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Generally speaking, you will plan to start the data transmission after purchasing a new Android device, because all the content you need is on your old gadget, such as your apps. Is it troublesome to transfer apps from Android to Android? In fact, transferring apps is not difficult.

Go ahead to read this article, and you will find 7 reliable transfer ways below. With them, you can transfer APK files between Android devices.

how to transfer apps from android to android

Part 1: How to Transfer Apps from Android to Android with Android Data Transfer

This data transfer software - Samsung Data Transfer, supports most Android devices, such as Samsung, LG, ZTE, Google, HTC, Motorola, Sony, OPPO, Xiaomi, etc. As long as the OS is Android 4.0 or above, it can recognize the device fast. With it, you can seamlessly transfer all user apps from one Android phone to another. Furthermore, USB and Wi-Fi connections are available.

Note: This software can copy user apps but not system apps or app data.

Key features and highlights of this Android transfer software:

- Transfer apps to another phone without trouble.

- Allow you to send apps between Android devices via USB and Wi-Fi connections.

- Capable of transferring contacts, photos, videos, music, SMS, etc. as well.

- Also helpful in moving data from iOS to Android, iOS to iOS, and Android to iOS.

Download the Android transfer program for free below.

download win version of android data transferdownload mac version of android data transfer

Here's how to transfer apps from Android to Android in 1 click:

Step 1. Install the Program

After downloading this transfer software on your computer, please install and launch it correctly.

Step 2. Connect Android Devices to the Computer

Use two Android cables to connect your smartphones to your computer, and enable the USB debugging on both devices. Then the software will recognize them quickly.

one click to transfer apps between android devices

Step 3. Choose the Apps Option

Please check the "Apps" option on the middle panel, and tap the "Start Copy" icon to transfer your apps to your target Android phone.

copy apps from android to android


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Part 2: How to Transfer Apps to Another Phone via Google One

Google One is an auto-backup app for Android devices. With it, you can restore your apps from one Android device to another with a network. Plus, you can manage your Google storage across Google Photos, Google Drive, and Gmail. But unfortunately, you can only restore your apps to another Android phone during the setup. That is, if you finish the setup, there is no an "Apps" option on Google One.

Guide on how to transfer apps to another phone via Google One:

Step 1. Install Google One

Please download and install Google One on your old Android phone.

Step 2. Back Up Your Android Data

Open the app, and choose your Google account. After that, tap the "Back up now" icon.

Step 3. Restore Your Backup Apps to Another Phone

Take out another Android device, and turn it on. Once you get the "Choose what to restore" screen, please tick the "Apps" option, and tap "RESTORE". Then continue the finish the setup.

sync apps to another android phone via google one

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Part 3: How to Transfer Android Apps to Another Phone with Apk Extractor

Apk Extractor is an application, capable of extracting the apps installed on your Android phone to an SD card, including third-party apps and pre-installed apps. But it works for Android OS 7.0 and lower, so that many new Android devices are not suitable for this app.

Here's how to send apps to another phone via Apk Extractor:

Step 1. Open the Apk Extractor App

From the beginning, please install this app on your old Android phone, and open it. Then you will see your app list on the screen.

Step 2. Select an App

Please find the app you want to send, and tap the menu icon next to the app. Next, click the "share" option on the popup.

Step 3. Send the App to Another Android Phone

- There are several ways to share your app; please select one. For instance, you can select Bluetooth. Then enable Bluetooth on both phones, and you can send the APK file to your target device.

- After receiving the file, you can tap on it to install it on your target Android phone.

use apk extractor to transfer apps between android devices

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Part 4: How Can I Transfer an App from One Phone to Another via Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile does well in transferring apps to a new Android phone. With it, you can move your apps and other files from your old Android phone to the new one with or without a cable. And it supports a wide range of Android OSes, from Android 4.3 to the latest. However, it requires your target phone is Samsung.

Here's how to transfer apps from one phone to another via Smart Switch Mobile:

Step 1. Install Smart Switch

Please install this app on your old Android phone, and go to Settings on the new Samsung Android phone. Then find and open this app.

Step 2. Establish the Connection

- On the old device, tap the "Send data" > "Galaxy/Android" > "Wireless" option. On the new device, choose the "Receive data" > "Galaxy/Android" > "Wireless" option.

- Then your devices will start to detect available devices, and make the connection automatically.

Step 3. Transfer Apps from Android to Android

Tick off the "Apps" option, and click the "Transfer" icon to start the process.

import apps to another android device via smart switch mobile

Part 5: How to Send Apps to Another Phone via OnePlus Switch

OnePlus Switch, its new name is Clone Phone. You can use it to move apps to a OnePlus Android phone. Additionally, it can copy the data of some apps at the same time. But similar to Smart Switch, OnePlus Switch only works for OnePlus Android devices.

Here's how to send apps to another phone via OnePlus Switch:

Step 1. Launch OnePlus Switch

Download and install OnePlus Switch on your sending Android phone. Then go to Settings > "Advanced" to find this app on the receiving OnePlus Android phone.

Step 2. Connect Android to Android

- Allow the app to access both your Android devices. Then tap "I'm an old phone" > "Connect" on the sending device. Next, turn to your new phone, and opt for "I'm a new phone" > "Android" > "CONTINUE".

- As you get a hotspot name and password on the screen, please make your old phone connect to this network. Then the connection is done.

Step 3. Export Apps to Another Android Phone

Select the "Apps" item, and you can click it to choose which app you want. Finally, tap the "Start switching" icon. After a while, you can use these apps on your new phone.

transfer apps from android to android via oneplus switch

Part 6: How to Send an App to Another Phone via NFC

The NFC feature is available on most Android phones. You can check if both your Android phones support this function. If yes, you can send an app from Android to another via NFC. By the way, it requires you to put your phones closely.

Tutorial on how to send an app from one Android phone to another via NFC:

Step 1. Enable NFC

Open the Settings app, and tap the "Wireless & networks" > "More" icon. Then you can toggle on the "NFC" feature.

Step 2. Share an App via NFC

Find the app on Google Play, and place your phones back to back. When the connection is set up, you can tap the screen on the old phone to share the page. Then you will open this page on your new phone, and you can install the app.

send an app to another android phone via nfc

Part 7: How to Transfer Apps to New Android Phone via Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is a wireless transfer app, and it can send multiple file types, including applications, photos, music, and more. You can fast make a connection between Android phones through scanning the QR code.

Here's how to send apps to a new Android phone via Send Anywhere:

Step 1. Install the App

Please download, install, and open Send Anywhere on both Android smartphones.

Step 2. Select Apps

On your old gadget, please choose the "Apps" tab, and check the apps you would like to send. Then tap the "Send" icon.

Step 3. Receive Apps on Your Target Android Phone

On your new phone, please tap the "Receive" icon, and scan the QR code on the old phone to make the connection. Then the app will send your selected apps to the new phone.

share apps between android devices via send anywhere


Has this article clearly explained how to transfer apps from Android to Android? Hope that this guide will bring you substantial assistance. Honestly, if you want a convenient transfer, Samsung Data Transfer is a nice choice. It can copy all user apps at once without the restriction of phone brands.

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