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WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging apps globally, holds a trove of messages that are both sentimental and, in some cases, essential. However, the vulnerability of smartphones to accidents, upgrades, or simply wear and tear makes it imperative to secure these messages.

In this comprehensive guide, we will disscus how to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to PC via 5 methods to safeguard your WhatsApp messages. Delve into the step-by-step process of preserving your WhatsApp conversations and ensuring they stand the test of time.

how to back up whatsapp messages from android to pc

Part 1: How to Back Up WhatsApp from Android to PC via WhatsApp Data Recovery

WhatsApp Data Recovery, is a tool that helps Android users transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to PC with ease. With this program, you can view your WhatsApp chats on your computer, select the messages you want, and save them to the computer smoothly. Whenever you want to access the backup WhatsApp chat history, you can open the file and view it on the interface. Plus, you can back up your WhatsApp photos and other attachments to your PC without effort.

Key points of this WhatsApp backup tool:

- Seamlessly transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to PC without data loss.

- Swiftly save WhatsApp media files from Android to PC.

- Help you access your WhatsApp chats and media data on a computer, including messages and attachments.

- Support various file formats, like JPG, JPEG, PNG, WEBP, MP4, PDF, HTML, etc.

- Widely compatible with different Android OSes and Android devices, from Android 4 to Android 13, including Samsung Galaxy, Motorola, Google Pixel, Sony, T-Mobile, ZTE, Honor, Alcatel, BLU, HTC, Xiaomi, OnePlus, etc.

Download WhatsApp Data Recovery.

download windows version of whatsapp data recovery

Here's how to back up WhatsApp to a computer via this software:

Step 1: Launch the WhatsApp recovery software on your PC after installing it successfully. Then click "WhatsApp Recovery".

Step 2: Connect your Android phone or tablet to the PC via a data cable, and activate the USB debugging mode on the mobile device. Then choose the device, and click "Next" on the interface.

save whatsapp messages from android to pc

Step 3: To allow the software to scan your WhatsApp data, you need to turn on the "End-to-end encrypted backup" feature of the WhatsApp app on your Android device by following the on-screen guide. Once done, click "Confirm".

confirm the digit key

Step 4: Tap "View It" to preview your WhatsApp messages, select the content you desire to back up, and tap "Recover to Computer". The software will save your WhatsApp chats to your computer.

select and transfer whatsapp chats from android to pc

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Part 2: How to Back Up WhatsApp to PC via WhatsApp Web

With the WhatsApp web on the computer, you can transfer your WhatsApp messages from Android to PC online. However, if you need to back up a large number of WhatsApp messages, the process will be time-consuming.

Steps on how to take WhatsApp backup on PC:

Step 1: First, go to WhatsApp web on the browser of the computer. You will see the QR code on the screen.

Step 2: Enter WhatsApp on the Android phone and click the Menu icon to choose the "WhatsApp Web" option. Then scan the QR code and you will log in to your WhatsApp on the browser.

Step 3: Select the conversation you want to back up. Then, touch and hold one message, and you can click the "Download" icon on the top right corner. Your WhatsApp messages will be backed up on the PC.

how to backup whatsapp to computer online

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Part 3: How to Save WhatsApp Chat on PC via Email

Using the built-in feature can save the WhatsApp chat on the PC. With the following steps, you can solve how to save WhatsApp chat to the PC via email without hassle.

Here's how to backup WhatsApp to computer via email:

Step 1: On your Android phone, please enter the WhatsApp app, and then hit on the "Settings" icon on the screen.

Step 2: Next, tap on the "Chat" option and choose the "Chat history" icon. You will see the "Email chat" option on the interface. Please click on it. And you can select the WhatsApp messages you want for backup.

Step 3: On your computer, you need to log in to the email account that you backed up the WhatsApp chat just now. Finally, download the attached messages on the PC.

how to backup whatsapp to pc via email

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Part 4: How to Take WhatsApp Backup on PC Manually

As a matter of fact, you can find the WhatsApp messages on your Android phone and back up them to the PC with a USB cable by yourself. So, the whole process is without an app. Just with a USB cable, you can make a WhatsApp chat history backup from Android to the PC.

