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There are too many photos on our Android phones which occupy large storage space and slow down the Android phones. It is urgent to solve how to delete photos from Android phone permanently. On the other hand, whenever we sell or donate our Android phones, we also need to delete the photos from the Android device totally to avoid showing our personal pictures. Hence, this article will show you how to permanently delete photos, including deleted photos on the Android phone.

Tips: Maybe you want to save the valuable photos before you give the Android phone to others. So, you'd better back up your needed photos before deletion. You can choose to back up on the PC or an SD card. If there are mountains of photos on the Android phone, it will take a lot of time for backup. Please select a powerful way to transfer photos from Android to computer.

how to delete photos from android phone permanently

Part 1: How to Delete Photos from Android Phone Permanently with Android Photo Eraser (Secure)

When we select applications to delete existing and deleted photos from the Android phone, we should pay attention to its security particularly because some illegal software will leak our private information. Android Photo Eraser - Samsung Eraser will remove your photos from Android device permanently without any ads. What's more, you can delete the photos with USB cable or Wi-Fi that you believe, which will keep your privacy from the Internet to make it more secure.

Major features and highlights of Android Photo Eraser:

- Delete existing and deleted photos from Android phone permanently.

- You can choose 3 progressive levels to erase your Android photos.

- Support to wipe all kinds of Android files like contacts, call history, videos, music, messages and so on permanently.

- You can choose to connect Android phone to computer with a USB cable or Wi-Fi freely.

- It has High compatibility to work with almost all Android phones, such as Huawei P30 Pro/P30/P30 Lite/P20/P20 Lite, HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro/Mate 30/ Mate 20 Pro/Mate 20/Mate X/Mate 10 Pro/Mate 10, LG G8s/G8/G7/G6+/G6/G5/G4, LG V40/V30+/V20/V10, LG Q8/Q7/Q7+/Q6, Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e/S9+/S9/S8+/S8/S7/S6/S5/S4, Xiaomi, HTC, Motorola, Sony and more.

For your convenience, you can download Android Photo Eraser below.

download win version of android photo eraserdownload mac version of android photo eraser

Guide on how to delete existing and deleted photos with Android Photo Eraser:

Step 1. Download and Install Android Photo Eraser

Download Android Photo Eraser on the computer in advance, and then install it with the hints and run the program.

Step 2. Make a Connection between Android and PC

- Next step, you need to make a connection between your Android phone and the PC with a USB cable. At the first time to use the app, you are required to grant the app to get permission for scanning.

- Android Photo Eraser will scan your Android phone quickly.

permanently delete photos from android phone with android photo eraser

Step 3. Erase the Photos from Android Device

- Third, please tap on the "Erase" icon and type "delete" in the blank. Choose the Security Level on the pop-up page. Tap on the "OK" and "Erase"

- Finally, click the "OK" again to start the erasing process. And press the "Yes" on your Android phone when the notice pops out.

how to delete deleted photos on android via android photo eraser

- Your existing and deleted photos will be deleted completely after a while.

how to delete photos from android by android photo eraser

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Part 2: How to Permanently Delete Deleted Photos from Google Drive on Android Phone

Many people use Google Drive to store their photos. If you are a user of Google Drive and wonder how to permanently delete pictures from Google Drive on Android phone, we will show you the detailed steps in the following, especially about how to delete deleted photos.

Steps on how to delete existing and deleted photos from Google Drive on Android phone:

Step 1. Launch Google Drive

On your Android phone, find the Google Drive app and launch it. Then log in with your Google account which contains your photos.

Step 2. Delete Existing Photos

- If you want to delete the existing photos, you can go to the folder that you have saved the photos. Select the photos you would like to delete.

- At the bottom of the photo, click on the "More" icon and choose "Remove", your existing photos will be removed.

how to permanently delete pictures from google drive on android

Step 3. Delete Deleted Photos

- The pictures which you moved to the bin will be saved for 60 days. And the bin can hold 1.5 GB. When you remove pictures from the bin, you will delete the pictures permanently.

- Go to the Menu of Google Drive and choose the "Trash" on the list. Click the "More" icon and hit the "Delete forever". Then all deleted photos will be removed from Google Drive on the Android phone forever.

how to delete deleted photos from google dirve on android

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Part 3: How to Permanently Delete Photos from DiskDigger

DiskDigger is a recovery app on deleted and existing pictures and images. You can scan and recover your photos with DiskDigger after you purchase your personal license. However, you can't use DiskDigger to delete photos from Android phone permanently because this app has no deletion function.

