose "Google Photos".
  2. Switch on the "Background App Refresh" option.

allow google photos to refresh itself in the background on iphone

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2.12 Update or Reinstall the Google Photos App

Outdated or corrupted app versions can cause the photos not to be shown issues. Ensure that you're using the latest version of Google Photos, or consider reinstalling the app to resolve any underlying issues. You can go to App Store on your smartphone to check your Google Photos app. If there is an update, please click it to upgrade the version of your Google Photos app.

2.13 Use Google Photos Web

If all else fails, try accessing Google Photos through a web browser on your computer. Sometimes, the issue may be specific to the app version, and accessing your photos through the web interface can provide a temporary workaround.

After logging in on the Google Photos web on your computer, please check if there are any missing pictures. If not, please move your images to your computer and upload them again.

upload images with the web of google photos

Part 3: Back Up Your Photos with Alternative to Your Computer

In addition to Google Photos, consider backing up your precious memories using an alternative - Samsung Messages Backup. This software can transfer your Android photos to your computer without data loss. Furthermore, it don't need any network because it can utilize USB to complete the file transmission. You can also preview all your pictures' thumbnails on the interface, and back up all of them at once.

Besides, this alternative works for those Android phones and tablets running Android 4.0 and upper without no brand restriction, such as Honor, OPPO, Vivo, Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, ZTE, and more.

Here's how to back up your photos with the alternative:

Step 1: Download and install the backup software on a Windows or Mac computer. Then launch it and choose "Android Assistant".

download windows version of the android photo backup softwaredownload mac version of the android photo backup software

Step 2: Connect your Android gadget to the computer with USB, and choose "Transfer files" on the popup. Then activate USB debugging on the phone. Then the connection will be established.

use an alternative to back up your photos

Step 3: Choose the "Photos" category to preview and select your photos. Then click the "Export" icon to transfer your photos to your computer.

select and export photos to computer


Armed with these troubleshooting tips, you can bid adieu to the frustration of missing photos on Google Photos. Remember, patience and persistence are key as you navigate through the digital landscape of photo storage. With a little diligence, your cherished memories will be safely nestled in the cloud, ready to be revisited whenever you please. Moreover, the replacement of Google Photos - Samsung Messages Backup, can help you back up and sync your pictures without Google Photos.

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