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Embarking on the journey to transfer music from a computer to Android? You're in the right place. As the rhythms of technology evolve, so does the need for seamless music transfer. In this guide, we'll explore 6 easy methods to effortlessly transfer your favorite tunes, ensuring that your Android becomes a harmonious extension of your musical preferences. From dedicated music transfer tools to the simplicity of drag-and-drop, we've got you covered. Join us as we dive into the secret of transferring music from your computer to your Android device.

how to transfer music from computer to android

Part 1: How to Transfer Music from Computer to Android with Music Transfer

Which tool can transfer all music files from a computer to an Android device at once and display the songs with detaied info on the interface? This Music Transfer software - Samsung Messages Backup can do this. In addition to adding music from a computer to Android, it can export your music files from Android to your computer for backup.

Android music management on your computer will be easy, since you can create new playlists to organize your songs and remove those tunes you dislike directly. If you also want to transfer your videos, contacts, apps, photos, etc., between your Android phone and computer, this program can still achieve the data transmission.

The key features of this program:

1. Supports many kinds of files, like music, photos, videos, call logs, text messages, contacts and apps.

2. Fast delete or import music, videos and photos in batches on computer.

3. Edit and send text messages on computer, and remove/export messages in batches.

3. Delete/import contacts in batches and edit contacts on computer.

5. Backup/restore your whole Android phone with simply click once.

6. Supports almost all Android phones.

7. Allow you to transfer files via USB and Wi-Fi.


1. 1-year license: $29.95

2. Lifetime license: $39.95

3. Business license: $39.95

Tips: File scanning and previewing is totally free.

Download the music transfer software below.

download windowns version of android music transferdownload mac version of android music transfer

How do I get music from my computer to my Android phone with this software?

Step 1. Download and install the transfer software to your computer. Then click "Android Assistant" to launch the program.

Step 2. Connect your Android phone to computer via a USB cable. Prompts about how to enable USB debugging will appear on the following interface. Just do as guidance and go on.

enable usb debugging

Step 3. Once your device is detected, a list of files will display on the left panel. You enter the main screen now.

samsung messages backup detects your android phone successfully

Step 4. Please open the "Music" folder, and click "Import" from the top menu bar to select and import music files from your computer to Android phone. After that, tap on "Refresh", and you can enjoy the transferred music on your mobile phone.

transfer music from pc to android phone

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Part 2: How to Put Music from Computer to Android via YouTube Music

YouTube Music has emerged as a dynamic platform that not only provides a vast library of tunes but also seamlessly integrates with the visual richness of YouTube. This service, born from the renowned video-sharing platform, extends beyond mere audio streaming, offering a captivating fusion of music and video content. With YouTube Music, you can save your music to your phone by synchronization.

Here's how to put songs on Android via YouTube Music:

Step 1. Access "" on your computer, and then sign in with your Google account.

Step 2. Click your profile, and choose "Upload music". Then select the songs that you want to transfer from your computer. They will be saved to your YouTube library.

Step 3. Install the YouTube Music app on your Android phone. Then log in to your account. You will see the songs you uploaded just now. Please save them to the Android local folder.

put music from computer to android via youtube music

Subscription pricing:

- Individual plan: $10.99/month

- Annual plan for individual: $109.99

- Family plan: $16.99/month

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Part 3: How to Copy Music from Computer to Android via Google Drive

Is there available storage space on your Google account? If yes, you can utilize Google Drive to sync and copy music from a computer to Android.

Here's the guide:

Step 1. Visit Google Drive using a browser on your computer, and sign in with your Gmail address and password.

Step 2. Click the "+" icon and choose "File upload" or "Folder upload". Then you can upload your music files to Google Drive.

Step 3. Open Google Drive on your Android device. You will see your songs after logging in. Then save the music files to your phone.

copy music from computer to android via google drive

Subscription pricing:

- 15GB for free

- 100GB for $1.99 monthly

- 200GB for $2.99 monthly

- 2TB for $9.99 monthly

Part 4: How to Transfer Music from PC to Android Using Nearby Share App

The Nearby Share app is designed to send and receive files between nearby Android devices and Windows computers. In general, it works on Windows 10 with a 64 version or up and Android OS 6.0 or up.

Use Nearby Share to send music from PC to Android:

Step 1. Download and install Nearby Share on your Windows PC, and open the app to sign in with your Google account. Make sure you have signed in with the same account on your Android phone.

Step 2. Enable Bluetooth on both devices. Then choose your Android device under "Visible to others as", and select who can share with you under "Receiving". Tap "Done".

set up nearby share app

Step 3. Click "Select files" or "Select folders" to locate your music. Then choose your Android phone, and tap "Share".

