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With increasingly transitioning between different mobile operating systems, not a few people are searching for effective methods to transfer call logs from Android to iPhone. But how can we do that? Maybe you are confused with it because there are many tools and approaches on the Internet. So which one is effective? Let's check it out.

transfer call logs from android to iphone

Part 1: Can I Transfer Call Logs from Android to iPhone Directly?

As we all know, Android and iOS are different OSes, so much data cannot be transferred between Android phones and iPhones. So, can you copy call logs from Android to iPhone? In fact, you cannot copy logs from Android and import the data to an iPhone directly. At present, we find no app or cloud service that can make it.

But don't be discouraged. There are still effective methods can transfer your Android call logs to an iPhone. Even though you cannot access the call history on the iPhone's Phone app, you can check your call logs on your iPhone by opening a document.

Part 2: How to Transfer Call Logs from Android to iPhone via Call Log Manager

For users seeking a reliable and efficient method to transfer call logs from Android to iPhone, utilizing specialized tools like this call log manager - Samsung Messages Backup, can streamline the process. This tool can export your call logs from your Android device and save them in a readable format, XML. Thus, you can open the file and view your Android call logs on your iPhone without trouble. Besides, when importing the file of your Android call history to an iOS device, you will need iTunes.

Key features of this call log manager:

- Export call logs from an Android phone and tablet to a computer in XML format.

- Back up and restore all call logs on Android devices with ease.

- Support multiple file types, including call logs, contacts, text messages, music, photos, apps, videos, and more.

- Support 1-click backup and restoration for various Android data.

- Comptible with Android 4.0 and upper, containing Android 14.

Download the call log manager.

download windows version of call log managerdownload mac version of call log manager

Here's how to transfer call history from Android to iPhone with this software and iTunes:

Step 1: Install the call log manager on your computer, and run it on the desktop. Then choose "Android Assistant", and connect your Android phone to the PC with a USB cord.

Step 2: Enable USB debugging on your Android device. After the software has recognized your phone, and choose "Contacts" > "Call Logs". Then select the desired call logs, and tap "Export" > "XML" to save the Android call history on your computer.

export android call logs

Step 3: Install and launch iTunes on the computer, and connect your iPhone to the PC with USB. Then click the "iPhone" icon, and choose "File Sharing".

Step 4: Select an app on your iPhone that you want to transfer your call logs to. Next, click "Add" and select your XML file. Finally, tap "Add". Now, check the call logs on your iPhone.

add the call log data to your iphone

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Part 3: How to Transfer Call History from Android to iPhone via SMS Backup & Restore

SMS Backup & Restore, an easy backup application known for its messages and call logs backup and restoration features. Thus, you can utilize this app to export your Android call history and import it to your iPhone. Please note that, it is not a direct method, so you need iTunes as well.

Here's how to transfer call history and SMS from Android to iPhone with SMS Backup & Restore and iTunes:

Step 1: Install SMS Backup & Restore on your Android phone. Then open the app, and click "SET UP A BACKUP".

Step 2: Allow the app to access your call logs, SMS, and MMS, and check the "Messages" and "Phone calls" options. Then tap "Next", and choose a location, such as Google Drive, to save your call logs and messages.

Step 3: After the backup, please go to Google Drive on your computer, and download the files of your call logs and messages on your computer.

Step 4: Launch iTunes, and link your iPhone to the PC. Then click "iPhone" > "File Sharing", pick an app to save your data, and drag and drop the call logs or messages to iTunes. Once done, check if you can view the Android call logs and SMS on the iPhone.

use sms backup and restore to transfer call history and messages from android to iphone

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Part 4: FAQs of Transferring Call Logs Between Android and iPhone

Q1: Are there any cloud services to sync call logs between Android and iOS devices?

There aren't any dedicated cloud services specifically designed to sync call logs between Android and iOS devices. Call logs are usually considered sensitive data, and both Android and iOS have strict privacy policies and security measures in place to protect them.

Q2: Can I use Google services to transfer call logs?

If your call logs are synced with your Google account on your Android device, you may be able to access them on your iPhone by signing in to the same Google account. However, this doesn't directly transfer the call logs but rather allows access to them from another device.

Q3: Can I transfer call logs using a SIM card?

Call logs are typically stored within the device's internal storage and not on the SIM card. Therefore, transferring call logs using a SIM card is not a viable option.


Navigating the transfer of call logs between Android and iPhone may seem like a daunting task initially, but with the right tools and methods, it can be executed easily. Even though there is no direct method for call logs transfer, Samsung Messages Backup and SMS Backup & Restore can export your Android call history without difficulty, and then you can transfer the data to your iPhone with iTunes.

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