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Have you ever experienced the frustration of capturing a perfect moment on your Android device, only to find that the photo mysteriously refuses to show up in your gallery? If so, you're not alone. The issue of photos not showing in the gallery on Android can be both perplexing and exasperating. Fear not, as we embark on a journey to unravel the mysteries behind this phenomenon and discover solutions to bring your elusive photos back into the spotlight.

fix photos not showing in gallery android

Part 1: Why Are My Photos Not Showing Up in My Gallery?

"Why can't I see my pictures in my gallery?" When Gallery is empty on Android or some photos are not showing up in the Gallery app, it's crucial to understand the potential culprits behind this common dilemma. Here are the major reasons:

  • The version of the Gallery app on Android is out of date.
  • Your photo files are corrupted, so the Gallery app may skip them during the scanning process.
  • The image format is not supported by your Android device.
  • The Gallery app might have a cache issue.
  • You might hide your photo albums or folders on your Android phone.

Part 2: Fix Photos Not Showing in Gallery on Android (11 Tricks)

Now that we've identified the potential reasons behind your photos not showing up in the Gallery app on your Android phone, let's dive into specific troubleshooting solutions to get those memories back where they belong.

2.1 Show the Hidden Albums

If you hide your albums in Gallery, you cannot access the photos in it directly. In this case, please unhide the photo album on your mobile phone.

  1. Launch the Gallery app on your Android phone, and choose the "Albums" tab.
  2. Click "View All" and the "More" icon at the upper right.
  3. Choose "Hide albums", and turn off the albums that you hid before.
  4. Now, your photos will appear on the Gallery app.

unhide albums in gallery to make all photos show up

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2.2 Clear the Cache of the Gallery App

Sometimes, a cluttered cache can obstruct the display of photos. Learn how to clear the cache and refresh your gallery app. Then your pictures will show up.

  1. Open the Settings app on Android, and find and click "Apps".
  2. Tap the "Gallery" app, and click "Storage".
  3. Hit "Clear cache". After that, check your Gallery app and the disappeared photos.

clear cache on android to fix photo not showing up

2.3 Modify the Nomedia Folder

Unravel the mystery of the nomedia folder, a potential culprit in keeping your photos out of the Gallery's limelight.

  1. Open File Manager, and find the folder that your photos don't display.
  2. Enter the folder and remove or rename the ".nomedia" file. Then your images will be accessible.

remove or rename the nomedia file

2.4 Show Your Hidden System Files

You can also dig into the system files to ensure none of your photos are inadvertently marked as hidden.

  1. Go to File Manager on your Android phone, and choose "More".
  2. Select "Settings" and enable the "Show hidden system files" feature.
  3. Then you can see all the hidden files and folders. Please locate your images.

find android hidden system files

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2.5 Check Your Download Folder

Explore your device's download folder, as photos might find themselves nestled there after a download.

  1. Please navigate to the File Manager app, and locate the "Download" folder.
  2. Access it and check if there are photos that you cannot find in the Gallery app.

check the download folder to find photos

2.6 Check the Trash in Gallery and File Manager

If you delete your photos on your Gallery, the deleted ones will be put in the Trash album. Revisit the digital trash bin to ensure your photos haven't been inadvertently discarded, as long as your deleted photos are within 30 days.

  1. Go to Gallery, and click "Pictures".
  2. Choose the "More" icon and tap "Trash".
  3. Then you will see your deleted photos. Please restore the images that you want, and they will show up in their original albums.

go to trash to find the photos

2.7 Move Your Photos to Another Folder

If you save your photos from those third-party apps that manage their folder permissions to prevent access from other apps like Gallery, you cannot visit the images in Gallery. Thus, please move your photos to another folder like "Pictures" or "DCIM". Then the photos will show up in Gallery on your Android device.

2.8 Restart Your Android Phone

Restarting your Android device can solve different system issues.

  1. Please press and hold the "Volume Down" and "Side" buttons till the "Power off" menu appears.
  2. Choose "Restart", and then tap it again for confirmation.
  3. Then your phone will reboot itself. Once done, open Gallery to check your images.

restart the android phone to fix the photo not showing in gallery problem

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2.9 Turn Off Grouping of Image

The Android Gallery can group similar images together automatically, so your photos may be hidden. The photos will not show up until you click the group. If it's inconvenient for you, you can turn off this feature.

  1. Run the Gallery app, and choose the "Pictures" tab.
  2. Click "More" > "Ungroup similar images".
  3. Then your images will appear.

ungroup your similar images to find your pictures

2.10 Update the Gallery App

Keep your Gallery app in top-notch condition by ensuring it's up to date with the latest enhancements and bug fixes. If the version of the Gallery app is too old to work, there will be some issues for your images and videos.

  1. Go to App Store on your Android phone, and click "Me".
  2. Find your apps and choose "Gallery".
  3. If there is a new version to update, please update it.

update gallery app to fix the issue

2.11 Check Your SD Card

If your photos are stored on an SD card, investigate potential issues with the card that might be hindering the Gallery's ability to showcase your visuals.

  1. Use a paperclip to unleash the card tray.
  2. Insert your SD card into your computer with a card reader, and access your card on your computer.
  3. Check if you can see your photos on your computer. If not, there is something wrong with the card.
  4. Then remount your SD card, and push the tray into your phone.
  5. Go to the Gallery app to check your photos again.

check the sd card if your photos are stored in external storage

Extra Tips: Recover Your Deleted Android Photos with Ease

Accidents happen, and photos might be deleted inadvertently. It's high time to recover your deleted Android photos with Samsung Data Recovery. This recovery software supports Android 4.0 and upper and most Android models like Samsung Galaxy S24/S23/S22/S21/S20/S9/S8, OnePlus 12/12R/11/11R/10 Pro/10/10T/9/8/7/6, Honor, OPPO, Google Pixel, Realme, Vivo, Xiaomi, and more.

With it, you can view and recover your Android photos without backup. Even though you want to recover your photos from an SD card, it can make it without hassle.

Steps on recovering your photos from Android:

Step 1: Download the recovery software on your computer. Then install and click "Android Recovery" to launch it.

download windows version of android photo recovery download mac version of android photo recovery

Step 2: Connect your Android device to the computer with USB, and enable USB debugging on Android. Then choose "Transfer files" or "MTP" on the prompt. Once done, check the "Photos" category. If you also want to recover your contacts and other data, you can check them together. Then click "Next".

recover photos from android

Step 3: Choose a mode to scan your deleted images, and click "Continue". Then it will require you to root your phone. If you recover photos from an SD card, you don't need rooting.

scan your deleted photos

Step 4: Select the photos, and tap "Recover" to save them on your computer. Then you can move them to your Android phone directly.

select and recover your photos without hassle

Wrapping Up

In the quest to reclaim your elusive photos, navigating the labyrinth of Android's file system can be challenging, but with the tricks and tips provided in this guide, you're equipped to troubleshoot and restore your visual memories to the Gallery's prominent display. Embrace the newfound empowerment over your digital space and relish every photo-worthy moment, secure in the knowledge that you hold the keys to unraveling the enigma of disappearing photos on your Android device.

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