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Android smartphone these days makes our life much easier and happier. However, when your Android phone screen goes black suddenly, it will be like a disaster! Recently, when I browse the Android smartphone community, I found many users asking for help. Their posts are like this: "My phone is on but the screen is black on Samsung, why is my Samsung phone screen black?" Or "My phone screen went black but still works now, how to fix black screen on Android phone?"

If you are facing the same situation and wonder how to fix a black screen on a phone, check this post. In this post, you will learn the reason why your Android phone works but screen is black and how to fix black screen on Android phone.

how to fix black screen on android phone

Part 1: Why Does My Screen Go Black on My Phone?

There are many reasons as to blank phone screen and the major causes are as below:

  • You have installed incompatible apps or malware on your Android device, which have bugs and viruses.
  • Charge your Android phone for a very long time even if it is fully charged.
  • Incompatible charger may also cause black screen of death Android.
  • The Android battery is old.
  • There are too many application caches on your Android phone, which slow down Android running speed and even cause Android phone screen black.
  • The launched game on Android is too large and the Android operating system cannot run it smoothly.
  • Android OS gets crashed.

reasons of android black screen

Why is my Samsung phone screen black? Now you have got the possible reasons and you can avoid some circumstances caused by yourself. For other Android black screen issues, you can refer to the following methods to fix phone black screen on Android. Besides, remember to back up your Android data regularly. In doing so, you will minimize your losses if any unpleasant things happen on your Android.

Part 2: How to Fix Black Screen on Android Phone via Android Black Screen Repair

Android Black Screen Repair is a professional Android problem repair tool, which has a high success rate of fixing Android issues. It can fix various Android system issues, like Android black screen of death, Play Store not working problem, Android won't turn on or off, apps keep crashing, Android OTA update failed problem, Android gets stuck in boot loop and Android phone or tablet gets bricked. Besides, it is simple to use, even Android green hands can operate it without any difficulty by following the on-screen instructions.

Well, this easy-to-use Android Black Screen Repair supports most mainstream Samsung models running Android 2.0 and above, such as Samsung Galaxy S10+/Galaxy S10/Galaxy S9/Galaxy S8/Galaxy A8s/Galaxy A6s/Galaxy A9s/Galaxy Note/Galaxy S7/Galaxy A90, etc. And other supported Android models are about to update.

android black screen repair windows download

How to fix black screen on Android phone in minutes?

Notes: This program needs to run in-depth to fix Android black screen issue and may erase all Android data. So, you can back up and restore Android phone on computer to avoid data loss, if your Android phone works but screen is black.

1. Install and launch Android Black Screen Repair on your PC, and click Repair from the toolbox of this program.

2. Connect Android phone to PC via a USB cable and enable USB debugging and grant permission on your phone. After the program recognizes your Android phone, click Android Repair from the left window of this program > Tap Start below > In the next window, select detailed information of your Android phone, confirm the warning and click Next.

connect Android phone to computer via android black screen repair

3. Repair Android black screen. Follow the on-screen guide to boot your Android into Download mode, then click Next on this program and the program will start to download the firmware.

follow the onscreen guide to enter download mode via android black screen repair

After downloading and verifying the firmware, the program will automatically repair your Android device. Just wait until the whole process is over.

how to fix black screen on android phone via android black screen repair

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Part 3: Other Tricks to Fix Android Black Screen

Apart from the high-success-rate Android black screen repair way above, there are also other tricks to fix black screen on Samsung phone. However, these methods may fail to fix Android black screen.

3.1 How to Fix a Black Screen on a Phone via Wiping Cache Partition

Sometimes, too many cache history can also cause Android black screen. And clearing the cache of the device is a commonly used way.

How to fix a black screen on a phone?

Notes: Before you start, charge your Android device to at least 5% charges, or your device may not power on after the reboot.

1. Power off your Android phone.

2. Press and hold the Power button and Volume Down button at the same time until Android System Recovery appears on the screen. Once you enter the recovery mode, use the Volume Up and Down buttons to navigate to Wipe cache partition option. Then select and confirm your selection by tapping the Power button. Then your device will clear all caches.

3. After that, select Reboot system now on the screen. This way may fix Android black screen issue or not.

how to fix a black screen on a phone

3.2 How to Fix Black Screen on Android Phone via Uninstalling Incompatible Apps

In other cases, incompatible apps can also result in Android black screen. If you have recently installed an app that crashes and gets stuck frequently, it may be also the crux of phone screen turning black. Then you can uninstall the app to see whether Android black screen exists or not.

How to fix black screen on Android phone?

1. Power off your Android device.

2. Boot into Safe mode. Switch Android phone on again, then, after you see Android logo on the screen, press and hold the Volume Down button for several seconds until you see the lock screen. The safe mode will be at the bottom of lock screen.

3. After unlocking your Android screen, go to Settings on your Android device > Select Application manager > Tap the incompatible app and select Uninstall. Now exit the Application manager and press Power button to restart Android device to normal mode.

fix black screen of death android

3.3 How to Fix a Black Screen on a Phone via Factory Reset

If other methods cannot fix Android black screen, there is still the last way - factory reset. However, factory reset will recover your Android device to fresh factory state by erasing all data, settings, bugs, apps and user history. So, I do not recommend you to use this way. However, if you really want to use this way, back up your Android device beforehand and make it your last choice.

How to fix black screen on Android phone?

1. Power off your Android device, then press and hold the Volume Up + Power buttons at the same time until you are entering the recovery mode.

2. Use Volume keys to select Wipe data/factory reset and confirm your choice with Power button.

3. After the factory reset process is complete, your Android phone will restart automatically.

how to fix it when phone screen goes black

Further reading: As you fix your Samsung phone, you can make use of the Samsung Galaxy recovery to recover your lost files.

Bonus: How to Avoid Android Phone Screen Turning Black Again

Now you have understood the reasons why Android phone screen goes black and the solutions to how to fix black screen on Android phone. To avoid Android phone screen turning black again, here are a few suggestions for you to follow:

  1. Keep your Android device with the latest operating system version.
  2. Install reliable antivirus software on your Android device.
  3. Install apps from reliable and trusted supplier and never install apps from an unknown third-party source.
  4. Regularly back up your Android device.
  5. Stop charging your Android device for a long time.
  6. Replace the battery if it gets old.

The Bottom Line

This article provides 4 simple ways about how to fix black screen on Android phone. You can see clearly that the common ways to fix Android black screen are either unsure to fix or not or insecure to Android data. While Android Black Screen Repair has a high success rate of Samsung phone black screen repair and is easy to operate. Thus, I highly recommend you to try Android Black Screen Repair. Of course, you can try other common methods if you are interested.

Well, if you encounter any problem during use, feel free to leave a comment below.

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