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Some people love to download the melodious music on the Android phone because they can enjoy the music offline. However, when they clean up their phone, the music would be lost probably. If you are in the same case, you'd better learn about how to recover deleted music files from Android phone at first. And then, do something to prevent your music from losing from then on.

Tips: What leads you losing data and what can you do to lower the danger of data loss?

Besides cleaning up your Android phone, factory reset, operating system upgrade, and so on, they all will lead data loss in reality. However, you have to do these from time to time. What can you do to avoid them? It is a piece of cake. You can backup the data which you want to protect in advance, which makes your data safe and you won't be worried about losing files.

recover deleted music files

Part 1: Recover Deleted Music Files with Music Recovery App (Fastest & Safest)

With the fastest and safest recovery app - Samsung Data Recovery, you can recover deleted music files easily. You can not only retrieve deleted music from the Android phone, but also recover videos, photos, contacts, call logs, text messages, etc. Besides, this Music Recovery app can recover Android SD card as well.

Highlighted features and advantages of this deleted Music Recovery:

- Recover deleted media files on Android phone, including music, photos, videos, and more.

- Support to retrieve deleted files from Android internal storage and Android SD card.

- You can undelete contacts list, messages, call history, books, etc.

- Using a USB cable can keep the connection between Android phone and computer stable.

- Preview the detailed files on the computer with the large screen.

- Highly compatible with Motorola G Stylus/Moto G Powerful/Razr/E6/E6 Play/E5G8 Play/G8 Plus/One Zoom, ZTE Axon 10 Pro/Axon 9 Pro/Blade 10/Blade 20/Blade Z Max, Huawei Mate Xs/Mate 30 Pro/Mate 30/Mate 20 Pro/Mate 20 X, Mi 9 /9 Lite/9T Pro/9T/9 SE/8/8 Lite, Samsung Galaxy S20/S10/S9/S8/S7/S6, HTC, OnePlus, and so on.

Download the Android Music Recovery below.

download win version of android music recovery download mac version of music file recovery

Steps on how to recover deleted music files from SD card on Android:

Step 1: Select SD Card Recovery Tab

When running the Music Recovery app on the computer, please select the "SD Card Recovery" tab on the top menu, and you can see the primary interface as below.

restore deleted music files

Step 2: Plug SD Card into Computer

Second, please plug your Android SD card into the PC via a SD card reader, you will find the software detect your SD card fast.

recover deleted music with music recovery app

Step 3: Recover Deleted Songs from SD Card

At an end, tap on the "Music" option on the left list, and you can view the deleted music files on the right side. Now, choosing the deleted songs which you desired, you can hit on the "Recover" icon. After seconds, the deleted music will be recovered from the SD card.

music recovery recovery app for android

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Part 2: Recover My Deleted Music Files with Music Backup Software

If you have backed up your music files but want to restore them to your Android phone without effort, this part will introduce a suitable app which is Samsung Messages Backup for you to recover your deleted music files on the Android phone. In addition to this feature, you can manage your music files on the computer breezily, containing adding, moving, copying, creating music lists, and etc.

Here's the guide on how to recover deleted songs with Music Backup software:

Step 1: Install this Music File Backup App

For one thing, you need to install this Music File Backup app on your computer. And the point you need to pay attention is that you'd better download the app from its official website or the download link below.

download win version of music file backup app download mac version of music file basckup software

Step 2: Make a Connection between Android to PC

The next step is to make a connection between Android phone and the PC with the USB cable. Then you need to enable USB debugging on the Android device. Once connected, please click the "Super Toolkit" icon on the upper menu.

restore deleted music files on android

Step 3: Restore Music Files from Android Phone

Thirdly, please click the "Restore" icon on the right. On the pop-up window, select the "Music" option and tap on the "Restore" button at the bottom. The Android Music Backup app will start to recover your music files immediately.

how to recover deleted songs on android

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Part 3: Restore Deleted Music Files with the help of Cloud Storage

Sometimes the cloud service on your Android phone is turned on but you have forgotten, it will backup your Android music files to the cloud space automatically. In this way, you could restore your deleted music files with the help of the cloud storage. What's more, the guide is offered below for your inference.

Guide on how to restore music disappeared from Android phone:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings

On the Android phone, please go to the Settings app, and please click on the "Backup & reset" option.

Step 2: Enter the Cloud Service

Then you will see the "Samsung Cloud" option on the screen, please click on it and you will see the music category.

Step 3: Restore Music Files on Android Phone

At last, please choose the files you backup on the Android phone, and then click the "Restore" button. After that, you will get back the music files from the cloud storage.

retrieve deleted music via cloud storage

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Part 4: Recover Deleted Music from SD Card on Android

When inserting an SD card on the Android phone, you can store so many media files on the SD card for backup. In this way, you can recover your music from the SD card to the Android phone without trouble. Let's see the detailed tutorial.

Here's how to get deleted music back to Android phone from the SD card:

Step 1: Enter the SD Card

Above all, you need to the SD card on your Android phone. Or you can insert your SD card to the computer with the SD card reader.

Step 2: Move Music Files from SD Card

- If the SD card is on your Android phone, you can copy the music data from the SD card to the Android cell phone directly.

- If not, you need to link your Android device to the PC with the USB cable. And please see the third step.

Step 3: Restore Music Files from SD Card

- Eventually, open your SD card on the computer: Click the "This PC" icon on the desktop, and then enter the SD card under the "Devices & drives" items.

- Once done, please copy the music files from the card and then paste them to the Android device.

recover deleted music from sd card on android

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Part 5: Retrieve Deleted Music from Google Drive

Google Drive is a useful app to save the different files which you have 15 GB space storage, and you can retrieve the deleted music files from Google Drive. By the way, you can widen the space to reserve your files from Android phone with the improved plans.

Tutorial on how to retrieve deleted music files from Google Drive:

Step 1: Go into Google Drive

From the beginning, you need to go into Google Drive on your Android phone that you are planning to recover the music files.

Step 2: Log in for Google Drive

Next, please log in to Google Drive with your Drive account, and then you will enter your Drive successfully.

Step 3: Recover Deleted Music Files from Drive

- Now, please click the "Menu" icon on the top left, and scroll down the list. You will see the "Trash" icon on it. Tap on it and you will see the deleted music files in the trash.

- Please click on the music files you want and hold on. Then you can hit the "Restore" button and you can recover the deleted music files from Google Drive.

undelete music files via google drive

  • Is recovery software the only way to recover deleted music files?
  • As the matter of fact, you can find some recovery apps to recover your deleted music files. However, there are many fake recovery applications in the market which can't recover the deleted music files on the Android phone. You need to select the professional recovery app, such as the Android Music app mentioned above.


In a word, these 5 music recovery apps are useful for you to recover deleted music files on the Android phone. For your inference, we wrote down the detailed steps on this article and several tips here. Additionally, the best Android Music Files Recovery app - Samsung Data Recovery is worth having a try for the powerful features. Ultimately, welcome to leave your opinions on the comments part.

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