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Upgrading to a new smartphone is a thrilling experience, but the thought of transferring all your data can be daunting. Specifically, migrating from a Vivo device to a OnePlus can seem like a complex task. However, now, there are multiple straightforward methods available to transfer data from Vivo to OnePlus with minimal hassle. Whether you're technologically inclined or a novice, you can use the methods in this article to quickly migrate data.

how to transfer data from vivo to oneplus

Way 1: How to Transfer Data from Vivo to OnePlus in 1 Click?

"How do I transfer data from Vivo to OnePlus at high speed? I am bursting with impatience to use my new phone." If time is of the essence and efficiency is key for you, you will need a one-click tool - Samsung Data Transfer, to move your Vivo data to the new phone. This data transfer software supports multiple file types. You can transfer contacts, videos, photos, text messages, SMS, call logs, and more.

Highlights of the Vivo to OnePlus transfer software:

- Not only support the data transfer from Vivo to OnePlus, but also copy data between other Android devices.

- Transfer data with original quality and formats.

- Enable you to select files by category on the interface.

- Transfer your selected data at once.

- iPhone to OnePlus transfer is also available.

- The direct transmission mode keeps the data migration safe.

- Compatible with Android 4.0 and upper, and iOS 5.0 and higher.

- No ad.

Download the smartphone data transfer software.

download windows version of vivo to oneplus transferdownload mac version of vivo to oneplus transfer

Here's how to transfer data from Vivo to OnePlus Nord 2/Nord N30 SE:

Step 1: Install and launch the transfer app on your computer. Then click "Mobile Transfer".

Step 2: Connect Vivo and OnePlus phones to the PC with USB, and then enable USB debugging mode on both mobile devices. Next, make sure your OnePlus phone is the "Destination" device. If not, tap "Flip".

connect vivo and oneplus devices to the computer

Step 3: Select file types, and tap "Start Copy" on the interface to start the process. Once done, you can access your data on your new phone.

fast transfer data from vivo to oneplus

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Way 2: How Do I Transfer Data from Vivo to OnePlus via Clone Phone?

For those who prefer a built-in solution that offers reliability and ease of use, the OnePlus Clone Phone feature is the ideal choice. Developed by OnePlus, this feature allows you to transfer all your data from your Vivo device to your new OnePlus device effortlessly. But please note that it only supports Android 6.0 or later.

Use Clone Phone to copy data from Vivo to OnePlus:

Step 1: Update both your phones to the latest versions, and then download and install OnePlus Clone Phone app from Google Play to your Vivo phone. On OnePlus, you can find the app from Settings.

Step 2: Open the app on both devices, and choose "This is the new device" on OnePlus, and select "Other Android". Then you will get a QR code.

Step 3: Allow the app to access your data on your Vivo phone, and click "Start migration". Then use the Vivo device to scan the QR code on OnePlus. Your smartphones will be connected.

Step 4: Select the content you want to transfer on Vivo, and tap "Start migration". The app will start copy your Vivo data to OnePlus.

select and transfer data from vivo to oneplus via clone phone

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Way 3: How to Transfer Data fro Vivo to OnePlus via Google Account?

Leveraging cloud services has become a commonplace practice for data management and synchronization. If you're a fan of Google Cloud services and rely on it for transferring data from Vivo to OnePlus, then Google Account is an ideal choice. With the power of Google's cloud infrastructure, you can effortlessly back up and restore your contacts, calendar events, photos, and more between devices with minimal effort.

Use Google Account to transfer Vivo data to OnePlus:

Step 1: On your Vivo phone, please go to Settings, and choose "System" > "Backup & restore" > "Back up data".

Step 2: Tap "Turn on" and "Back up now". Then your Vivo data will be upload to your Google Account.

back up vivo data to google account

Step 3: Power on your OnePlus phone, and tap "Start" to set up your new OnePlus phone. As prompted, please sign in with your Google Account, and choose a backup to restore.

Step 4: Select the files you want to import to OnePlus, and tap "Restore". Then complete the setup. You will view your files on the OnePlus smartphone.

restore the vivo backup data to oneplus


See? It's easy to transfer data from Vivo to OnePlus, especially when you use the one-stop tool - Samsung Data Transfer, which allows you to copy all data at once directly. Whichever way you choose, the transition can be smooth and stress-free. Say goodbye to the worry of losing precious data and hello to enjoying your new OnePlus device with all your important files, contacts, and memories intact.

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