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As you upgrade your old iPad to a new one, you will find it smooth to operate your new iPad. However, it is necessary to move important data from the ole iPad. But how to transfer the old iPad to the new iPad without difficulty? If this problem has been bothering you, now you can get rid of it.

This article has displayed 5 fully-fledged ways in the following with detailed steps. Thus, you can select the favorite one to complete your iPad data transfer.

how to transfer old ipad to new ipad

Part 1: How to Transfer Old iPad to New iPad with iPad Data Transfer in 1 Click

Looking for a direct way to transfer data from the old iPad to the new iPad? This iPad data transfer - Samsung Data Transfer, can give you a hand. It can transfer various data from iOS to iOS, including contacts, calendars, bookmarks, books, and more. So it supports not only the iPad but also the iPhone and iPod.

Amazingly, it is capable of moving data with Android devices, containing Android phones and tablets. There is no denying that it has powerful compatibility, working with the operating system from iOS 5 to the latest (iOS 14 included) and Android 4.0 or upper (Android 11 included). It works with the iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPhone 12 Pro/iPhone 12/iPhone 11 Pro/11/XS/X/XR/8, iPod, Samsung, HTC, Google, OnePlus, Huawei, etc.

Key features and advantages of this iPad file transfer:

- Transfer the old iPad to the new iPad in 1 click.

- Support to transfer data between different iOS devices as well.

- Move data from Android to Android, from iPhone to Android, and vice versa.

- Contacts, call logs, videos, music, messages, apps, documents, photos, and so on are supported.

- Copy your data with high quality.

Download the iPad data transfer for free below.

download win version of ipad file transferdownload mac version of ipad file transfer

Guide on how to transfer info from one iPad to another fast:

  1. Download, install, run the program on the computer.
  2. Connect iPads to the computer with USB cables. Then select data types on the panel.transfer ipad data in 1 click
  3. Select data types on the middle panel and click the "Start to copy" button. The process will be finished soon.

transfer old ipad to new ipad quickly


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Part 2: How to Transfer Data from One iPad to Another Using Finder

If you are using the Macintosh computer, you can use the Finder to transfer from the old iPad to the new iPad. Like a file manager, you can organize data freely, including programs, documents, folders, media files, and more in it. But you need to transfer the data from the old iPad to it in advance.

Here's how to transfer files to the new iPad with Finder:

  1. Link the ole iPad to the Mac computer with a micro cable.
  2. Tap the Finder in the Dock bar and choose your iPad device in the sidebar. Then trust the device when it prompts, and select the type of content you want. Next, drag files to a folder on the computer.
  3. Connect the new iPad to the MacBook, and copy the old iPad files from the Mac computer to your new iPad. Now, the iPad to iPad transfer is over.

transfer files from one ipad to another using finder

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Part 3: How to Set Up New iPad from Old iPad with Quick Start

How to set up a new iPad from the old iPad? In iOS 11 and later, there is a built-in feature called Quick Start on the iOS device. It can help you set up your new iPad or other iOS devices, and wirelessly transfer iPad data from the old one. But you need to back up the data from the old iPad to the iCloud in advance.

Tutorial on how to set up a new iPad from an old iPad with Quick Start utility:

  1. Please turn on your new iPad and place it near the old one. You will see the Quick Start screen on the old iPad, confirm the ID you want to use, and tap on the "Continue" icon.
  2. Enter the authentication code on the old device and place the picture in the circle. Then you need to input the old iPad's passcode into the new one. Next, follow the instructions to finish the setup.
  3. Choose the "Restore from iCloud Backup" option. It will transfer the data from the iCloud that you backed up before to the new iPad.

set up new ipad from old ipad with quick start

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Part 4: How to Transfer Data from One iPad to Another Using iCloud

If the Quick Start isn't available to transfer to the new iPad, what about iCloud? As long as you have an Apple ID, you own an iCloud account as well. Thus, you can back up your existing data from the old iPad to the iCloud first and synchronize it to your new iPad.

Let's see how to transfer files from an iPad to another using iCloud:

  1. Open the Settings app on the old iPad and tap your name.
  2. Click the "iCloud" > "iCloud Backup" option. Then enable the feature and press the "Back Up Now" icon. The data will be sent to iCloud.
  3. Switch on your new iOS device and you can restore the iCloud backup data during the setup process.

copy files from the old ipad to the new ipad with icloud

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Part 5: How to Transfer Data from iPad to iPad via iTunes

How do I transfer files from the old iPad to the new iPad? Undeniably, iTunes is a nice choice. After installing it on a Windows or Mac computer, you can back up and restore files from iPad to iPad with ease. Please note that as you restore the data to the iPad, it spontaneously will delete the previous data.

Here's how to transfer info from one iPad to another using iTunes:

  1. Download and install the latest iTunes program on your computer.
  2. Connect the old iPad to the computer with a USB cable. Run iTunes and permit it to access your iPad. Tap the "Summary" tab and select the "This computer" option as your backup location, then tap the "Back Up Now" icon. It will back up the data from the old iOS device to the computer.
  3. As soon as the backup is finished, you can connect your new iPad to iTunes and remove the old one. Go to the Summary tab again and tap the "Restore Backup" feature. You will get the data on your new iPad after a while.

transfer data to the new ipad using itunes


So, all the guides are in your hand now. It's time to transfer data from the old iPad to the new one with these useful methods. Even though you want the simplest and fastest transfer way, you can make it with the iOS data transfer program - Samsung Data Transfer. It will help you achieve the migration with several clicks. At last, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the data transfer.

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