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If you're a Samsung phone user who has recently embraced the convenience of a Chromebook, you might be wondering about the most efficient ways to transfer your cherished memories. Fear not, as we've compiled a comprehensive guide to help you navigate how to transfer photos from a Samsung phone to Chromebook through 6 methods. Each approach can ensure your photo transfer process is smooth and hassle-free.

how to transfer photos from samsung phone to chromebook

Part 1: How to Move Pictures from Samsung to Chromebook via Phone Hub

Phone Hub is a feature on Chromebook. As long as your Chromebook runs Chrome OS M89 and your Samsung device runs Android 5.1 or later, you can use Phone Hub to transfer images from Samsung to Chromebook.

Here's the guide:

Step 1: Click the "Settings" icon on your Chromebook, and enable "Bluetooth". Then turn on Bluetooth on your Samsung phone as well. Next, choose "Connected devices", and tap "Set up" next to your Samsung Galaxy phone.

Step 2: Tap "Accept & continue", and enter the password of your Google account. By the way, please make sure that you have added this account to your Samsung phone. Then enable "Recent photos" under "Phone Hub".

Step 3: Navigate to your Samsung phone's Settings, and choose "Connections" > "Bluetooth" > "Chromebook".

Step 4: Finally, enable "Photos and media". After that, you can access your Samsung photos on the Chromebook.

choose your samsung device on the chromebook

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Part 2: How to Sync Photos from Samsung Phone with Chromebook via Google Photos

For those who prefer a cloud-based approach, Google Photos is a reliable ally. You can sync Samsung photos to Chromebook with Google Photos using a steady network.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Download and install Google Photos on your Samsung Galaxy phone, and then log in to your Google account.

Step 2: If you want to back up all your photos to Google Photos, please click "Turn on backup" on the popup screen when running the app. Then set up the backup quality to sync your photos.

Step 3: You can selectively upload photos by tapping the "+" icon. Once done, go to Chromebook and open Google Photos. Then you will see your uploaded photos.

sync photos from samsung phone to chromebook with google photos

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Part 3: How to Transfer Images from Samsung to Chromebook via Nearby Share

Nearby Share is a feature that allows devices to share content with each other quickly. Thus, it's easy to share photos from Samsung to Chromebook with Nearby Share. However, only Android OS 6.0 and upper supports the Nearby Share feature, so it is unavailable on some old Samsung Galaxy devices.

Here's how to send photos from Samsung to Chromebook via Nearby Share:

Step 1: Scroll down the screen on your Samsung phone, and find and turn on "Nearby Share". Then select "Everyone" or "Contacts" for device visibility.

Step 2: Log in with the same Google account on your Samsung and Chromebook devices.

Step 3: Launch the Gallery app on Samsung, and select the images you want to transfer. Then click "Share" > "Nearby Share", and choose your Chromebook.

share photos from samsung to chromebook via nearby share

Step 4: Please tap "Accept" on the laptop to save the photos on it.

send images from samsung to chromebook via nearby share

Part 4: How to Import Photos from Samsung to Chromebook via External Drive

Sometimes, the classic method of using an external drive is the most practical. Discover the steps to import photos from your Samsung phone to your Chromebook using an external drive, providing you with flexibility and control over your data.

Import photos from Samsung to Chromebook via an external drive:

Step 1: Please prepare a USB stick that supports Type-C and Type-A.

Step 2: Insert it into your Samsung phone, and allow it to access your internal storage. Then go to "My Files" on Samsung.

Step 3: Navigate to your photos, and select those images you desire. Copy and paste to a folder that is created on the external drive. Once done, remove the drive safely.

Step 4: Now, plug the stick into the Chromebook. As it detects the removable drive, click "Open Files app" to access the drive. Then drag and drop the files from the drive to your Chromebook.

use a usb stick to move pictures from samsung to chromebook

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Part 5: How to Share Photos from Samsung to Chromebook via USB Manually

If you prefer a hands-on approach, transferring photos via USB will be a timeless method. In this way, you don't use any app or drive because you can access your Samsung device on your Chromebook directly.

