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Have you upgraded to the latest iPhone? Congratulations, acquiring a new gadget comes with a lot of excitement. However, you will undoubtedly want to transfer your precious data from the old iPhone to the new one. But how do you share those adorable videos, photos, notes, contacts, pdfs, and more from the old iPhone to the newly acquired one? You don't have to fret because we will teach you how to sync iPhone to iPhone in this article. Continue reading to learn more!

how to sync iphone to iphone

Part 1: How to Synchronise Two iPhones Over Wi-Fi

You can also sync your iPhone devices over Wi-Fi and iTunes. Compared to using USB, it's much easier to sync your iPhone files over Wi-Fi. It takes a few steps to get your files synchronized. Below are steps to sync between iPhones:

Step 1: Start by linking the iPhone to PC using a USB. After that, tap on your iPhone, then click the "Summary" tab. Scroll down to reach an option saying: "Sync with this iPhone Device over WiFi", then select it. Tap "Apply" afterward.

Step 2: Connect your other device to your PC and ensure they are connected to the same network. The device will sync to the PC automatically and appear in iTunes. You will now be able to access the files on the other iPhone.

sync two iphones using wifi

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Part 2: How to Sync Two iPhones via iTunes Backup

You can use Apple's iTunes application to sync your new iPhone with the old iPhone. However, you must install the latest iTunes application on your computer to use this method. Below is how to move data from the old iPhone to the new one using iTunes backup:

Step 1: Connect the old iPhone to the PC using a USB cord, tap the "Trust" button on your iPhone's screen, and key in your iPhone's password when requested.

Step 2: Launch the iTunes application on your PC, hit the "Device" icon, tap on the "Summary" button, and hit the "Back Up Now" button. This will back up the device to iTunes.

Step 3: Turn on the new iPhone, launch its "Settings" application, navigate to the "Apps & Data" page, and select the "Restore from Mac or PC" option.

Step 4: Connect your new iPhone to the same computer using a USB cable. Tap the "Trust" button on your iPhone's screen, and key in your iPhone's password when requested. On the iTunes interface, hit on the "Device" icon, tap on the "Summary" button and select the "Restore Backup" option.

Step 5: Wait for some time, and all the data on your old iPhone will be transferred to your new iPhone.

sync two iphones with itunes backup

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Part 3: How to Sync Data from One iPhone to Another via iCloud Backup

iCloud Backup enables iPhone users to effortlessly sync their data, such as contacts, messages, photos, videos, etc, across multiple iOS devices. By following the steps outlined below, you will be able to effortlessly sync your new iPhone with the old iPhone:

Step 1: On your new iPhone, launch the "Settings" application and hit on your "Apple ID" option.

Step 2: Hit on the "iCloud" option, and look for the "iCloud Backup" feature and toggle it on, and hit the "Back Up Now" button.

Step 3: Turn on your new iPhone and navigate to the "Apps & Data" section. Hit the "Restore from iCloud Backup" option.

Step 4: On choosing the above option, you will be prompted to sign in to iCloud. Use the Apple ID on your old iPhone and select the most recent iCloud backup. All your old iPhone's data will now be shared and accessible on your newly acquired iPhone.

restore icloud backup to new iphone

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Part 4: How to Sync iPhones to Transfer Data Using Quick Start

Quick Start is another excellent tool for transferring data from one iPhone to another. Unlike other methods that require you to back up your iPhone's data, Quick Start uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to transfer data between devices. However, you must ensure the two iPhones have enough charge before initializing the process. Follow the steps for sending data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone using Quick Start:

Step 1: Remove your SIM card from your old iPhone and insert it into the new iPhone. Hold your old iPhone's power button until the Apple Logo appears. Continue with the setup process until the "Hello Screen" message appears, and follow the on-screen prompts until the "Quick Start" screen appears.

Step 2: Position your iPhones close to each other, and a "Set Up New iPhone" notification will appear on your old iPhone. Hit the "Continue" button to proceed to the next screen.

Step 3: An animated image will appear on your new iPhone, requesting you to position the image in the frame of your old iPhone.

Step 4: Hold the old iPhone over the new iPhone to scan the animated image, and the "Finish on New iPhone" notification will now appear on your old iPhone. Unlock the new iPhone by keying in the old iPhone's screen lock passcode.

Step 5: Set up Face ID or Touch ID immediately or later, select restore from the old iPhone, and follow the on-screen prompts. Continue following the screen prompts until a "Preparing to Transfer" message appears on your new iPhone. Hold back for the process to finish.

link iphones together using quick start

Part 5: How to Sync New iPhone with AirDrop

A better way of syncing data stored on the iPhone's local storage is by airdropping them to the new iPhone with AirDrop. Follow these steps to transfer your files to a new iPhone:

Step 1: Enable Airdrop on both iPhones. Proceed to select the files you want to transfer from your old iPhone.

Step 2: Click on the "Share" icon, and select Airdrop. Choose your new iPhone as the recipient and tap on the "Accept" button on your new iPhone.

sync iphones using airdrop

Part 6: The Best Way to Sync iPhone - Using iPhone Transfer

How do I sync two iPhones? One way to move data between iPhones is by using a professional data transfer application. However, it is prudent that you select a secure, easy-to-use, and reliable data transfer app to guarantee a flawless data transfer experience. This iPhone transfer program - Samsung Data Transfer, has set a precedent among the available data transfer tools.

With this software, you can sync iPhones in 1 click on your computer directly. Your contacts, notes, calendars, books and bookmarks can be copied to another iOS device in a short time. Besides, it supports most generations of iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices. Thus, data synchronization is easy.

Highlights of the iPhone transfer program:

- Allow users to transfer data between iOS devices without data loss.

- Transfer data in one stop without saving data on any device or cloud storage space.

- iPhone to Android transfer is also supported, including videos, music, photos, contacts, and more.

- Support iOS 5.0 or higher, and Android 4.0 and upper.

Download this data transfer software.

download win version of data transfer softwaredownload mac version of data transfer software

Copy data between two iPhones with this software:

Step 1: Download the right version of this transfer software for your Mac/Windows computer. Install the program, launch it, and select the "Mobile Transfer" option from the available modules.

Step 2: Link the two iPhones to your PC using a working lighting cable. A "Trust this Device" message will appear on your iPhone's screen. Tap the "Trust" button on both devices and key in your iPhones' passwords to create a connection.

Step 3: Now the software will detect your devices and launch a screen showing you the available data types, source iPhone and destination iPhone. Make sure your new iPhone is on the "Destination" side, and select the data you want. Then click "Start Copy" to begin transferring data.

sync iphone data directly


You now understand how to sync from iPhone to iPhone when setting up a new iPhone and after using the methods discussed in this article. However, to make the data transfer process easy, simple, fast, and fun, we recommend you use the efficient transfer tool - Samsung Data Transfer, as it simplifies the process. Even though there are files on your new iPhone, the transferred data will not replace them.

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