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As you are attracted by the latest Samsung phone, your old Vivo phone will become less glamorous. After bringing the new Samsung phone home, you might can't wait to move data to it. So, how to transfer data from Vivo to Samsung without trouble?

Calm down. We have found 5 effective solutions and share them in this article. With them, you can easily transfer your Vivo files to Samsung.

how to transfer data from vivo to samsung

Part 1: How to Transfer Data from Vivo to Samsung with Samsung Data Transfer?

How do I transfer files from Vivo to Samsung in 1 click? Well, the Samsung Data Transfer software is my helpful partner. It can copy almost all files from Vivo to Samsung at a time. Furthermore, it will never alter file formats. After the transfer, you will get the files with the original quality on the new handset.

Additionally, it supports Android OS 4.0 and later, so that it can be compatible with most Samsung and Vivo smartphones and tablets, such as Samsung Galaxy S21/S20/S10/S9, Samsung Galaxy Tab A7/Tab S7/Tab A 8.4/Tab S6/Tab S/Galaxy Tab 4, Vivo X60/X51/X50/X30, Vivo iQOO 7/iQOO U1x, and more. It also works with iOS and other Android devices, including iPhone, iPad, HTC, Motorola, Sony, Huawei, Google, OnePlus, etc.

Hallmarks of the Vivo to Samsung transfer program:

- Transfer contacts, call logs, text messages, apps, photos, videos, and more from Android to Android.

- Send notes, contacts, calendars, books, and bookmarks from iOS to iOS.

- Allow you to copy music, videos, photos, etc., from an iPhone to Android.

- Support to move contacts and documents from Android to iOS as well.

- USB and Wi-Fi connections are supported during the Android to Android transfer.

Download Samsung Data Transfer for free below.

download win version of vivo to samsung transferdownload mac version of vivo to samsung transfer

Guide on how to transfer files from Vivo to Samsung in 1 tap:

Step 1. Install the Transfer Program

Please install the software on your computer, and connect your Vivo and Samsung devices to the computer with USB cables. Then enable the USB debugging mode on both phones.

Step 2. Select Data Types

Ensure your Samsung phone is on the "Destination" side, and check the data types you want on the middle panel.

fast transfer vivo files to samsung

Step 3. Copy Vivo Files to Samsung

Once selected, please tap the "Start Copy" button to begin transferring data. When the process is complete, you can view the data on the Samsung device.

one click to send data from vivo to samsung

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Part 2: How Do I Transfer Files from Vivo to Samsung with SHAREit?

SHAREit can help you move your Vivo files to Samsung without a cable. It can send your wallpapers, movies, songs, and so on via the data network. Besides, you can watch hit videos online at any time. Inevitably, there are a few ads on this app when you use it. If you want to block ads, you can turn off the notification in Settings.

Here's how to transfer data from Vivo to Samsung via SHAREit:

Step 1. Download SHAREit

Please download and install the app on both your mobile phones.

Step 2. Select Files on Vivo

Run the app on Vivo, and click the "Send" option. Then you can select the desired files directly, and tap the "SEND" icon. It will require you to enable Bluetooth.

Step 3. Connect Phones and Transfer Data

- Click the "Receive" icon on Samsung, and let them search for each other. As the avatar of your device shows up on the screen, please tap on it for connection.

- After that, the app will automatically send the selected files to the Samsung cellphone.

transfer data from vivo to samsung via shareit

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Part 3: How Do I Transfer Data from Vivo to Samsung via Smart Switch?

Samsung Smart Switch is a famous data transfer tool for Samsung users. It is beyond question that it can transfer data from Vivo to Samsung. What's more, the mobile version supports you to complete the data transfer easier. The wireless transfer and the wired transfer are supported.

Steps on how to send data from Vivo to Samsung via Smart Smart:

Step 1. Install Smart Switch

Please install the app on your mobile phones first. You can go to Settings > "Accounts and backup" option, and you can open Smart Switch on Samsung. Then install the app from Google Play to the Vivo phone.

Step 2. Make a Connection

Choose the "Send data" icon on Vivo, and select the "Receive data" option on Samsung. Next, click the "Galaxy/Android" > "Cable" option. Please connect your phones with a data cable and an OTG adaptor.

Step 3. Send Files to Samsung

After connected, it will search for data to transfer. You can then select what you want, and click the "Done" and the "Transfer" icons to start sending data to the new Samsung phone.

move data from vivo to samsung via smart switch

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Part 4: How Do I Transfer Contacts from Vivo to Samsung via Google Drive

How do I transfer contacts from Vivo to Samsung? I will choose to use Google Drive this time. Actually, using cloud storage space is useful to transfer data. It can back up your files to the cloud memory, and allows you to restore them to any other mobile device. But it provides you with limited free space.

Here's how to sync contacts from Vivo to Samsung with Google Drive:

Step 1. Back Up Contacts from Vivo to Google Drive

- To upload Vivo contacts to Google Drive, you need to open the Settings app, and hit the "More settings" > "Backup & Reset" > "Backup data" > "Google Server" icon.

- Then toggle on the "Back up my data" button and tap the "Back up accounts" icon to enter your Google account.

Step 2. Sync Contacts to Samsung

Open Settings on Samsung, and you can add the same Google account to it. Then click the Google account, and click the "Menu" > "Sync now" icon. It will sync the backup contacts to Samsung immediately.

sync contacts from vivo to samsung with google drive

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Part 5: How to Transfer Files from Vivo to Samsung via Bluetooth

Although using Bluetooth to send data is slower than using the previous methods, it is suitable to send several small files from Vivo to Samsung. It can work even there is no available Wi-Fi or mobile data. Also, it will not damage the file quality.

Tutorial on how to transmit data from Vivo to Samsung via Bluetooth:

Step 1. Turn on Bluetooth

Please navigate to Settings, and switch on Bluetooth on both smartphones. They will display available devices on the list.

Step 2. Pair Vivo with Samsung

Choose your device from the list, and follow the on-screen guide to build up a connection between two phones.

Step 3. Send Data to Samsung

- Open File Manager, and find the files you plan to transfer on Vivo. Then click the "Share" icon and choose the "Bluetooth" option.

- At last, tap the "Accept" option on Samsung, and you will receive the files soon.

share files to samsung via bluetooth

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These 5 methods introduced above are all feasible. Whichever you choose, you can transfer data from Vivo to Samsung without effort. But Samsung Data Transfer is the most time-saving approaches, since it can copy plenty of files efficiently even if your files are large.

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