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How to Transfer Files from Samsung Galaxy S9/S8 to Note 8/7

Due to occupational requirement, I owned two mobile devices. One is Samsung Galaxy S9 and the other Samsung Note 8. Now, I wanted to transfer files fr...Learn more >>

Guide on Transferring Contacts from Nokia to HTC

Got a brand-new HTC phone and wanted to sync all contacts from your old Nokia phone to the new HTC phone? Actually, it is just something necessary tha...Learn more >>

How Can I Copy Contacts Between Android and iPhone

"For some reasons, I purchased a new iPhone 8 recently. Then I own Android phone and iPhone at the same time. While, I run into a problem. I need...Learn more >>

Easy Way to Transfer Android Photos/Videos/Music to Nokia

Recently, I bought a new Nokia phone. Now, I want to transfer all the media files like photos, videos and music songs from my old Android phone to the...Learn more >>

Tips to Transfer Music from Android Phone to iPod

These days, Wifi is not accessible, so I would like to transfer some music songs from my Android phone to the iPod device so as to listen to music son...Learn more >>

How to Transfer Verizon Contacts to iPhone

Recently I bought a new iPhone X and now I want to transfer all the contacts from my old Verizon phone to the new device. How can I easily do that? Th...Learn more >>

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Nexus 6?

Intending to switch to Android platform because you just be bored with your old iPhone which you have used for several years. To choose an Android sma...Learn more >>

How to Transfer Data from Nokia to Android?

Just received your new Android phone but get frustrated because you have no idea to transfer files from your old Nokia phone, which you have used for ...Learn more >>

How to Copy Contacts from iPhone to Sony Xperia?

You have got a new Sony Xperia Z5 as birthday gift and it is a pleasant thing to give away your old iPhone that you have used for a long time. However...Learn more >>

How to Transfer SMS from iPhone to Sony Xperia?

Have an old iPhone, like iPhone 4 or 4S, for a few years, and now you just want to change to Android system so you purchase a brand new Sony Xperia Z5...Learn more >>

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