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A SIM card can store your phone numbers, names, SMS, etc., which is important information on your mobile phone. To protect your data from losing, you can transfer SIM card data to a computer. However, SIM cards are inaccessible on a computer. Is it possible to get info from a SIM card to a computer?

Fortunately, the answer is yes, and we have found 5 effective SIM card data transfer methods. Follow the guide, and you can view and send your SIM card info to your computer without any hassle.

transfer sim card data to computer

Part 1: How to Transfer SIM Card Data to Computer Swiftly via SIM Card Backup Tool

If you intend to fast back up a SIM card to a PC, please don't miss this SIM card backup tool - Samsung Messages Backup. This software allows you to view the SIM card on a computer and export the data without a hitch. Besides, it can back up your contacts, SMS, and call logs from your Android device to the computer with 1 click.

Other highlights of this SIM card transfer software:

- Transfer all data from a SIM card to a computer, including phone numbers, other contact info, call history, and text messages.

- Display your SIM card data on the interface, and enable you to manage it with multiple features, such as adding, deleting, editing, etc.

- Save the SIM card data to your computer in HTML, CSV, XML, BAK, and more file formats.

- Efficiently transfer Android data to the computer, including basic data, photos, videos, user apps, music, documents, and more.

- Selectively import data from your PC or Mac to your Android phone/tablet.

- Restore all the backup data to any Android device at once.

Amazingly, you don't have to uninstall your SIM card from your Android phone/tablet, since this software can read all the data after you connect your mobile device to the computer. Furthermore, most Android devices are compatible with it, like Samsung Galaxy S23/S22/S21 Ultra/S21/S20/S10/S9/S8/S7, Xiaomi Mi 13 Ultra/13/13 Pro/12/11/10, OnePlus, Google, Honor, OPPO, Vivo, and so forth.

Download the SIM card transfer software for free below.

download win version of sim card transferdownload mac version of sim card transfer

Guide on how to get info from a SIM card to a computer without the hassle:

Step 1. Install the Program

After downloading the transfer software on your computer, please install and launch it on the desktop. Then choose the "Android Assitant" module.

Step 2. Connect SIM Card to Computer

Connect the Android phone with the SIM card installed to the computer via a USB cable, and enable USB debugging on the smartphone. The software will swiftly recognize your device and scan data.

Step 3. Copy SIM Card Data to Computer

- To transfer the data from your SIM card to the computer, you can tap the "Contacts" category. You will view all the contacts from your SIM card and your phone.

move sim card data to computer without hassle

- Select the contacts you want on the interface. Then click the "Export" feature to transfer them to your computer.

one click to export contacts from sim card to computer

Notes: If you want to transfer text messages to your computer, please choose the "SMS" option on the left panel. Then you will preview and pick the desired messages by ticking the checkboxes. Next, hit the "Export" icon to save them to your computer. In this way, your SIM card info will be backed up on the PC or Mac without loss.

Part 2: How to View SIM Card on Computer via SIM Card Reader

A SIM card reader is also a useful gadget to read a SIM card on a computer. There are many card readers with different ports on the market. Please purchase a reader that is suitable your SIM card's size.

Here's how to read a SIM card on the PC via a card reader:

Step 1. Insert SIM Card into Reader

Remove your SIM card from your mobile phone, and insert it into the SIM card reader. Then plug the reader into your PC.

Step 2. Access Your SIM Card

After your PC detects the card reader, you can double click This PC, and access your SIM card, a removable device. Then you will see your SIM card data on your PC.

Step 3. Transmit Data from SIM to PC

Highlight and copy the SIM card data. Finally, right-click the mouse and paste them to your PC.

read sim card on the pc via a sim card reader

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Part 3: How to Get Info from SIM Card on PC to Computer via Google Contacts

Can you put a SIM card in a computer via cloud storage? Of course, you can. Google Contacts can back up and sync all your contacts on your Android mobile device, including your SIM card. It will save your data to the cloud storage, and you can access it on any device with your Google account. With this app, you can also organize your contacts via multiple functions.

Tutorial on how to download the SIM card data to the computer via Google Contacts:

Step 1. Download Google Contacts

Please install Google Contacts on your cellphone, open the app, and sign in with your Google account. If you don't have one, you can sign up directly.

Step 2. Import Contacts from SIM

Make sure your SIM card is installed on the phone, and click the Menu icon on the top left. Then choose the "Settings" > "Import" > "SIM card" option. It will sync the SIM card contacts to the Google cloud server.

Step 3. Download Contacts to Computer

- Login to Google Contacts with the same account on your computer. You will see your SIM card contacts on the interface.

- Select the contacts, and click the "Export" icon twice. Then you will save your SIM card info to your PC.

sync sim card data to computer via google contacts

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Part 4: How to Back Up SIM Card to PC Manually

A manual transfer way that can back up your SIM card to your PC. You needn't install any app on your mobile phone or your laptop. However, because there is no export feature on iOS devices, this way is unavailable on iPhone and iPad.

Here's how to manually back up data from a SIM card to a PC:

Step 1. Import Data from SIM to Android Internal Storage

To save your contacts from SIM as a VCF file, you can import contacts from SIM to your smartphone: open the Contacts app, tap "More" > "Manage contacts" > "Import or export contacts" > "Import" option, and choose your SIM card.

Step 2. Save Your Contacts from SIM as a VCF File

Once done, click the "Export" icon and save your SIM card data as a vCard file.

export sim card contacts to a vcf file and move it to computer

Step 3. Move the VCF File to PC

Connect your Android phone to the PC via USB, and drag and drop the VCF file to the desktop. Then the backup is complete.

copy sim card data to the pc via a usb cable

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Part 5: How to Send SIM Card Info to Computer via Bluetooth

If Bluetooth is available on your computer and your mobile device, you can send the SIM card info to the computer via Bluetooth. By the way, some iPhones can be connected to the PC via Bluetooth, but transferring files is not supported. If you use a Mac computer and an iPhone, you can establish the connection via AirDrop.

Steps on how to send SIM card info to a PC via Bluetooth:

Step 1. Enable Bluetooth

Please scroll down the screen and toggle on Bluetooth on your mobile phone. Then go to the PC, click the "Start" > "Settings" > "Devices" > "Bluetooth & other devices" option, and enable Bluetooth.

Step 2. Make a Connection via Bluetooth

To pair your cellphone with the PC, you can click the "Add Bluetooth or other device" > "Bluetooth" option, and select your mobile device on the list. Then confirm the PIN and click the "Connect" > "Done" icon.

Step 3. Send SIM Card Info via Bluetooth

To send your data from the SIM card to the PC, you can open the Contacts app or Messages app, and navigate to the data you want. Then click the "Share" > "Bluetooth" mark, and choose your PC. You will send the data from SIM via Bluetooth.

send sim card data to pc via bluetooth


It is effortless to transfer SIM card data to a computer, right? You have learned 5 practical approaches for SIM card transfer. Furthermore, this transfer tool - Samsung Messages Backup, can copy all data from your SIM card to a PC or Mac in 1 click. If you want to regularly back up your important data, this software will be your helpful assistant.

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