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I need to transfer some music songs from my iPad device to the portable iPod. Is it possible? Will it cost too much time? After all, I don't want to waste too much time in waiting. Any advice for me? Thanks!

There is no doubt that taking a portable iPod device is much more convenient when you want to do morning exercises or when you are taking a train, indeed. So, how can you transfer music songs from iPad to iPod? Using iTunes may be too troublesome. You can actually use a professional third-party software to directly share music songs between these two devices. And I strongly recommend this Coolmuster Mobile Transfer to you!

With this software, you can directly share music songs from iPad to iPod without any restrictions. Aside from music songs, it can also support other files like videos, apps, contacts, messages and many more, as well as other generations of iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod. With this software, you can also easily backup important files to the computer and restore lost files from the backup records if files were lost accidentally. More importantly, this software can be perfectly compatible with other OS-driven devices like Android devices and Symbian devices. So now what are you waiting for? Just get this software to begin the file transfer from iPad to iPod in one click!

Here to free trial versions of this software!

User Guide to Transfer Music Songs from iPad to iPod

Step 1. Link Two Devices Connected to the Computer

To start with, open the installed software on the computer and then link the two devices to the computer via the USB cords. Now, you will see the below interface. You can choose the Phone to Phone Transfer mode to go on.

Step 2. Transfer Wanted Music from iPad to iPod

Now, you will see the below interface where all file folders are arranged on the top panel. You can enter the Music tab to preview more detailed information. Then you can select the wanted music songs by ticking them out and choose the right or left arrow direction to transfer music songs from iPad to iPod in one click.

Finally, just wait for the process to get completed within a little while. Then you can enjoy the beautiful songs on your iPod at ease now!

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