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You may don't know that when you delete files by using a simple "Delete" operation by yourself, it just opens up the storage space to its users and these spaces can be overwriteen by new data. That means the deleted files are not gone forever at the beginning until they are overwritten. So when you perform a simple "Delete" order on your Android device, and then resell, donate or send it to any other, your personal files are facing a high risk of leaking out. Terrible, right? That's why you need a software to help you delete Android files permanently.

Picking up a reliable yet professional data eraser for Android is not a simple task for almost all Android users, especially when you have no similar experience before. So you may waste a large amount of time on the Internet and different webpages to compare these tools, decide which one is better by yourself. However, you may still make a wrong decision after the comparision. Thus, if you trust us, we could like to invite you to take a free trial on this Android Data Eraser on your personal computer.

It is a standalone program, provide you with a safe yet quick way to erase Android files or documents with one simple click. All erased files in this way will never be restored by any professional data recovery software on the market. So you'll never worry about your personal info will be leaked out without permission. Now, just click the below icon to get this powerful tool on your computer and follow the steps to begin your own Android files erasing process as you like.

How Can I Permanently Erase or Wipe Android Files/Documents?

Connect your Android device to the computer, and launch the program on it. When your device is detected by the program, you'll see an interface like below:

Choose the option of "Erase All Data" in the main screen, and then the program will start scanning for files on your device and also require you to choose the erasing level according to your own needs. (For Android users, you're not allowed to decide specify files for deleting. But if you're an iPhone user, then you can scan and delete only your target files as you like.)

When you have decided the erasing level, you can begin the whole process by clicking "Erase Now" button on the main interface.

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