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Wonder how to transfer photos from Android to PC Windows 10? You are an Android and Windows 10 user, right? It is no surprise that you are an Android and Windows 10 user. Windows 10 is one of the most popular operating systems in the world. Its user-friendly interface and easy operation are the essential reasons why lots of users choose it. And Android phones and tablets are also used widely.

If you want to move photos from Android to a PC effortlessly, here are 6 approaches you can choose freely. With them, you can complete the photo migration fast.

how to transfer photos from android to pc windows 10

Part 1: How to Transfer Photos from Android to PC Windows 10 with Android Photo Backup

There is an Android photo backup program - Samsung Messages Backup, supporting to transfer photos from Android to Windows 10 PC in 1 click. There is no quality loss during the transfer, and it will never alter your photo formats. Also, it allows you to preview and select the photos you want before the transfer. Besides, it can help you transfer contacts, messages, videos, apps, and more from Android to the computer.

This Android photo backup software can:

- Transfer Files from Android to the PC in 1 click and selectively, including music, documents, text messages, call history, etc.

- Fast scan out all data from Android devices.

- Display detailed photos and other Android files on the interface.

- Enable you to manage your photos on the computer, such as deleting, moving, creating new albums, and more.

- Allow you to connect your Android device to your computer via a USB cable or Wi-Fi.

- Directly take screenshots of Android phones and tablets on the computer.

- Support Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista.

What's more, it supports Android devices running Android OS 4.0 and upper, like Google Pixel 7/6/5/4/3, OnePlus 11/10 Pro/9 Pro/9/Nord N10 5G/Nord 100/Nord/8 Pro, Xiaomi 13/12/11/10/9/8, Samsung Galaxy S23/S22/S21/S20/S10, Sony Xperia 1 IV/Xperia 5 IV/Xperia 10 IV, Motorola, LG, Xiaomi, and the like.

Download this Android backup software for free below.

download win version of android photo backupdownload mac version of android photo backup software

Tutorial on how to import photos from Android to Windows 10 without effort:

Step 1. Connect Android and Windows 10 Computer

Please use a USB cable to connect your Android device to the PC, and enable the USB debugging mode on Android.

Step 2. Select Photos

Once connected, please tap the "Photos" option on the left panel. Then you can see your photos on the right side. Please tick off the pictures you want.

transfer photos from android to pc windows 10 using android photo backup

Step 3. Transfer Photos to Computer

After selected, tap the "Export" icon on the top menu bar, and choose a location on your computer. Then the program will move the targeted photos to the Windows computer.

swiftly export pictures from android phone to pc


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Part 2: How to Import Photos from Android to Windows 10 via Photos App

Do you know there is a Photos app on your PC Windows 10? It can collect your Android photos like on Android. In other words, you can view and manage your photos with it easily. Additionally, it supports you in signing in with your Microsoft account and upload photos to OneDrive.

Here's how to transfer photos from Samsung Galaxy S5 to PC Windows 10 via the Photos app:

Step 1. Open Photos App

Click the "Start" icon and choose the "Photos" app to open it.

Step 2. Make a Connection

Connect your Android phone to the PC via a data cable. If prompted, please choose the "MTP" option on your smartphone.

Step 3. Copy Photos from Android to PC

Please click the "Import" and "From a USB device" icons on your PC. Then you can copy the desired photos from Android to Windows 10.

use microsoft photos app to upload photos from android to computer

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Part 3: How to Transfer Photos from Android to Windows 10 Using OneDrive

OneDrive is an application created by Microsoft. It can synchronize your Android photos to the cloud space so that you can save your local memory. As you log in with the same account, you can check your uploaded files on any device. Thus, you can make use of it to download your photos on Windows 10.

Here's how to download photos from Android to the Windows 10 computer with OneDrive:

Step 1. Install OneDrive

Please download and install this app on your Android handset, launch it and log in with your Microsoft account.

Step 2. Upload Pictures from Android Phone

Tap the "Plus" icon to upload the photos you want from the Android phone internal storage.

Step 3. Download Pictures on Windows 10 PC

Please go to OneDrive web on the Windows 10 computer, and sign in with the same account. Then you can see your Android photos. You can now download them on your computer.

download android photos to pc using onedrive

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Part 4: How to Download Photos from Android to Windows 10 via Your Phone Companion

Your Phone Companion can help you link your mobile phone to PC without a wire. That means you can drag your photos from Android to Windows 10 PC wirelessly. Magically, you can receive and send text messages and calls on your PC. By the way, the calls feature requires Bluetooth capability, and multiple functions require at least 8GB of RAM.

Steps on how to transfer photos from Android to PC via Your Phone Companion:

Step 1. Install the Application

Please download Your Phone Companion on your Android phone, and download Your Phone from Microsoft to your Windows 10 computer.

Step 2. Enable Bluetooth

- Please switch on Bluetooth on both devices. For Android, you can scroll down the screen and turn it on directly. For the PC, please click the "Start" > "Settings" > "Devices" > "Bluetooth & other devices" option to enable Bluetooth.

- Make sure your devices are connected to the same network. Next, run it on both devices, and click the "Android" and "Continue" icons on the PC. Then make your phone scan the QR code for linking.

Step 3. Drag Photos from Android to Windows 10 PC

After linking successfully, you can choose the "Photos" option on the left sidebar on the PC. Then you can check your Android pictures on the interface. Please drag the photos you want to the desktop. Finally, you can save them on the Windows 10 computer.

transfer photos from android to pc via your phone software

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Part 5: How to Transfer Photos from Android to PC with AirMore

Like Your Phone, AirMore is also a wireless transfer tool, good at moving pictures from Android to a PC. In addition, you can smoothly send videos, music, contacts, and more. If you want, you can manage your contacts with editing and deleting. Please note that it supports Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

Here's how to upload photos from Android to the PC via AirMore:

Step 1. Browse AirMore

Please open the AirMore website on your Windows 10 PC, and install it on your mobile phone.

Step 2. Connect Android to PC

Hit the "Launch AirMore Web to Connect" icon on the PC, and click the "Scan to connect" icon on Android. Then establish a connection between your devices.

Step 3. Move Photos from Android to PC

Please choose the "Photos" option on the PC, select the desired pictures, and move them to your computer. Once done, your pictures will be saved on the Windows 10 PC safely.

transfer pictures from android to pc via airmore

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Part 6: How to Transfer Pictures from Android Phone to Computer Using Bluetooth

Does your Windows 10 computer support Bluetooth? If yes, why not transfer photos from Android to the PC via Bluetooth? It is an easy way to transmit files, but it cannot fast send batches of photos at a time. Thus, it is convenient to send several pictures.

Guide on how to transfer pictures from an Android phone to a computer via Bluetooth:

Step 1. Enable Bluetooth

To enable Bluetooth on PC, you can click the "Start" > "Settings" > "Devices" icon, and toggle it on. Then go to Settings on Android to enable it.

Step 2. Pair Your Cellphone with PC

Please choose your Android device on the list, and then you will get a code. Next, please tap the "Connect" icon, and confirm the code on your phone.

Step 3. Send Pictures from Android to Windows 10

Open the Gallery app on your Android device, touch the pictures you plan to send, and click the "Share" icon to send it via Bluetooth. Please don't forget to accept it on your PC.

transfer photos from android to pc windows 10 via bluetooth


After learning these 6 approaches, if someone asks you how to transfer photos from Android to PC Windows 10, you can teach him/her without difficulty. More importantly, photo transfer is a frequent thing in our lives. An excellent transfer tool will be much less troublesome than manual sending, such as using the photo backup software - Samsung Messages Backup.

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