Manually move photos from Samsung to Chromebook via a USB cable:

Step 1: Connect your Galaxy device to your Chromebook with a USB cable.

Step 2: Choose "Transferring files" or "MTP" on the USB settings on your Samsung phone. Then navigate to the "Files" app on Chromebook.

Step 3: Open your Samsung device on the desktop, and select the images. Then copy and paste them to the laptop.

share photos from samsung to chromebook with usb cable

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Part 6: FAQs of Samsung to Chromebook Photo Transfer

Q1: Can I use a microSD card to transfer photos to my Chromebook?

Chromebooks may not have a built-in microSD card slot, but if your Chromebook has a USB port and you have a microSD card reader, you can use it to transfer photos. Insert the microSD card into the reader, connect it to your Chromebook, and then use the Files app to copy the photos.

Q2: What should I do if my photos are not syncing with Google Photos on my Chromebook?

Ensure that the Google account on your Samsung phone is the same account used on your Chromebook. Check the Google Photos settings on both devices to confirm that syncing is enabled. If issues persist, try refreshing the Google Photos app or restarting both devices.

Q3: What should I do if my Chromebook doesn't recognize my Samsung phone when connected via USB?

Ensure that your Samsung phone is unlocked and set to file transfer mode when connected via USB. Check the USB cable for damage, try a different USB port on your Chromebook, and make sure the USB connection option is selected on your phone when prompted.

Q4: Can I transfer videos and other media files along with photos from my Samsung phone to a Chromebook?

Yes, the methods mentioned for photo transfer also apply to videos and other media files. You can use cloud services, USB connections, or direct Wi-Fi transfer apps to move videos and media between your Samsung phone and Chromebook.

Extra Tips: How to Transfer Photos from Samsung to PC/Mac Computer

One of the most straightforward ways to transfer photos from your Samsung phone to your PC/Mac is by using the Samsung phone manager - Samsung Messages Backup. It allows you to copy pictures from Samsung to a computer in 1 click. Also, you can preview your Samsung photos, and create albums to organize your pictures. As for those useless images, you can delete them at once on the interface.

Key features of this photo manager:

- Fast transfer images from a Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet to a computer.

- Also support importing images from a computer to Samsung.

- USB and Wi-Fi connections are supported.

- Back up Samsung contacts, SMS, videos, documents, app, music, and more to a computer in 1 click.

- Restore the backup data to any Samsung mobile device without overwriting current files.

- Support Android 4.0 and upper, Windows 11/10/8/7, and Mac OS X 10.9 or higher.

- Work for most Samsung Galaxy and other Android devices, like Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra/S24/S23/S22/S21/S20/S10/S9/S8, Galaxy A25/A15/A9/A05s/A05/A54/A34/A24, Galaxy Tab A9+/Tab A9/Tab S9 Ultra/Tab S9/Tab S8/Tab S7/Tab S6, Motorola, TCL, OnePlus, OPPO, Vivo, Sony, etc.

download windows version of photo managerdownload mac version of photo manager

Transfer Samsung photos to a computer via this software:

Step 1: Install the photo manager on a Windows or Mac computer. Then launch it and choose "Android Assistant".

Step 2: Link the Galaxy phone to the computer with a data cable, and enable USB debugging on Samsung. Then the software will recognize your phone fast.


Step 3: Choose "Photos" on the left panel, and then click "Camera" or "Library" to view your Samsung pictures. Check the images you want to transfer, and click "Export" to copy them to your computer.

fast transfer samsung photos to a computer


The smooth transfer of photos between your Samsung phone and Chromebook can be achieved through various methods, each catering to different preferences and needs. Whether you opt for the convenience of Phone Hub, the cloud-based reliability of Google Photos, or other choices mentioned above, you can ensure that your cherished memories remain easily accessible across your Samsung phone and Chromebook. Embrace the convenience, explore the options, and let your photos seamlessly flow between your devices, enhancing your digital experience.

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