How to Delete Duplilcate Contacts from Android Phone At Once?

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The contact information for a Android phone user is normally customized to the current owner of the phone. Meaning whenever they decide to contact someone that they know via their phone or text message, they can use these contacts to accommodate their special needs. However, if the owner of the phone decides to give or sell their Android phone to another user, the contact information that has been collected will need to be completely deleted.

Are you still using the traditional way to delete duplilcate contacts one by one manually on your Android smartphone? Actually you can free up your hands and depend on a professional Android contacts deleting software named Android Data Eraser, which allows you to remove one or more duplilcate contacts from Android within simple 1-2-3 steps: Connect Android to computer, select the contacts to delete, click "Delete" to clean them off. That's all enough!

Don't believe it? Why not just give it a try by yourself? It surely won't let you down!

1 Click to Delete Duplilcate Multiple Contacts from Android Phone

Step 1. Open the installed Android contacts deleting software on your computer and then get your Android phone connected to the computer via the USB cord. It will then detect your device and scan for all the saved files.

android contacts deleting software

Step 2. All the different file tabs on your Android phone are arranged on the main interface. You can choose the Contacts tab and this software will scan your Android phone to find out all saved contacts.

delete contacts from android

Step 3. Preview and select the duplilcate contacts that you want to delete and give a click on the "Erase Now" button to delete them off at once.

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