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One of the many ways to communicate with others is by sending text messages. For those messages containing precious memories or important information, you'll want to send them to another device, like a computer, for backup. Sending SMS files to computer is one of the best ways to save your precious data. Continue reading this article to learn how to transfer text messages from iPhone to computer.

how to transfer text messages from iphone to computer

Method 1. How to Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to Computer via iPhone Transfer

One of the easiest ways to transfer text messages from an iPhone to a computer is by using this iPhone Transfer. The software can do an amazing job for you. With it, you can export text messages without a struggle. Furthermore, you can view your messages on the computer before the transfer; and then save them to your computer as HTML, CSV, or TXT files.

Apart from transferring SMS files, you can also transfer music, photos, videos, contacts, notes, apps, and more from your iOS device to your PC. You can transfer important files between your iPhone and computer with just a click. You can also back up your iOS files to a default iTunes folder on the computer and vice versa without any problem. Surely, it's a great data manager for all of your transfer needs.

Features of this iPhone data transfer:

- Back up iPhone messages to PC without effort.

- List all your text messages on the interface for selection.

- Back up and restore iPhone data on a computer with original quality.

- Support various iOS file types, like contacts, SMS, notes, music, videos, photos, apps, etc.

- Help you manage your iOS data on the computer, such as deleting, editing, and the like.

- Compatible with most iPhone, iPad & iPod generations (iOS 16 supported).

Download this iOS data manager.

download win version of ios data manager

1.1 How to Save Text Messages from iPhone to Computer Selectively

Step 1: Download and install the software on the computer. Then connect an iPhone device using a USB cord.

selectively transfer text messages from iphone to computer

Step 2: Choose "Messages" from the panel on your left to open all messages on the interface's right panel.

Step 3: Select the SMS you want to transfer, then click the "Export" icon. You can selectively choose the format to export messages like HTML, CSV, and Text, to your computer. Once done, choose the folder you'll save. Hit "OK" to transfer.

export text messages from iphone to computer

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1.2 How to Back Up iPhone SMS to Computer in 1 Click

Step 1: To back up all your SMS from your iPhone to a computer, you need to launch the computer software and connect your iPhone using a lightning cable. Click the "Trust" option when prompted.

Step 2: Click on the option for "Super Toolkit" at the top of the main interface. Choose the "iTunes Backup and Restore" option from the interface.

back up messages from iphone to computer at once

Step 3: Hit the "Backup" icon, then choose your device from the lists. Ensure you tap on "Browse" to select the location for saving the text messages and other data. Once done, hit the "OK" tab to start backing up the messages to the computer.

save messages from iphone to computer in 1 click

Bonus: With this guide, you can also move photos from your iPhone to an SD card without trouble.

Method 2. How to Export Text Messages from iPhone by Syncing iMessages App

Want to download texts from your iPhone? If you have a Mac computer, you can easily get your iPhone SMS to a computer by syncing the iMessage application. It's also easier to save your precious messages on a Mac. It's really easy with just a few steps below:

Step 1: Locate the Messages application on the Mac computer, then launch it.

Step 2: Log into the app using your iPhone's Apple ID.

Step 3: After signing in successfully, all your iPhone messages will be synced to the Mac computer automatically.

sign in to your apple id to sync your iphone messages to mac computer

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Method 3. How to Download Text Messages from to Computer with iTunes

Do you know you can also use iTunes to freely download iPhone text messages to your computer? That's right. iTunes plays a good role in transferring data between iOS devices and PC/Mac. Remember, other files will be transferred too when you use iTunes to move iPhone SMS to a computer. This is because iTunes backs up your entire device. Furthermore, you can't use iTunes if you want to see details of the messages transferred from an iPhone. The steps to use iTunes are as follows:

Step 1: Plug the iPhone into the computer and launch iTunes. When asked, click the "Trust" option to trust your Mac computer. Make sure iTunes recognizes the device; you'll see an icon in the menu.

Step 2: Click on the "Summary" option from the left screen. Proceed to tap "This Computer" and "Back Up Now" from right panel. Wait for some time, and you'll save your message on the computer.

back up messages from iphone to computer via itunes

Tips: Still, if you wish to add passwords in the backed-up messages, just choose the "Encrypt the iPhone backup" option near "This computer".

Step 3: To find the text messages saved on your PC, head to this path "C:\ Users\ [USERNAME]\ AppData\ Roaming", and look for the "Apple Computer" > "MobileSync" > "Backup" folder. You will now find your backup messages there saved in SQLite file format. Use the SQL editor to see these files.

check backup message file on your computer

Further reading: Even though you finish the setup on your new iPhone, you can still transfer your data from your old iPhone to it.

Method 4. How to Transfer Messages from iPhone to Computer through Email

The last option, though old-fashioned but still effective, is to export iPhone SMS to a computer via email. If you have a few important messages you want to back up, then use an email. Here are the steps to download texts from your iPhone to your computer:

Step 1: Head to the Messages application on your iPhone and click on the specific conversation you wish to transfer. Hold down on one message to select it. You'll also see the "More" option when you long-press on a message.

Step 2: Click on "More"; you'll instantly see the checkbox next to every message. Tick in the box and press an arrow sign which implies "Share" in the bottom right corner. Once done selecting, enter your email address. Then send the messages you've copied.

Step 3: Sign into your account on the computer, then download the text messages.

send messages from iphone to computer via email

That's how you move your iPhone text messages to a computer via email. It's one of the simplest ways.

Bonus: How do I forward text messages from my iPhone to my computer?

It's possible to forward a text message to your computer from an iPhone by sending an email to the computer. To forward the messages, choose the text message you wish to transfer, select the "More" option, then "Forward," and enter the email to send the message.


And that's all on how to download SMS from iPhone to computer. Surely, it will make your life easier. Backing up iPhone SMS to the computer is a great way to keep them for future use. The best way to move iPhone text messages to PC and Mac is through the iOS data manager. Not only does it have a high success rate of copying text messages from iPhone to computer, but it is capable of transferring other iPhone data, like videos, songs, images, etc. If you choose this software, the whole process will be simple.

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