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Apple sells two different types of devices that allow you to use their ecosystem: the iPhone and the iPad. You can use them for tasks like making phone calls, texting, browsing the internet, etc. One of the main differences between these two devices is their screen size. Do you have an application that you think will work better on your iPad compared to the iPhone? Maybe due to screen size or other factors? If yes, you are lucky because we will detail several ways to sync apps from iPhone to iPad.

sync apps from iphone to ipad

Method 1: How to Sync Apps from iPhone to iPad via iTunes

iTunes is one of the most used applications in the world. The application manages media files, transfers data between devices, and more. So, you can use iTunes to transfer apps from your iPhone to iPad if you want to use them again. Some people prefer using iTunes as it allows them to view files/apps differently. Ensure you have the latest iTunes version installed on your computer and use the same Apple ID on your iPad, iTunes, and iPhone.

Step 1. Connect iPhone to Computer

Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes if it does not open automatically. Navigate to the "Account", tap "Authorization" and select the "Authorize This Computer" option.

Step 2. Log in to iTunes

Use your Apple ID and password to sign in to iTunes, and then click on the "Authorize" button. Ensure that the iTunes account that is used is on both devices.

Step 3. Transfer Purchase

Click on the "File" menu bar, then click on the "Devices" menu, and finally select "Transfer Purchases" from your iPhone. After that, all your applications will be Synced to your computer. Wait for the syncing process to complete, and then click on the "Eject" button before disconnecting your iPhone from the USB cable.

Step 4. Connect the iPad to the Computer

Use a USB cable to connect your iPad to the computer. Right-click the iPad icon on the "Devices" section and choose "Transfer Purchases from iPad".Click on the iPad on the device section and select the "Applications" tab once the transfer is complete.

Step 5. Sync Apps from iPhone to iPad

Click on the "iPad" icon under the Setting, then tap on the "Apps" option and select all the applications you want to sync to your iPad. Finally, click the "Sync Apps" button to send the application to the iPad.

sync apps from iphone to ipad via itunes

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Method 2: How to Transfer Apps from iPhone to iPad via App Store

This is one of the easiest ways to sync your purchased apps from iPhone to iPad without repurchasing them. You can find thousands of applications in the App Store. Apple offers thousands of applications, some of which are free to download. Ensure that you are signed into your iPad/iPhone using the same Apple ID, and then follow the below simple steps.

Step 1. Launch App Store

Launch the App Store application on your iPad on your Home Screen. Tap on your "Profile" on the "Today" tab.

Step 2. Download and Install the Applications

Tap on the "Purchased" button, select "Not on this iPad", then scroll down and locate the application you want to install. Click the "Download" icon and install the application from the available list.

sync iphone and ipad apps using app store

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Method 3: How to Sync iPhone and iPad Apps Using iCloud

iCloud is a cloud service that allows you to get iPhone apps on iPad using iCloud servers. It also lets you download the applications from iCloud instead of repurchasing them. Ensure that your iPad and iPhone are signed in using the same Apple ID, allow iCloud to sync your applications, and follow the simple steps below:

Step 1. Launch the Settings Application

On your iPhone, navigate to the settings application and click the "iTunes & App Store" option.

Step 2. Sign in to Your iCloud Account

Use your Apple ID to sign into the iCloud account. On the "Automatic Downloads" section, turn on the "Apps" option by sliding it to on mode.

Step 3. Enjoy Apps on Your iPad

Your iPhone apps should be available to the iPad quickly, provided that your iPad and iPhone devices are signed in to similar iCloud accounts.

transfer apps from iphone to ipad via icloud

Bonus: Transfer Other Data Between iOS Devices

Samsung Data Transfer is an application to help you transfer different files from iPhone to iPad. Even though it cannot sync apps at present, it can transfer books, contacts, bookmarks, notes, and calendars. What's more, you can use it to transfer apps between Android phones and tablets. It is widely comapatible with most iOSes and Android OSes, so it works for many iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

Hallmarks of this data transfer tool:

- One-click to transfer your contacts and other files from an iPhone to an iPad.

- Support application syncing between Android devices.

- Transfer files between devices with different operating systems.

- No data loss during the transferring process.

- Allow you to transfer photos, music, videos, and more from iOS to Android.

Download this mobile data transfer software.

download win version of mobile data transferdownload mac version of mobile data transfer

Follow the below steps to transfer data from iPhone to iPad with this program:

Step 1. Download and Install the Software

Begin the process by downloading and installing the application. Ensure that you download the correct version for your computer. After that, launch the application and click the option for "Mobile Transfer".

Step 2. Connect Your iOS Devices

Use USB cables to connect your iPhone and iPad to the computer. Follow the instructions on the screen prompts to allow the USB debugging feature. Check to see if the mobile devices are correctly located. The source device and the destination devices should be aligned well. If not, click on the "Flip" button to change their positioning.

Step 3. Transfer the Data from iPhone to iPad

Select the type of content you want to copy, and hit the "Start Copy" blue button at the bottom of the screen. After that, you will get the data on your destination iPad device.

transfer other data from iphone to ipad in 1 click


iPhones and iPads are amazing devices. Many people use these devices to make calls, send text messages and perform basic computing functions. You can use the methods discussed in this article to sync applications from iPhone to iPad. Samsung Data Transfer is also an excellent and professional way of transferring multiple data types between iOS devices. It can also copy apps and various file types between Android devices.

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