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In this digital age, technological advancement has changed, turning the world into a global village. You can now remotely access PC files from Android devices. This brings great convenience, especially if you forget an important file on your computer back at home. Want to learn how to access PC files from a phone? This article provides an in-depth guide on accessing computer files from a phone remotely. Continue reading to learn more!

access pc files from android

Part 1: What Are the Advantages of Remote Access?

Being able to access your computing devices remotely has a lot of benefits. Below are some advantages of remote access:

Enhances flexibility - The main reason why remote access is important is that it enhances flexibility. For instance, when you forget a file on your computer back at home, you can access it using your Android phone without the need to travel back home.

Allow users to share resources - Remote access has changed how most people work. Remote access technology enables workers to access PCs at their workstations while using their Android phones at home.

Save cost - Remote access saves many costs as well. For instance, remote teams allow organizations to rent a smaller office space or even migrate entirely to remote, cloud-based operations. This saves the organization money on utilities, rent, and other expenses.

Part 2: How to Access PC Files from Android Devices

There are several techniques for accessing PC files using Android devices. Below are some of the methods:

Method 1. How to Access PC Files on Android Using AnyViewer

It is normal to feel lazy occasionally, especially after a long, busy day. During such times, you might want to access files from your PC but find it hard to walk to your PC. However, you can comfortably access your PC files using your Android phone with the help of the AnyViewer application. This app allows you to access any computer without danger.

Here's how to open computer files on Android via AnyViewer:

Step 1: Download AnyViewer for PC and AnyViewer for Android. You require Android version 6.0 and later. Then launch it on your PC and Android device.

Step 2: Create an AnyViewer account and use it to log into your devices (Windows PC and Android phone).

Step 3: Navigate to the "Device" tab on your Android phone, tap the "My devices" list, and click the "One-click control" button.

view pc files on android via anyviewer

Step 4: The screen of the remote PC will appear on your Android device. Navigate through the device's storage drives to access PC files.

access pc files from android over wi-fi

With these simple steps, you can enjoy accessing your files on your PC using your Android phone via AnyViewer.

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Method 2. How to Open Computer Files on Android Using Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop allows us to access PC files using an Android phone. However, you need to connect the two devices to the same Wi-Fi network to access PC files on your Android device using Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Below are a few simple steps to open PC files on a phone via this software:

Step 1: Enable remote desktop on your PC. Do this by navigating to the "Settings" menu and clicking on the "System" option. After that, locate the "Remote Desktop" option, and toggle the "Enable Remote Desktop" button to on mode.

enable remote desktop on pc

Step 2: Download the RD client application into your Android phone. After installing, launch the app and complete the configurations.

Step 3: Tap the "+" icon from the connection center to scan for the remote PC. If no remote PC appears after scanning, hit the "Add manually" button and click the "Add desktop" option.

Step 4: Key in your computer IP address or name in the "PC name" section. Key in the computer's username and password in respective sections and click the "Add user account" button.

Step 5: After a successful connection, you can freely browse through the computer and access any files you wish using your Android phone.

access computer files from a phone remotely

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Method 3. How to Access PC Files from Phone Using AnyDesk

AnyDesk is a third-party application that allows Android users to access PC files using their Android phones.

Follow this guide to access PC files from Android via AnyDesk:

Step 1: Download AnyDesk to your PC From their official website.

Step 2: After that, navigate to the Play Store using your Android phone, and download and install the AnyDesk APK.

Step 3: Run AnyDesk on your PC and mark the address assigned on your device.

Step 4: On your Android phone, launch the AnyDesk APK and key in your computer's AnyDesk address. After that, hit on the "Red Allow" button to connect your Android phone to the PC.

Step 5: Hit the "Accept" option on the dialog box that appears on the PC to establish the connection. After this, you should be able to access PC files from an Android phone.

use anydesk to access computer files on android phone

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Method 4. How to Access Computer Files from Phone Remotely Using Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is a Google product that allows users to access files on all operating systems, including Windows, Chrome OS, Mac, and Linux using their Android phones. Using this technique doesn't require devices to be on the same network. However, you must sign into the same Google account on both devices for this method to work.

Below is how to use Chrome Remote Desktop to access PC files from your Android phone:

Step 1: Sign in to your Google account on your PC and search for "Chrome Remote Desktop" on the Chrome browser.

Step 2: Navigate to the download page for "Chrome Remote Desktop", hit on the "Remote Access" button, and download it by clicking on the "Download" button.

Step 3: You will be directed to the Chrome web store. Hit the "Add to Chrome" button and accept the terms and conditions by hitting the "Accept & Install" button.

Step 4: Key in your computer name on the section provided and click the "Next" button. After that, set a PIN with at least six digits and confirm the PIN by re-entering it.

Step 5: Install Chrome Remote Desktop on your Android phone. Ensure that you have signed into the same Google account, and you will see a list of computers that you have linked to the Google account.

Step 6: Tap on the computer you want to access and key in the PIN you had set earlier. After that, you can remotely access your PC files using an Android device.

open pc files on a phone via chrome remote desktop

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Bonus: How to Access Android Device on PC Easily

Do you want to operate your Android device using your computer's big screen? Accessing your Android device using a computer has many benefits. It allows you to play your best Android games using the computer's big screen, improves the Android game experience because a PC has a bigger RAM, allows you to control the game better using the mouse, and more.

Among the available tools, Screen Mirror stands out from the rest due to its peerless efficiency. It enables users to mirror their Android/iOS devices to a computer easily and stably without losing quality. With this potent tool, you can even mirror your phone via Wi-Fi or USB. Moreover, it supports almost all Android and iOS devices, including the latest versions, such as Android 13 and iOS 16.

Download the Phone Mirror software and have a try.

download win version of phone mirror

Here's how to access an Android phone on a computer via this mirroring software:

Step 1: Download the application, and install and launch it on your computer.

Step 2: A screen with two options will appear. Select the "Android Mirror" option because you want to mirror an Android device.

access android phone on pc

Step 3: Install the app on your Android device. Then choose "WiFi Connection" and "Detect" on the desktop to make a connection.

Step 4: A notification will appear. Tap your device name, and you can now access your Android phone using your computer.

mirror android to pc


Being able to access your PC files using your Android device has a lot of advantages. You can use any of the methods mentioned above to access your PC files using an Android phone. However, you can also cast your Android device's screen to a PC using the Screen Mirror application. Now, you can access your phone or computer on another device without difficulty.

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