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HTC Music Recovery: Music Recovery for HTC Phone

We can see many people in the HTC forum asking for a way to get back their lost or deleted music files on HTC phones and many other people will reply ...Learn more >>

Best Tool to Recover Lost Videos from HTC Phone

"I lost all videos from my HTC Butterfly S by accident. What can I do now to restore them?" "Can I recover lost videos from HTC One af...Learn more >>

How Can I Recover Lost Photos on HTC Phone

In which case did you lose your photos from HTC mobile phone, making improper settings, infecting with the virus, or flashing ROM? Take it easy. Now m...Learn more >>

How Can I Recover Lost Files from HTC Phone

"Help! Last week, my HTC phone crashed all of a sudden. Then I tried to flash it on my own. Unfortunately, I forgot to backup it. When I restarte...Learn more >>

How to Copy Videos Between HTC Phone and Computer

With the development of mobile phone industry, people are able to shoot videos with higher resolution. Then moms can be satisfied with taking videos t...Learn more >>

Transfer Photos Between HTC Phone and Computer

Last weekend I had a trip to the sea with my boyfriend, and we took many beautiful photos with my HTC smart phone. I want to export HTC images to PC f...Learn more >>

Transfer Files Between HTC Mobile Phone and Computer

I always transfer files between HTC phone and computer via USB. However, when I tried to backup contacts on my phone to computer yesterday, I found th...Learn more >>

How to Recover Deleted Contacts from HTC Mobile Phone

Hi, do you know how to recover deleted contacts from HTC One mobile phone? Last night, when I added new contacts to my HTC phone, I mistakenly deleted...Learn more >>

How to Print out Text Messages from HTC?

Last week, I received some insulting text messages from someone, which hurt me a lot. Now I want to print them out and hand over to the court for prot...Learn more >>

How to Manage HTC with HTC Sync Manager Alternative

HTC Sync Manager is an official program to help HTC users organize and share files between their HTC phone and computer. In general, users often use t...Learn more >>

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