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It is not strange to appear duplicate contacts on Android. When exporting or importing contacts between internal storage and SIM card, and syncing contacts between phones, you probably find multiple duplicate contacts. So, how to remove duplicate contacts in Android?

Luckily, you can ask for help here. The following are 5 practical methods to merge contacts on Android to resolve this problem without trouble.

how to remove duplicate contacts in android

Part 1: How to Remove Duplicate Contacts in Android with Phone Contacts App

In many Android devices, there is a built-in feature that can merge duplicate contacts in Android automatically. You needn't download any app on your mobile device because the Contacts app will give you a hand. In general, it can merge the contacts with the same name, phone number, or email address.

Here's how to merge contacts in Android with the phone Contacts App:

Step 1. Launch the Contacts App

Unlock your Android phone, open the Contacts app, and tap the "Menu" icon like three-line.

Step 2. Merge Android Contacts

Click the "Manage contacts" > "Merge contacts" option. Then you can select the duplicate contacts on the screen. Finally, tap the "Merge" icon. It will merge contacts immediately.

merge contacts via android contacts app


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Part 2: How to Merge Contacts in Google Contacts

How to merge contacts in Gmail? Don't worry. Google Contacts is a practical contact backup and synchronization app. As long as you have a Google account, you can access your backup contacts on any device. What's more, it can help you clean up the duplicate contacts fast. Even if you create the same contacts but don't realize it, it will remind you through showing up the "Clean up duplicates" feature.

Guide on how to merge contacts in Android via Google Contacts:

Step 1. Download Google Contacts

Please install this application on Android, and log in to your Google account.

Step 2. Back Up Android Contacts

- To back up your contacts to Google Contacts, you need to open Settings, and tap the "Accounts and backup" > "Backup and restore" option. Then turn on the "Back up my data" icon, and type your account to the "Backup account" option.

- Hit your account, and you can enable the "Contacts" feature only. It will back up your contacts to Google.

Step 3. Merge Contacts in Google Contacts

After backup, you will see your contacts on the Google Contacts app. To remove duplicate contacts, please tap the "Menu" > "Suggestions" > "Clean up duplicates" > "Merge All" icon. It will clear up all duplicate contacts.

merge duplicate contacts on android via google contacts

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Part 3: How to Remove Duplicate Contacts from Android Phone via Duplicate Contacts Fixer

Besides using Google Contacts, is there another app to delete duplicate contacts in Android? Of course, Duplicate Contacts Fixer is effective in scanning and removing duplicate contacts from Android. It will tidy up your contact library swiftly. Additionally, it can help you find duplicate contacts from Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Truecaller on Android.

Here's how to remove duplicate contacts from the Android phone via this app:

Step 1. Install the Application

Please download and install this contact duplicate remover app on your Android phone.

Step 2. Choose an Account

Please open it and allow it to access your contacts and media files on your phone. Then choose an account you want to remove duplicates. For example, you can choose the "Google" option.

Step 3. Delete Duplicate Contacts

To find duplicate contacts, please hit the "Find Duplicates" button. Then click the "Delete duplicates..." icon. It will remove the same contacts right now.

delete duplicate contacts in android with duplicate contacts fixer

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Part 4: How to Delete Duplicate Contacts in Android via Cleaner

Save the same contacts multiple times on Android? Cleaner - Merge Duplicate Contacts, is an app to help you get rid of a messy contact list from your Android device. It can not only merge all diplicate contacts in 1 tap, but also back up your contacts without effort. All in all, you can easily delete duplicate contacts for good.

Here's how to delete duplicate contacts in the Android phone via this cleaner:

Step 1. Install and Run it

Please install it from Google Play, and run it on your cell phone.

Step 2. Connect with Google or Facebook

Then tap the "GET STARTED" icon, and choose to connect with Google or Facebook. Then you can check your duplicate contacts.

Step 3. Merge Contacts

Hit the "Duplicate Contacts" option, and you can see the duplicates on the screen. Press the "Merge" icon to begin the procedure.

find and remove duplicate contacts via cleaner

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Part 5: How to Delete Duplicate Contacts in Android Phone Manually

If you want to delete duplicate contacts on an old Android phone without merging function, and it is not compatible with the apps mentioned above, you can only eliminate the duplicates manually. Although it is time-consuming, it is a helpful way.

Here's how to delete duplicate contacts on Android manually:

Step 1. Open Contacts App

Open the Android Contacts app, and find the contacts with the same name. They are always next to each other.

Step 2. Copy the Information to One Contacts

Choose one of them, and copy the phone number, email address, and more to another contact. Then delete it. Next, repeat the steps for other duplicates.

delete duplicate contacts in android manually

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A tidy contact list will let you in a good mood. More importantly, these 5 methods mentioned above are all effective, so that you can try them without worry. So, let's merge contacts on Android without delay. At last, welcome to drop us a line in the comments area.

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