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Are you a shutterbug and stored plenty of photos on your SD card? What will you do next when running out of the storage space on your memory card? Anyway, many people will move the photos to their computer. If you do think so, you will not mind mastering the efficient methods on how to transfer photos from an SD card to a computer, right?

Take it easy. It is as easy as you suppose, and you can follow the methods explained below to get your pictures off your SD card immediately.

how to transfer photos from sd card to computer

Part 1: How to Transfer Photos from SD Card to Computer with Card Reader?

Because an SD card can store data in a small chip, they are popular with a great number of people. Furthermore, it's convenient to transfer photos from an SD card to the computer with a card reader. So you can view the SD card data on the computer whenever you want. By the way, if your computer has a suitable card slot, you needn't the card reader.

Here's how to import pictures from an SD card to a computer via a card reader:

Step 1. Insert SD Card Into Computer

Please remove the SD card from your camera and insert it into the computer with the card reader.

Step 2. Locate the Photo Folder

Then double click the "This PC" icon and navigate to the photo folder in your SD card.

Step 3. Transfer Images from SD Card to PC

Select the images you want to transfer and right-click to choose the "Cut" or "Copy" option. Next, you can paste them to a location on the computer to store the pictures.

get pictures off my memory card

Tips: Why can't you import photos from the SD card to my computer? In this case, you need to check the card reader and make sure that you plug it correctly. Second, try a different USB port. If it still doesn't work, please try another card reader. Sometimes the corrupted or incompatible image format will cause an unsuccessful transfer.

Part 2: How to Import Pictures from SD Card to Windows 10 via SD Card Recovery?

This SD card recovery - Samsung Data Recovery, not only fast transfers photos from the micro SD card to the computer, but also recovers the deleted pictures, videos, music, and other files without root. You can preview and selectively transfer your photos with this program. Moreover, its highlights are more than this.

Key features and highlights of the SD card recovery software:

- Transfer the deleted and existing photos from your memory card to the computer.

- Retrieve the deleted photos from the SD card without hassle.

- Besides photos, support documents, audio files, videos, and more.

- Recover deleted contacts, call logs, text messages, and so on from an Android device.

- Back up all the data from your Android device to the computer.

- Compatible with most Android phones/tablets, such as Samsung Galaxy S23/S22/S21/S20/S10/S9/S8, LG V60/V50/V40, Huawei Mate 60/Mate 50/Mate 40 Pro/Mate 40/Mate Xs/Mate 30 Pro/Mate 30/Mate 20 Pro/Mate 20 X, ZTE, Xiaomi, Sony, Motorola, OnePlus, Google, OPPO, and the like.

Download the SD card photo transfer software below.

download win version of sd card photo transfer download mac version of sd card photo transfer

Guide on how to send photos from an SD card to the computer with this transfer tool:

Step 1. Download and Install

Please download and install the program on your computer. Then launch it and choose the "SD Card Recovery" tab.

Step 2. Connect SD Card to Computer

Plug your memory card into the PC using a card reader. The software will detect the data quickly, and you need to tap on the "Next" icon.

transfer pictures from sd card to computer via photo recovery software

Step 3. Move Pictures from Micro SD Card to Computer

- Next, to move the photos from the card, please choose the "Photos" category and tick the pictures off on the right side. If you would like to select all the images, please click the first checkbox on the top.

- Now, click the "Recover" button to begin transferring the selected images from the card to the computer.

move photos from the micro sd card to the computer fast

Extra Bonus: How to recover deleted photos from SD card without root? Actually, you can make it with the same steps as above. The deleted photos are in red on the interface. Select what you like to recover and hit the "Recover" feature. You will regain the pictures swiftly.

Part 3: How Do I Upload Pictures from Camera to Computer Using Memory Card?

Can you move your photos from a camera to a computer via a memory card? Certainly, you can. As long as your camera supports USB connectivity, you can connect your camera to the computer directly, and get pictures off your memory card to the computer. It's simple to operate. Check it out.

Directly transfer pictures from the memory card on camera to your computer:

Step 1. Connect Camera to Computer

Power on your camera first and link the camera to your computer with a USB cable. Make sure the memory card is on your camera.

Step 2. Choose Your Camera Device

Please choose the "Open device to view files" option on the pop-up window. Then you can open your folder storing pictures.

Step 3. Move Pictures to Computer

You can move the desired pictures from the micro SD card to the computer with drag and drop.

share pictures from memory card to pc with file explorer

Further reading:

If you wonder more information about SD card recovery for Android, please click the link.

Can you play Android games on a PC? Of course, you can. Open this guide and you will know that.

Part 4: How Do I Get Pictures Off My Memory Card to Computer via Windows Photos App?

How do I download pictures from the SD card to the computer? Using the Windows Photos app is my another choice. This feature is available on Windows 10 and Windows 11. It can help you copy your photos and videos from a device to the computer, and even upload to your OneDrive account.

Transfer pictures from a memory card to a computer via the Photos app on Windows 11/10:

Step 1. Connect SD Card to PC

Please insert your micro SD card into your Windows computer via a card reader. Ensure your PC can detect and read your card.

Step 2. Go to Photos App

Click the "Search" icon on "Taskbar" and type "Photos". Then you will see the app, click and open it on the desktop.

Step 3. Import Images from SD Card to Computer

Click "Import" > "From a USB device". Then your pictures will appear on your computer quickly.

import pictures from memory card to computer via photos app

Read also: How to transfer videos from the SD card to the computer? Don't worry. You can complete the task just like photos. More importantly, you can recover deleted videos from the SD card with 4 tips.

Part 5: How to Transfer Photos from Micro SD Card to Computer via Google Photos?

Maybe you are eager to know how to import pictures from an Android SD card to the computer wirelessly. The answer is to use a cloud app, such as Google Photos, which can sync your images and videos effortlessly.

Here's how to upload pictures from the Android SD card to the computer with Google Photos:

Step 1. Download Google Photos

In the beginning, please download the mobile version of Google Photos on your Android phone. Then ensure you insert the SD card into the mobile device.

Step 2. Set Up Google Photos

Then you need to sign in to Google Photos with your Google account and set it up. Once done, please click the "Menu" button and tap the "Settings" > "Back up & sync" > "Choose folder to back up" option. Now, you can upload the photos from your SD card.

sync photos from sd card to computer with google photos

Step 3. Download Photos to Computer

After that, please go to the webpage of Google Photos on the computer, and log in with the same account. You will see the uploaded pictures. If needed, you can tick off them and save them to your computer.

download photos on the computer with google photos


It is believed that these 5 ways are the savior for those who need to transfer mountains of photos from the SD card to the computer. If you do want to move or restore the pictures in a short time, this photo transfer tool - Samsung Data Recovery can help you. Furthermore, you can use it to recover your deleted pictures from your SD card.

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