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Looking for a way to transfer contacts from Samsung to Sony Xperia or vice versa? You are attracted by a Sony phone, aren't you? It's not surprising, because few people can withstand its charm. Sony Xperia 1 III and Sony Xperia 5 III, the most recently announced Sony smartphones, have no notch display as always. With the 21:9 display, users can get an excellent viewing experience when watching movies.

It is believed that Sony Xperia phones will stand out among a crowd of the trend of hole-punch display phones. Anyway, you can easily send contacts from Samsung to Sony and vice versa with the following approaches.

transfer contacts from samsung to sony xperia

Part 1: How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Sony Xperia in 1 Click

Do you know a tool that can transfer data from Samsung to Sony Xperia in 1 click? It is Samsung Data Transfer, a practical mobile data migration desktop application. With it, you can effortlessly transfer contacts and other files from Samsung to Sony with original quality.

This Samsung to Sony transfer software can also:

- Seamlessly move videos, photos, text messages, music, apps, documents, and call logs from Samsung to Sony Xperia.

- Transfer data between other Android phones and tablets.

- Copy contacts, notes, bookmarks, calendars, and more from an iOS device to another.

- Switch text messages, media files, etc., from iOS to Android.

- Connect Android devices to a computer via USB and Wi-Fi connections.

- Support many Android and iOS mobile devices, including Sony Xperia 1 III/Xperia 5 III/Xperia 1 II/Xperia 5 II/Xperia 1/Xperia 10 II, Samsung Galaxy S21/S20/S10, Samsung Galaxy Tab A7/Tab S7, Huawei, OPPO, OnePlus, ZTE, Motorola, iPhone, iPad, and the like.

Download the Samsung to Sony data transfer program for free below.

download win version of samsung to sony transferdownload mac version of samsung to sony transfer

Here's how to transfer contacts from Samsung to Sony in 1 click:

Step 1.Install the Program

After download the installation file, please double-click it to install the program, and run it on the desktop.

Step 2. Connect Mobile Devices to Computer

Please use USB cables to link your smartphones to your computer, and enable the USB debugging mode on them. Then you will get a successful connection.

Step 3. Swiftly Transfer Contacts to Sony

- Make sure your Sony Xperia phone is on the destination side. If not, please tap the "Flip" icon to change the location. Next, tick the "Contacts" option on the panel, and click the "Start Copy" button to begin the transfer.

1 click to transfer contacts from samsung to sony xperia

- Once done, you can check the contacts on the Sony phone.

fast copy data from samsung to Sony

Bonus: Besides, do you know how to transfer contacts from Sony Xperia to Samsung without effort? Click this link, amd you will get 4 helpful ways.

Part 2: How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Sony Xperia via Bluetooth

There is no doubt that you can transfer files between 2 Android devices using Bluetooth. Therefore, you can send Samsung contacts to Sony Xperia via Bluetooth without a hitch. By the way, if the Bluetooth feature is not available on one cellphone, you will fail to transfer contacts.

Guide on how to transfer contacts from Samsung to Sony Xperia via Bluetooth:

Step 1. Turn on Bluetooth

Go to the Settings app, and you can switch on Bluetooth directly on both Android phones.

Step 2. Pair Devices

When your Samsung device appears on the list, please tap on it to pair it with your Sony phone.

Step 3. Send Contacts via Bluetooth

After that, go to the Samsung Contacts app, and hit the 3 dots on the upper right. Then click the "Share" option and select the contacts you want. Finally, share them via Bluetooth and select your Sony device. It will automatically transmit the selected contacts to Sony.

send contacts from samsung to sony via bluetooth

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Part 3: How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Sony via SD Card

What if your old Samsung doesn't support transferring contacts via Bluetooth? In this case, you can use your SD card. As long as you have a useful Android memory card, and your mobile devices have an SD card slot, you can make it without trouble.

Here's how to move contacts from Samsung to Sony via an SD card:

Step 1. Export Contacts as vCard File

From the beginning, please open Contacts on Samsung, hit the "Menu" > "Manage Contacts" > "Import or export contacts" > "Export" option, Then save your contacts as a vCard file.

export samsung contacts to sony via sd card

Step 2. Move the Contact Files to SD Card

Launch the File Manager, navigate to the vCard file, and copy it to your external storage space.

Step 3. Import Contacts to Sony Xperia Device

- Now, please insert the memory card into your Sony phone, and open the Contacts app on Sony.

- Subsequently, hit the "Menu" > "Settings" > "Import" > "Import contacts from SD card or internal storage" > "IMPORT" icon. The contacts will be imported to the Sony Xperia phone immediately.

import samsung contacts to sony using memory card

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Part 4: How to Transfer Data from Samsung to Sony Xperia Using Xperia Transfer 2

Sony Xperia 2 can not only transfer contacts, but also transfer movies, wallpaper, songs, calendars, and more from one phone to a Sony Xperia phone. Thus, it is a practical way to transfer data from Samsung to Sony. However, it cannot transfer files larger than 4GB from Samsung via USB.

Steps on how to transfer data from Samsung to Sony Xperia using Xperia Transfer 2:

Step 1. Run the App on Both Phones

Please download, install, and open it on both smartphones. Then click the "Cable" option.

Step 2. Connect and Pair Devices

Choose the "Send data" option on Samsung, and the "Receive data" on Sony. Next, allow the app to access your mobile devices, use a data cable to link them.

Step 3. Select File Types and Transfer

Once connected, please select the desired file types on the target phone, and click the "TRANSFER" > "NEXT" icon to start the data migration.

transfer files from samsung to sony via xperia transfer 2

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By the wayDoes Smart Switch work on Sony? If your Sony phone is a sender, Smart Switch can work with it, but the app cannot transfer data from an Android phone to a Sony phone. It can only support Samsung as the receiver.


Have you learned these 5 methods to transfer contacts from Samsung from the above? Maybe you can add this webpage to your bookmark, and then you can view it whenever you want. Please remember that using Samsung Data Transfer will save your time a lot. Last but not least, we will appreciate that you share it on your social platform.

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