Tutorial on how to backup WhatsApp on computer manually:

Step 1: In the beginning, please link your Android phone to the PC via a USB cable and keep the connection stable.

Step 2: On the PC, open the "This PC" program, and you will find your Android device under the "Devices and drives" option. Then navigate to the "WhatsApp" folder.

Step 3: Now, please copy the files in the "WhatsApp" folder and paste them to a location on the computer to save the WhatsApp chats. Wait for a while and the backup will be over.

how to save whatsapp chat on pc manually

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Part 5: How to Back Up WhatsApp to Computer via Google Drive

As we all know, we can back up WhatsApp data to Google Drive on Android devices. So, why not use this feature to transfer the WhatsApp messages to computers? It's easy to do that, but you cannot access your WhatsApp chats even though you download the backup data from Google Drive. If you don't mind it, you can utilize this method.

Here's how to back up WhatsApp chats to PC via Google Drive:

Step 1: Open the WhatsApp app on your Android smartphone, and click "More" > "Settings".

Step 2: Tap "Chats" > "Chat backup" > "Back up to Google Drive", and select a backup frequency. Then click "Google Account" to add your Google account.

Step 3: Click "Back up over" to choose a network type, and click "BACK UP" to start it.

Step 4: Once done, go to Google Drive on your computer, and log in with the account that you backed up your WhatsApp data. Next, click "Storage" > "Backups" to download your WhatsApp backup file to the PC.

transfer whatsapp messages from android to computer via google drive

Part 6: FAQs of Transferring WhatsApp Messages from Android to PC

Q1: Can I access WhatsApp messages on my computer when I download the backup file from Google Drive?

No, downloading the backup file from Google Drive alone won't allow you to directly access your WhatsApp messages on your computer. Google Drive backups are encrypted and specifically designed for restoration on the same or another Android device.

Q2: How frequently should I back up my WhatsApp messages?

The frequency of backing up your WhatsApp messages depends on how often you use the app and the importance of the conversations to you. In general, it's recommended to set up automatic backups at least weekly. However, more frequent backups are advisable if you use WhatsApp extensively or have critical conversations.

Q3: How do I verify the integrity of my WhatsApp backups on PC?

Verifying the integrity of your WhatsApp backups on PC is crucial to ensure that the backup files are complete and have not been corrupted. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you verify the integrity:

Locate Backup Files: Find the folder on your PC where you have stored the WhatsApp backup files. This might be the folder you created during the backup process or the default location if you used a backup tool.

Check File Size: Compare the size of the backup file with the expected size. Larger file sizes indicate more data and are generally a positive sign. However, this is not foolproof as some compression methods might affect file size.

Open Backup File: Depending on the file format (usually .db.crypt12 for WhatsApp), attempt to open the backup file using a text editor or a specialized database viewer. Look for recognizable data such as messages, contacts, or other relevant information.

Use a Database Viewer: If the backup is in SQLite format, you can use an SQLite database viewer to inspect the contents. Look for tables related to chats, messages, and contacts.

Restoration Test: If possible, perform a test restoration on another device or a secondary WhatsApp account to ensure that the backup is functional.

Check Timestamps: Ensure that the timestamps within the backup file align with the period you intended to back up. This helps confirm that the backup contains the relevant messages.

Compare with Original Data: If you have access to your original WhatsApp data on your phone, compare a few conversations with the data in the backup file to ensure consistency.

Run Integrity Tools (Optional): There are tools available that can check the integrity of SQLite databases. While this is more technical, it can provide an additional layer of verification.


Safeguarding our cherished conversations is as crucial as the conversations themselves. We've explored 5 methods to transfer your WhatsApp messages from your Android device to your PC, ensuring a secure and accessible repository for your memories.

WhatsApp Data Recovery allows you to view and access WhatsApp messages on your computer, which is more convenient than other methods. Anyway, you're well-equipped to embark on the journey of preserving your WhatsApp messages.

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