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More and more people are fans of Samsung phone. They love using Samsung phone but can't manage Samsung phone successfully. For example, you can't manage Samsung contacts, call logs, text messages on the computer via USB cables. In this case, you'd better look for a Samsung manager. Luckily, you can find the Samsung manager in this article directly after reading. Have a try and 4 useful methods of Samsung manager to help you manage your Samsung phone are here for you.

samsung manager

Part 1: The Best Samsung Manager to Manage Samsung Data – Samsung Messages Backup

The first and the best Samsung Manager - Samsung Messages Backup is a powerful and overall Samsung management software. To manage Samsung phone, you can connect your Samsung phone with the computer via a USB cable or WiFi directly. And you can see your Samsung call logs, text messages, contacts, photos, videos, music, apps, and documents on the computer easily. Multiple functions on this Samsung Manager will meet your expectations.

Key features and advantages of this Samsung Manager:

  • You can manage (backup, and restore) Samsung Galaxy data on the computer in 1 click.
  • You can preview, export, import, delete, edit, and refresh your Samsung data with this Samsung Manager.
  • Support various kinds of data, such as contacts, call history, SMS, pictures, films, songs, audios, apps, books, and etc.
  • Send and reply to messages on the computer directly.
  • Display the basic information of Samsung phone on the home page.
  • Take screenshots of Samsung Galaxy and save them on the computer.
  • Highly compatible with most Samsung phones and other Android phones like Samsung Galaxy S23/S20/S10+/S10e/S9+/S9/S8+/S8/S7/S6/S5/S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 20/Note 10+/Note 10/Note 9/Note 9+/Note 8/Note 7/Note 6HTC U12+/U11+/U11/10, Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium/XZ1/XZ5, ZTE Axon 10 Pro/9 Pro/7, Samsung Galaxy J3/J3 Pro, Xiaomi, Redmi, LG, HTC, Vivo, Motorola, Google, Huawei, etc.

There are two download links of this Samsung Manager below. Please choose the right version according to your computer system.

download win version of samsung manager download mac version of samsung manager

1.1 Manage Samsung Data on Computer with 1-Click Feature

There is no denying that you need to Manage Samsung data on the computer usually. If your Samsung data is large, you can choose the 1-click features of this Samsung Manager which contains backup and restore. Therefore, you can backup and restore all data in 1 click. That simplifies the management function for you.

Tutorial on Samsung Manager:

Step 1. Download and Install Samsung Manager

First, please download Samsung Manager on your computer, and then install the program on the desktop. Once installed, launch the app.

Step 2. Connect Samsung Galaxy to Computer

Next, connect your Samsung Galaxy to the computer. Then choose the "Samsung" on the detecting page and you will get to the USB settings on the Samsung phone. Please turn on the USB debugging.

samsung galaxy desktop manager

Step 3. Manage Samsung Data on the computer in 1 Click

- After detecting, you will see the home page. Click the "Super Toolkit" on the top menu. Then choose one option on the interface.

samsung android manager

- If you click the "Backup" icon and you can manage the Samsung data to the computer for backup.

manage samsung data with samsung messages backup

- And the "Restore" option will back all the backup data of Samsung from the computer to the Samsung phone directly.

samsung galaxy manager

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1.2 Manage Samsung Files on Computer Selectively

When wanting to manage Samsung files on the computer selectively, what can you do? You'd better choose Samsung Manager as well. This great Samsung Manager app supports users to preview and select Samsung files on the computer before managing. So you needn't worry about anything. With the Samsung Manager, you can manage the data in ease.

How to manage Samsung Files on the Computer selectively with Samsung Manager:

Step 1. Install Samsung Manager

To start with, you need to install and launch the Samsung Manager on the computer.

Step 2. Link Samsung Galaxy to the PC

Secondly, please link your Samsung Galaxy to the PC with the USB cable. Enable the USB debugging on the Samsung phone.

Step 3. Select and Manage Data Types

- When connecting, please choose one data type on the left panel. The Samsung files will appear on the right. Next, checkmark the files by ticking boxes.

samsung desktop manager

- Finally, click the functions menu on the upper of the interface. For instance, click the "Contacts" and you can add, delete, export, import, and refresh the contacts with the Samsung Manager on the computer easily.

samsung phone manager

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Part 2: The Official Samsung Galaxy Desktop Manager – Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies is a helpful official Samsung Galaxy Desktop Manager for Samsung users. You can backup and restore your Samsung contacts, calendar, messages, Memos, call logs, music, and more on the computer via Samsung Kies. But actually, you can't scan the files on the computer with Samsung Kies. So you can't select Samsung data which you want before backup or restore.

Steps about how to use the official Samsung Galaxy desktop manager:

Step 1. Download Samsung Kies

Please download Samsung Kies on the Samsung official web on the computer in advance. Then install and launch it.

Step 2. Make a Connection between Samsung and Computer

- After launching the Samsung Kies, please make a connection between Samsung phone and the computer via a USB cable.

- Samsung Kies will detect your Samsung phone in a short time. And you will be notified of any updates to your device firmware that are available.

Step 3. Synchronize Data for Samsung Management

Click the "Back up/Restore" tab and you can choose the items of Samsung data. Then scroll to the bottom and tap on the "Backup" icon. Samsung Kies will start to backup your data.

samsung galaxy management software

Kindly remind: Besides backup, you can also restore Samsung data with Samsung Kies on the computer. It is on the "Backup/Restore" tab as well.

Tips: If the Power button is damaged on your mobile phone, you still can restart the phone without the Power button.

Part 3: The Simple Samsung Galaxy Manager – Samsung System Manager on Samsung

Samsung System Manager is a simple Samsung Galaxy Manager in Samsung Settings, so you needn't add any apps to your Samsung phone to manage your Samsung files. If you don't know it clear, you can read this part to learn about it. By the way, different versions of Samsung phone have a little difference in the operation, but the main steps are the same as the following.

Here's how to use Samsung system manager:

Step 1. Go to Settings

Above all, please go to the Settings app which is built-in and looks like a cogwheel on the Samsung phone.

Step 2. Backup Samsung Data

Then please click the "Account" option on the screen, you will see the "Backup and reset". And you can backup Samsung data to your personal Samsung account.

Step 3. Reset Samsung

If you want to reset data, you can make it on Settings, too. When entering Settings, you need to click the "General Management" and "Reset" option. Finally, you can use "Factory data reset" here.

samsung system manager

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Part 4: The Smart Samsung Galaxy Management Software – Smart Manager on Samsung Phone

We all want to keep our Samsung phone as new always, is it possible about this? Actually, this smart Samsung Galaxy management software - Smart Manager is a tool to keep your Samsung phone new, such as preserving the battery life, managing storage and RAM, and keeping your Samsung phone safe. It is really easy to use.

Guide on Smart Manager on Samsung phone:

Step 1. Open Samsung Smart Manager

On a new Samsung phone, click the "Apps" on the screen. Then find the Smart Manager in it.

Step 2. Check the Information of Samsung

Then you can check the Battery, Storage, RAM (Random Access Memory), and Device Security to get the information about your Samsung phone

Step 3. Manage Samsung Phone for Optimization

Eventually, you can click the "Back" button on the top left corner. Tap on the "CLEAN ALL" button. The Smart Manager will begin to quickly optimize and improve your Samsung device.

smart samsung management software


This article is a guide for you to manage Samsung phone with ease. There are 4 practical methods mentioned in this article about Samsung Manager in all aspects. Whatever you choose, you can achieve the Samsung Galaxy management with these methods. But the best Samsung manager is Samsung Messages Backup which is worth trying. Welcome to have a try and leave your suggestions.

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