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Some people like to keep their important text messages as PDF documents, which is convenient to check the messages whenever they want. If you also want to export text messages from Android to PDF, you can follow this guide, which contains 4 approaches for message to PDF conversion.

No matter how many text messages are on your Android phone, you can save them as one PDF file without effort. Then you can view and use it handily.

export text messages from android to pdf

Part 1: How to Export Text Messages from Android to PDF Swiftly

Want to convert text messages to PDF with simple steps? You can use this Android manager - Samsung Messages Backup. This software can transfer all text messages from Android to a computer at once, so that you can convert the text conversation to PDF without trouble. Furthermore, it is a comprehensive Android data manager. You can learn about its key feature in detail below.

Main features of this Android messages converter:

- Swiftly export Android messages to a computer in a readable format, like HTML, XML, TEXT, etc.

- Display detailed messages on the interface, and allow you to select the SMS you want freely.

- Enable you to receive and send text messages on your computer.

- Transfer contacts, photos, apps, videos, music, call logs, and documents from Android to a computer at a time.

- Manage Android data with multiple features, including copying, moving, deleting, editing, etc.

- Support you to connect your Android device to a PC via USB and Wi-Fi.

Amazingly, this software widely works for most Android phones and tablets, like Sony Xperia Pro-I/Xperia 1 III/Xperia 5 III/Xperia Pro, Samsung Galaxy A72/A71/A70/A52/A51/A50, LG V60/V50/V40, Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei, Honor, Google, OnePlus, HTC, and more.

Download the Android messages manager for free below.

download win version of android messages managerdownload mac version of android messages manager

How to convert texts into PDF on Android via this software:

Step 1. Launch the Software

- After installing the program on your computer, please launch it and connect your Android device to the computer with a USB cable.

- Enable USB debugging on Android, and it will quickly recognize your mobile device.

convert all messages from android to pdf

Step 2. Export Android Messages to the Computer

Once connected, please tap the "SMS" category on the left panel, and select the messages you want. Then click the "Export" > "Export to HTML" option to store the SMS to your computer.

export android text messages to computer

Step 3. Save Text Messages to PDF

Navigate to the HTML file on your computer, and open it with Microsoft Word. Next, click the "File" > "Save as" icon to save the messages as a PDF document.

convert text conversation to pdf on the computer

Bonus: Your text messages disappeared on your Android phone? Don't worry. It is possible to fix it and find your messages.

Part 2: How to Convert Text Messages to PDF via SMS Backup, Print & Restore

SMS Backup, Print & Restore is an app to transfer text messages to PDF. It can also export SMS and MMS to CSV, JPG, HTML, or TXT. With it, you can easily share your messages via Facebook, Email, WhatsApp, and other social platforms. Of course, you can back up and restore your Android messages without difficulty.

Here's how to download text conversations from Android via this app:

Step 1. Install the App

You can install this app from Google Play, open it, and allow it to access your Messages app.

Step 2. Select Your Messages Conversations

Select the conversation you want to convert, and tap the Menu at the top right.

Step 3. Download Text Messages from Android to PDF

Then choose the "PDF Document" option to save your Android messages as a PDF file.

save text messages to pdf via an sms to pdf converting app

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Part 3: How to Convert Text into PDF in Android via Textra SMS

Another helpful SMS to PDF conversion app is Textra SMS, which has a modern interface and customizable features. With it, you can design themes and bubble styles, and schedule the time to send your messages. Besides, there are lots of interesting emoji types on the app.

Steps on how to save text messages to PDF via Textra SMS:

Step 1. Install and Open Textra SMS

Please download and install this SMS app from Google Play. Then open it, and set it as your default SMS app on the Android phone.

Step 2. Select and Share Text Conversations via Email

Pick the conversation you want on the screen, and press the "More" icon like three dots on the upper right. Then share your selected messages via Email, and send them to yourself.

Step 3. Download and Save the Messages sd PDF

Log in to your Email on the computer, and download the message file. Then open the file and convert it into PDF.

convert text messages to pdf via textra sms

Further reading: You can recover deleted messages from an Android device with or without backup.

Part 4: How to Save Text Messages to PDF via Email

If you would like to export several text messages from Android to PDF, you can manually copy and send them via Email. As long as you install Word on your computer, you can save your messages as a PDF document.

Here's how to save export Android text messages to PDF via Email:

Step 1. Send Yout Text Messages via Email

- Open your Messages app on Android, copy the SMS you desire, and open your Mail app. Then compose a new email, and paste the message to it.

- Simply put, copy and paste your messages one by one to the email, and send the email to yourself.

Step 2. Open the Email on Your Computer

Sign in to your Email account, and copy all the content to a Word file. Finally, you can save it as a PDF.

copy messages to email and save as a pdf

Final Verdict

It is easy to export a few text messages from an Android device to PDF. But if you want to convert hundreds of messages into PDF, you can choose this Android message manager - Samsung Messages Backup. It can transfer unlimited messages from Android to a computer, and allow you to save them as a PDF file. It can also help you transfer and manage your other Android data on the computer. If you want to try this comprehensive tool, you can download it.

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