In this case, please remove the recovered photos and images via Android Photo Eraser. It will help you delete all the deleted photos completely. The using guide is in Part 1 of this article.

Bonus: If you need to recover deleted photos on your Android phone totally, you can go to recover deleted photos from Android and follow the tutorial.

how to permanently delete photos from diskdigger


With these methods, you can easily get pictures off a locked Android phone.

Besides, if needed, you can transfer Android pictures to a Windows 10 PC smoothly.

Part 4: How to Delete Photos from Android Phone Manually (Recoverable)

Besides the permanent deletion with the professional software, you can also delete the photos on your Android phone manually. It is so easy to operate but not safe. Others can recover your deleted photos with the recovery apps. So if you want to sell your Android phone, you'd better choose a method with high safety on how to delete all photos from Android phone.

4.1 How to Delete Photos from Huawei Phone

When you need to delete photos from your Huawei phone, you can read the following guide to remove one or more photos here. By the way, different versions of Huawei phones will have a little difference, but the major steps are the same as the guide.

Here's how to delete photos from Huawei phone:

Step 1. Go to Gallery App

On your Huawei phone, please go to your built-in Gallery app. You will see all the photos here.

Step 2. Delete One Photo

If you just want to delete one photo on the Huawei device, you need to find the photo and click it. You will see the "Delete" icon on the menu bar under the photo. Tap on it and choose the "Clear" option.

Step 3. Delete Multiple Photos

- When deleting multiple photos on your Huawei phone, you can touch one photo and hold until you see the blue circle on the upper left corner. And you can click the circle on every photo to select the photos which you plan to delete.

- After selected, tap on the "Delete" and "Clear". You will delete the selected photos in a while.

how to delete photos from huawei phone manually

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4.2 How to Delete Photos from LG Android Phone

Deleting photos from LG Android phone is simple as well. If you feel like getting the detailed steps, please go on to read the guide below.

Here's the guide on how to delete pictures from LG Android phone:

Step 1. Go to Gallery

On the LG Android phone, please go to the Gallery app at first. You will see your pictures here.

Step 2. Remove one Picture

Look for the picture and click on it. You will see the "Delete" icon like a trash bin on the top right. Then it will pop out a window to ask you whether you want to delete the photo. Tap on the "Yes" and the photo will be deleted.

Step 3. Remove Multiple Pictures

- If you want to remove multiple pictures from LG Android phone, you need to go to the folder which saves the pictures you want to remove on the Gallery.

- Enter the folder and tap on the "Delete" icon on the top right, please. Now you can pick out the pictures or tap on the "Select all" on the upper left.

- Finally, click the "Yes" option and the selected pictures will be deleted quickly.

how to delete photos from lg android phone

Kindly remind:

Before you delete the data from LG Android phone, making a backup on your LG phone is a nice decision. Tap on LG backup and restore and you will find it easy to manage.

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4.3 How Do I Delete Photos from My Droid Phone

Droid phone is designed by Motorola and it runs Google's Android operating system. This kind of Android phone has already stopped producing. If you are eager to know the usage of how to delete photos from Droid phone, please check out the instructions.

The instructions about how do I delete photos from my Droid phone:

Step 1. Navigate to Gallery

Please Navigate to your Gallery on the Droid phone. You need to search for the photos you are going to delete.

Step 2. Delete a Photo on Droid

When you found the photo you want to delete, tap on it and click the "Delete" button on the upper right. Then tap on the "OK" on the pop-up page.

Step 3. Delete More Than One Photo

On the Gallery of Droid phone, you can select many photos by touching and holding the pictures. When you see the selected mark shows on the photos, you can have a choice on the photos.

- After choosing, you need to click on the "Delete" icon and select the "OK" option. The selected photos from the Droid phone will be deleted in seconds.

how do i delete photos from my droid

Friendly remind: You can delete the photos on your Android phone directly, but these deleted photos can be recovered by the recovery apps. Maybe you want to erase everything on Android.


In fact, photos will expose our personal information to others. If you want to protect your information, you'd better permanently delete all the photos from Android phone before selling or donating the Android phone. This article has introduced 4 useful ways on how to delete photos from Android phone. If you need to delete the existing and deleted photos, your best choice is the Android Photo Eraser - Samsung Eraser. At last, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

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