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Summary: What to do if you need to sync photos from iCloud to Android phone? Don't worry, this article is about to show you how to transfer iCloud photos to Android in details with different ways. Let's see how to make it.

Many friends may have two or even three mobile phones at the same time due to their daily work or life needs, which inevitably contains Android phones and iOS devices. But what makes it a headache is that photos synced to iCloud can't directly transfer to Android phone through iCloud app like the other iOS devices. This is because iCloud is developed by Apple and only serves for Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, but not Android phones.

It seems that transferring photos between two different operating system is a tough job. However, as long as you have this ultimate tutorial, to transfer pictures from iCloud to Android won't be a question for you any more. Let's see how it works.

Part 1. One Click to Transfer iCloud Photos to Android

Even though iCloud won't work with Android phone and transfer data from iCloud to Android phone, there is always a way to meet your needs, that is, taking advantage of the professional iCloud to Android Photos Transfer program - Samsung Data Transfer (Windows/Mac).

Samsung Data Transfer - The Great iCloud to Android Photos Transfer Tool

The Samsung Data Transfer is an all-in-one transfer tool to help you transfer data from one phone to another, freely restore data from iCloud backups/iTunes backups/OneDrive/Kies/BlackBerry, selectively back up your phone data, completely erase data on your phone and more.

Main Features:

- Support photos, videos, TV shows, music, apps, app data, contacts, text messages, calendars, call logs, and more.
- Four modes offered: Restore from Backups, Phone to Phone Transfer, Back Up Your Phone, Erase Your Old Phone.
- Support to transfer data among different operating system, such as Android, iOS, BlackBerry, WinPhone and more.
- For Android phone, it works with almost all Android phones and tablets, including but not limited to Samsung, LG, Huawei, Sony, ZTE, HTC, Motorola, OPPO and more.
- Easy to use and 100% clean and secure.

Now, please download the right version of the program on your computer and follow the tutorial below to transfer iCloud pictures to Android phone with 1 click. Both Windows and Mac version are available, please choose the right version on your PC or Mac to install before going further.

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[Tutorial] Steps to Sync iCloud Photos to Android with 1 Click

This tutorial takes the Windows version of the program for an example, Mac users can also refer to the same steps as below to perform the program.

Step 1. Connect your Android phone to PC and choose the related mode on the program.

Please launch the Samsung Data Transfer program on PC after installation, and connect your Android phone to computer with a USB cable to have the program automatically detect your device. On the main interface of the program, please choose the mode called "Restore From Backups" and click "iCloud" option to move on.

run icloud to android photos transfer

Step 2. Sign into iCloud to access iCloud backup files.

On the next screen, please enter your Apple ID and password to log in to your iCloud account. Then you might see a list of your iCloud backup files that you have made. Also, please make sure your Android phone is connected to the program.

restore icloud photos to android

Step 3. Select photos to transfer from iCloud to Android with 1 click.

Now, please mark "Photos" and other desired files in the middle panels for transferring, and click "Start Transfer" button to start transferring photos from iCloud to Android immediately. (If needed, you can check "Clear data before copy" option to clear files on your Android phone before the transferring process.)

transfer icloud photos to android

Before long, all photos from iCloud backup will be transferred to your Android phone, and you can check the photos directly on your Android phone as you like.

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Part 2. Download iCloud Photos to PC and Transfer to Android

Apart from the safe and quick way above, you can also download photos from iCloud to PC with iCloud for Windows app or iCloud's website and then move them to your Android phone instead. It is an available solution, however, it is also time-consuming and troublesome as well. Importantly, this may have your photos in the risk of privacy leakage if you are not using your own computer. Anyway, if you insist to do that, you can follow the steps as below to transfer iCloud photos to Android phone with your PC.

Here's how:

#1. First of all, please download and install the iCloud for Windows on your PC. After that, please launch it and sign in to your iCloud account with your Apple ID and password.

open icloud for windows

#2. Now, please check "Photos" option and click "Options...", which will pop up Photos Options window where you need to enable the "iCloud Photo Sharing" and "iCloud Photo Library" features and all the rest, then click "Done".

open icloud photos options

#3. Next, close the application, open the system tray on the desk, and find the iCloud icon to right click it.

click icloud icon

#4. On the iCloud Photos category, please click the "Download Photos" option to start downloading iCloud photos.

download icloud photos

#5. Wait for some time till all photos has been downloaded successfully. After that, please go to "Windows directory" > "Users" > [User Name] > "Pictures" > "iCloud Photos" on your computer.

#6. Find the "Downloads" folder where you can see all the downloaded photos from iCloud on your PC. Here, you can check if you have downloaded all the photos you need from iCloud or not. If not, go back and download again with the above steps.

#7. After downloading all iCloud photos you need, please connect your Android phone to PC with a USB cable. When your Android is detected, a prompt will shown on your phone screen, simply choose the MTP option to use your phone as a media device.

connect android to pc

#8. Once your Android phone is connected to PC successfully, you can manually select photos on PC and then transfer iCloud photos to Android phone with Windows Explorer.

transfer icloud photos to android

Then you need to do is to wait till the whole transferring process is complete. However, please be noted that this might be a little long if there are too many photos, also please make sure your Android phone has enough storage space for the imported iCloud photos. (See Also: Easy Way to Save More Space on Android Phones)

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