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How to Recover Deleted Contacts from HTC Mobile Phone

Hi, do you know how to recover deleted contacts from HTC One mobile phone? Last night, when I added new contacts to my HTC phone, I mistakenly deleted...Learn more >>

How to Print out Text Messages from HTC?

Last week, I received some insulting text messages from someone, which hurt me a lot. Now I want to print them out and hand over to the court for prot...Learn more >>

How to Manage HTC with HTC Sync Manager Alternative

HTC Sync Manager is an official program to help HTC users organize and share files between their HTC phone and computer. In general, users often use t...Learn more >>

How to Manage HTC Contacts on Computer/PC

In 2012, HTC released a series of smart phone, which includes three models: HTC One X, HTC One S, HTC One V, and these three models almost fully penet...Learn more >>

Easy Way to Transfer Contacts from HTC to Computer

Do you have the habit of backing up all important files? As mobile phones are becoming increasingly important in both daily life and work, some people...Learn more >>

How to Transfer Text Messages from HTC to PC [3 Ways]

Why Do We Need to Backup HTC SMS Messages to Computer? Do you want to permanently keep those sweet text messages that are sent by your girlfriend/b...Learn more >>

One Click to Transfer Files from Android to Android

In some cases, you may need to transfer various files from one Android phone to another Android phone. For example, when you find some interesting pho...Learn more >>

Easy Way to Transfer Music from Samsung Phone to iPod

My Samsung phone is in large size, and it's not convenient to bring it when I do morning exercises. So I want to transfer some music songs from my...Learn more >>

Guide to Sync Music Songs from iPad to iPod

I need to transfer some music songs from my iPad device to the portable iPod. Is it possible? Will it cost too much time? After all, I don't want ...Learn more >>

How to Transfer Files from Samsung Galaxy S9/S8 to Note 8/7

Due to occupational requirement, I owned two mobile devices. One is Samsung Galaxy S9 and the other Samsung Note 8. Now, I wanted to transfer files fr...Learn more >>

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