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Quite part of internal storage space is occupied by quantities of duplicate music files on your Android phone? Is it a hard nut to crack? Maybe you have been trapped in this for a long time, but you needn't worry about it anymore. Today, you can learn how to remove duplicate songs from an Android phone via 5 effective approaches. Certainly, you can release your Android memory without a hitch.

how to remove duplicate songs from android phone


1. Is it safe to delete duplicate files on Android?

Actually, it is absolutely safe, as long as you use a reliable tool to delete duplicate files on your Android device. Undoubtedly, deleting them manually is also secure.

2. Where is the music folder on an Android device?

In general, you can find your music folder in the File Manager. But please note that your songs are saved in different folders if you download them via different music apps.

Part 1: How to Remove Duplicate Songs from Android Phone via Android Music Manager?

It will be time-consuming to find and delete them one by one if there are too many duplicate songs on your Android phone. Luckily, you can utilize a powerful Android music manager - Samsung Messages Backup, to remove the unwanted files with ease. This software can gather all your songs on an interface, and list them in order. Thus, you can straightforwardly find your duplicate songs.

Other useful features of this duplicate songs removal tool:

- Fast scan out your music files from your Android phone/tablet.

- Allow you to preview your audio files before the deletion.

- Help you transfer music from Android to a computer and vice versa without losing quality.

- Support you in creating playlists to sort out your songs.

- The search bar allows you to locate your target files by typing keywords.

What's more, this management software is widely compatible with most Android phones and tablets, like Google Pixel 6 Pro/6/6a/5a/5/Pixel 4a/4 XL/4/3a XL/3a/3, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra/S22/S21/S20/S10/S9/S8/S7/S6, Honor 60 Pro/60/50 Pro/50/50 SE/X20 SE, Xiaomi Mix 4/3/2/1, Sony, Motorola, OnePlus, ZTE, OPPO, Vivo, etc.

Download the Android music manager for free below.

download win version of android music managerdownload mac version of android music manager

Here's how to delete duplicate music files on Android via this program:

Step 1. Launch the Software on a Computer

After downloading it on a computer, please install it correctly, and choose the "Android Assistant" tab.

Step 2. Connect Your Android Phone to the Computer

Use an Android data cable to connect your Android device to the computer, and enable the USB debugging feature on your phone. Then the software will fast recognize your device and scan your Android files.

connect android to computer to remove the duplicate songs

Step 3. Delete Duplicate Songs on Android

Click the "Music" category on the left panel, and tick the duplicate music files on the interface. Finally, tap the "Delete" icon on the top menu. All the redundant files will be removed.

delete duplicate songs on android at once

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Part 2: How to Delete Duplicate Music Files on Android via Files by Google?

Files by Google is a useful management application for Android devices. It can manage your files with multiple features, such as removing duplicate files, deleting old pictures, uninstalling useless apps, etc. Furthermore, you can clean junk files to boost your phone in 1 click.

Guide on eliminating duplicate songs on Android via Files by Google:

Step 1. Install Files by Google

Please download and install this management app on your Android phone. Then open it.

Step 2. Give Permissions to the App

When it asks for permission to access your gadget, please choose the "Allow" option.

Step 3. Clean the Duplicate Songs

Tap the "Clean" icon at the bottom, and click the "Select and free up X KB " icon on the "Duplicate files" area. Then you can check the songs you want to remove, and hit the "Delete" icon for confirmation.

delete duplicate music files on android via files by google

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Part 3: How to Remove Duplicate Songs in Android Duplicate Files Fixer?

Android Duplicate Files Fixer can fast find duplicate files on an Android device. Undoubtedly, you can use it to clear up your repetitive songs to restore some internal memory without trouble. But this app contains ads, which is the most annoying thing about this app.

Steps on how to remove duplicate music files on Android via this app:

Step 1. Install Android Duplicate Files Fixer

Please install this cleaning app on your Android smartphone, launch it, and select the "Scan Audio" or "Full Duplicate Scan" mode. Then click the "Scan Now" icon.

Step 2. Preview the Results

After the scanning is done, you can view your duplicate audio files on the screen.

Step 3. Remove Duplicate Songs from Android

- The app will automatically leave one copy and mark another song in every group. Plus, you can change it manually if needed.

- At last, tap the "Delete Now" > "OK" icon to begin the deletion.

delete duplicate songs from android via duplicate files fixer

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Part 4: How to Delete Duplicate Songs on Android via AudioCleanup?

AudioCleanup is another cleaning app for Android that you can find on Google Play. It is specially designed to clean up messy audio files. But its interface is not user-friendly enough.

Here's how to use AudioCleanup to delete duplicate songs from an Android handset:

Step 1. Run the App

Please install and run the app on your device, and allow it to access your Android phone.

Step 2. Scan for Duplicate Music

Tap the "Scan for duplicates" button on the screen, and you can input other information about your duplicate files to locate them precisely.

Step 3. Delete the Repetitive Songs

It will display the repetitive songs on the screen, and you can tap the "DELETE" icon to remove them from your Android phone.

remove duplicate songs in android using audiocleanup

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Part 5: How Do I Delete Duplicate Songs on My Android Phone Manually?

If you don't want to install any app to remove your duplicate songs, you can complete it manually, which is to make use of the built-in File Manager. Although it is not as convenient as using a tool, you will successfully eliminate them.

Here's how to get rid of duplicate songs from Android step by step:

Step 1. Open File Manager

Please go to the File Manager on your Android phone, and find your music folder.

Step 2. Sort by Name

Your music files will be sorted by date, size, name, etc. Anyway, set it to sort by their names.

Step 3. Pick the Duplicate Songs and Remove Them

Your phone will put the songs of the same name together, and you can remove one easily. By the way, if you have multiple music folders, you can repeat the steps for them.

manually delete repetitive songs from an android phone


You are no longer trapped by duplicate songs on your Android phone because you have these effective methods, right? Anyway, if you want a comprehensive music manager, you can choose Samsung Messages Backup. This software can help you tidy up your music library. Besides, it can swiftly back up your Android music to a computer. So, you can try it.

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