Step 4. Confirm it on the receiver. Then you will receive the music files on your Android device.

share music from computer to android via nearby share

Part 5: How to Put Songs on Android via Bluetooth

In this way, you need to turn on the Bluetooth both on your computer and Android device. Then make a connection and send the music files from the local folder to your Android phone. Please make sure first that your computer has preinstalled Bluetooth.

Please notice that Bluetooth for Mac can not use for Android devices, so this method can only be used on Windows computers.

Step 1. Turn on "Bluetooth" on your Android phone, and please tick on "Shown to all" option so that your computer could find it.

Step 2. Turn on "Bluetooth" on your computer, then please go to "Control Panel" > "Hardware and Sound" > "Devices and Printers" > "Add a Bluetooth device", choose your device from the results displayed by Windows computer.

add bluetooth device to pc

Step 3. Just follow the simple prompts to pair your computer and Android device; please confirm the code given by computer is matched with Android device.

pair android device to pc with codes

Step 4. Select music files from the local folder and send them to your Android device by Bluetooth, click "Accept" on your Android phone to receive these music files, and you can enjoy them on your mobile phone when the process is completed.

Part 6: How to Add Music to Android Phone via Drag and Drop

This is an easy way to transfer music from computer to Android phone. You can connect your Android device to computer via a USB cable, select music files from local folder, copy and paste them to your device.

Two situations:

Transfer music from Windows PC to Android (Using MTP Mode)

Transfer music from Mac to Android (Using Android File Transfer)

Transfer music from Windows PC to Android (Using MTP Mode)

Step 1. Connect your Android device to PC via a USB cable.

Step 2. Slide your finger downwards from the top of the phone screen, tap the connection icon and choose the MTP mode.

Step 3. Select music files from your local folder and copy them.

Step 4. Please go to "This PC" > "Devices and drives" to find your Android device, and double-click it. Then tap on "Internal shared storage" to find "Music" folder. Open it and paste the copied music files into this folder.

find android device under devices and drives

It will take a while for the music transferring, please do not disconnect your Android phone until the process is completed. After that, you can enjoy the transferred music on your Android phone.

Transfer music from Mac to Android (Using Android File Transfer)

Step 1. To transfer music from Mac to Android, you need to install Android File Transfer on your Mac.

Step 2. Connect your Android device to Mac via a USB cable.

Step 3. Select music files from your local folder and copy them.

Step 4. Please go to "Android File Transfer" to find the "Music" folder on your Android device, open it and paste the copied music files into this folder.

move music files from mac to android with android file transfer

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Part 7: FAQs on Transferring Music to Android

Q1: Why can't I transfer music from PC to Android?

There could be several reasons why you might be facing challenges in transferring music from your PC to your Android device. Here are some common issues and troubleshooting steps to help you navigate through this:

1. USB Connection Issues: Ensure that the USB cable is securely connected to both your PC and Android device. Try using a different USB cable or port to rule out hardware problems.

2. Driver Problems: Check if the necessary drivers are installed on your computer. Most Android devices install drivers automatically when connected, but manual installation may be required in some cases.

3. USB Connection Mode: On your Android device, check the USB connection mode. It should be set to "File Transfer" or "Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)" for transferring music.

4. Device Recognition: Make sure your PC recognizes your Android device. Check the Device Manager on your computer for any unidentified devices or driver issues.

5. Storage Availability: Check if there is sufficient storage space on your Android device to accommodate the music files. If the storage is full, the transfer may fail.

Q2: Can I transfer music from a CD to Android?

Of course, you can. Here are the steps for your reference:

1. Rip the CD to your computer. Use a computer with a CD/DVD drive to rip the music from the CD. Most media players, such as Windows Media Player or iTunes, have built-in CD ripping features.

2. Insert the CD into your computer's CD/DVD drive. Open your preferred media player and locate the option to rip or import the CD. When ripping the CD, select a digital audio format compatible with your Android device (e.g., MP3 or AAC).

3. Connect your Android device to your computer using a USB cable. Once connected, navigate to your Android device on your computer. Copy and paste the ripped music files from your computer to the appropriate music folder on your Android device.


In the symphony of possibilities for transferring music, we've covered an array of methods, each offering its unique melody of convenience. From the specialized Music Transfer tool - Samsung Messages Backup to the simplicity of Nearby Share, the options are diverse. Now armed with the knowledge of music transfer, you can curate your Android's playlist effortlessly. May your Android become a harmonious haven for your favorite tunes, accessible at the touch of a button. Happy listening!

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