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In the dynamic realm of smartphones, Samsung continues to set the bar high with its cutting-edge Galaxy series. The latest additions, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, S24+, S24, and S23/S22/S21/S20, etc., boast impressive features and enchanted appearances. If you are a music enthusiast, you might be interested in how to manage music on Samsung, which help you organize and transfer your songs with ease.

manage music on samsung

Part 1: How to Manage Music on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra/S24/S23 via Samsung Music

The built-in Music app is an excellent tool for Samsung music player organization. With it, you can directly add or delete music on your Samsung Galaxy device, create/remove playlists, enjoy popular songs, etc. Now, let's see the details.

1.1 How to Add Music to Samsung Device

One of the fundamental aspects of curating the perfect music collection on your Samsung Galaxy device is learning how to seamlessly add music. Actually, it is extremely easy to add music to the Music app on Samsung.

When you launch the Samsung Music app, it will automatically scan your device and add the music files it finds. Thus, you needn't add local songs manually. But if you want to add an online song, you can tap the "Search" icon, and type the song's or singer's name. Then the app will provide you with search results fast.

search music on samsung music app

To add a song to your favourite, you can click the song, and click the "Heart" icon on the play screen.

add music to favourite on samsung device

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1.2 How to Delete Songs on Samsung Device

As your music library evolves, so do your preferences. To make room for new discoveries, knowing how to prune your collection is essential. Discover the straightforward process of removing songs from your Samsung device without compromising the integrity of your music catalog.

Here's how to delete a song from the Samsung Music library:

Step 1: Open the Samsung Music app and choose the "Tracks" tab.

Step 2: Press and hold the song that you desire to remove, and click the "Delete" icon on the menu. Or you can click the "More" icon to choose "Delete". Then the song will disappear from your music library.

delete songs on samsung with the music app

1.3 How to Make Playlists

Organization is key to an enjoyable listening experience. Unearth the steps to create personalized playlists effortlessly, tailoring your music to suit various moods and occasions with the Samsung Music app's playlist management features.

How to create playlists on a Samsung phone:

Step 1: Go the Samsung Music on your Samsung Galaxy device, and click the "Playlists" tab.

Step 2: Hit the "+" icon, and create a name for this new playlist. Finally, click "Create" > "Done". Now, you can move your songs to this playlist.

create music playlists on samsung music

1.4 How to Change Sound Quality

Elevate your auditory experience by mastering the art of adjusting sound quality on your Samsung device. Learn how to fine-tune the settings to match your preferences, ensuring that each note and beat resonates with unparalleled clarity.

Changes your music sound quality on Samsung:

Step 1: Click the "More" icon at the upper right corner, and choose "Sound quality and effects".

Step 2: Click "Dolby Atmos", and enable it.

Step 3: Select an audio type you like. Once done, you can listen to your music with this effect.

change music sound quality on samsung

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Part 2: How to Manage Samsung Music on Computer with Samsung Backup Software

Some Samsung users think the best way to manage music on Samsung is to use a computer with a larger screen. If you also like it, you can use this Samsung music library management tool - Samsung Messages Backup. This software allows you to easily transfer music from a computer to a Samsung device and vice versa. Also, you can make new playlists, and remove those songs you dislike on the desktop.

Highlights of this Samsung music manager:

- Organize your Samsung music on a computer with multiple features.

- The playlists you create on your computer that will sync to your phone automatically.

- Add audio files to Samsung with ease.

- Display your music's name, duration, format, artist, album, creation date, etc.

- Back up all songs from Samsung to the PC/Mac in 1 click.

- Restore the music from your backup to any Samsung Galaxy device.

- Support most Samsung Galaxy models, such as Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra/S24+/S24/S23 Ultra/S23/S22/S21/S20/S10/S9/S8, Galaxy Note 20/Note 10/Note 9/Note 8, M/A/F/Flip/Fold series, etc.

Download the Samsung music organizer.

download windows version of samsung music organizerdownload mac version of samsung music organizer

2.1 How to Transfer Music to Samsung Device in 1 Click

Do you want to transfer your music to your Samsung device on the computer? If yes, follow the guide below to complete the transfer immediately.

Step 1: Launch the music organizer on your computer after downloading and installing it. Then connect your Galaxy phone to the computer with a USB cable, and enable USB debugging mode on the phone. You will see the connected interface.

manage your samsung music on a computer

Step 2: Choose the "Music" category to view your Samsung music on the computer. Click "Import" and navigate to the folder on your computer. Then select and transfer the songs to your Samsung Galaxy device.

transfer music to samsung galaxy device on the computer

2.2 How to Remove Songs from Samsung Device

You can also remove useless songs from your Samsung mobile device on your computer.

Step 1: After establishing the connection between your Samsung phone and computer, please choose "Music". All your phone's music files will be displayed on the interface.

Step 2: Check the songs you don't want anymore, and tap "Delete". Then the music will be removed from your Galaxy phone/tablet.

delete music from samsung on a computer

2.3 How to Create Music Playlist

Creating music playlists on a computer is not difficult with the help of this Samsung music manager.

Step 1: Choose the "Music" type after connecting your Samsung phone to the computer.

Step 2: You can see the current playlists on the interface. To create a new playlist, please click "+".

Step 3: Name the playlist, and copy or move the music to this playlist for management.

create music playlists for samsung library on a computer

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Part 3: FAQs about Samsung Music Management

Q1: Can I sync my music across multiple Samsung devices?

It depends on the specific services or apps you choose. For instance, you can use Samsung Data Transfer to copy music files between different Samsung Galaxy devices without trouble.

Q2: What audio file formats does Samsung Music support?

Samsung Music typically supports a wide range of audio file formats, including popular ones like MP3, AAC, FLAC, and more. Refer to the app's documentation for the complete list of supported formats.

Q3: Is there a desktop version of Samsung Music Management?

Samsung Music is primarily designed for mobile devices. However, there might be desktop applications or services like Samsung Messages Backup that allow you to manage your music library from a computer.

Q4: How do I update Samsung Music on my device?

To update the Samsung Music app, you can go to the Google Play Store (for Android devices) or the Galaxy Store, search for "Samsung Music", and check for updates.


Mastering the music management on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, S24, and other Galaxy devices is an empowering journey that enhances your audio experience. In addition to managing music on the Samsung Music app, you can organize and transfer the music files on your computer using Samsung Messages Backup, a music manager for Samsung Galaxy devices. From adding and deleting songs to crafting playlists and optimizing sound quality, this guide equips you with the knowledge to curate a music collection tailored to your preferences. Take control of your musical universe.

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