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In some situations, lost data can be recovered, but may be out sync or corrupted so no one can view the information in a readable form. These and other situations will not only cause the user more time in recovering, but also makes it difficult for the user to make sure the recovery job is complete. Therefore, they may still need to take forward thinking to backup Android text messages on computer, and restore the backed up SMS back to your phone if needed.

Android Assistant can help virtually any Android user complete this backup and restore process in 2 to 3 simple steps. From backing up all of the user's important files on their Android devices to restoring crucial data that people want to keep permanently from backup, the right kind of application can be just what a user needs to make sure that no data is lost. This Android SMS backup & restore tool also supports to manage Android data on computer.

Below is the tutorial on Android SMS Backup and Restore step by step:

Part 1. Backup Android SMS/Text Messages on Computer

Step 1. Run Android SMS backup & restore tool

Download, install and launch the program on your computer. Connect your Android phone to the computer via a USB cable. Once the connection is successful, the software will detect the phone immediately.

android sms backup and restore

Step 2. Backup Android text messages on computer

After your Android phone is detected by the the program. Please choose "SMS" tab from the left, select the text messages you want to backup and click "Export" button from the top. Choose a location to save those messages.

backup and restore android messages

Part 2. Restore Android SMS from Backup

Step 1. Connect your Android phone to computer

If you backed up your Android SMS on computer, you can restore it back to your any other Android phone whenever you want. To do that, you can connect your Android phone to computer and launch the Android SMS Backup & Restore tool.

Step 2. Restore Android SMS from Backup

Go to the SMS tab from the left side menu, click on the "Import" button from the top menu. Then, choose the backup record of your Android text messages and click OK to import it into your connected Android phone.

Tips: We also have special guide on how to recover deleted messages from Android phone.

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