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How to Transfer Verizon Contacts to iPhone

Recently I bought a new iPhone X and now I want to transfer all the contacts from my old Verizon phone to the new device. How can I easily do that? Th...Learn more >>

How to Speed Up Android Phone with 11 Tips | Make Your Phone Faster

Summary When you use your Android phone for 1 year or more, you will find it becomes slower than before. Well, this is a common phenomenon, since y...Learn more >>

One Click to Delete Downloads on Android Phone

When you have a fancy for a certain artist, you probably can't wait to download many photos, music songs and videos to your Android phone, so that...Learn more >>

[Best Guide]How to Delete Photos from Android Phone Permanently in 4 Ways

Summary There are too many photos on our Android phones which occupy large storage space and slow down the Android phones. It is urgent to solve ho...Learn more >>

How to Clear Cache on Android Phones?

Now, open your Android phone and you won't be surprised to find there are some cache folders are saved on your phone. Feel strange since you never...Learn more >>

How to Clear Search History on Android Phone

Like web browsers within computer, now Android phones also allow you to search the internet on Android phone whenever you have any puzzles. Every time...Learn more >>

How to Free Up Space on Android without Effort? [Comprehensive Guide]

Summary When an Android phone or tablet is full of data, it will run slower than before or even get stuck. And this case is so common in our life, ...Learn more >>

Clean Junk Files on Android with 5 Hassle-free Methods [Newest Guide]

Summary When we run our Android phones and tablets, they will produce many caches and other redundant files. These junk files stored on the phone&#...Learn more >>

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Nexus 6?

Intending to switch to Android platform because you just be bored with your old iPhone which you have used for several years. To choose an Android sma...Learn more >>

How to Transfer Data from Nokia to Android?

Just received your new Android phone but get frustrated because you have no idea to transfer files from your old Nokia phone, which you have used for ...Learn more >>

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