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As we all know, large videos take much storage space. If you store large videos on an iPhone, the internal storage probably will be run out. In this case, if you want to release the memory of your iPhone, you need to move them to another device. However, how can you fast transfer large videos from iPhone to PC?

Facing these big files, is there any efficient way to help you finish the transfer task? If you are eager to learn about this issue, please go on to read this guide.

transfer large video from iphone to pc

Part 1: How to Transfer Large Video from iPhone to PC via iPhone Transfer (Fastest)

How to get large videos from an iPhone to a PC with 1 click? Actually, it is not difficult to make it, because you can use this iPhone Transfer, one of the fastest transfer programs for iOS data. With this software, you can transfer big videos from iPhone to PC with original quality. What's more, you can also transfer contacts, messages, notes, photos, and more from an iOS device to a computer.

Key features and advantages of the iPhone data transfer:

- Help you export large videos from iPhone to PC without effort.

- Allow you to select the videos you want to move.

- No restriction on file size.

- Enable you to transfer other data types from an iPhone to a PC, such as photos, notes, calendars, messages, books, bookmarks, etc.

- Support many iOS devices, such as iPhone 13 Pro/13/12 Pro/12/11 Pro/11/XS/XR/X, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro, iPod touch 7/6/5/4, and more.

Download the iPhone to PC transfer software below.

download win version of ios assistant

Guide on copying large video files from an iPhone to a Computer via this software:

Step 1. Launch the Program

After downloading the software on your computer, please install and launch it. Then connect your iPhone to the PC via an Apple USB cable.

Step 2. Recognize Your iPhone

Please tap the "Trust" option on the iPhone, and the software will fast recognize your device. Then scan and list your iPhone data by category.

get large videos from iphone to pc via this ios assistant software

Step 3. Move Large Videos from iPhone to Computer

- Click the "Videos" category, and select the "Movies", "TV Shows", or "Music Videos" option. Then tick the video files you want on the interface.

- Tap the "Export" icon to save your videos from iPhone to the PC.

export iphone large videos to a computer with ease


These 6 ways can help you transfer videos from a PC to an Android Device. Let's check it.

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Part 2: How to Get Large Videos from iPhone to PC via iCloud

iCloud offers very Apple users 5GB of free cloud storage space, so you can use it to get large videos from your iPhone to your PC without a cable. But it requires you to connect your iPhone to a stable network. If not, you will fail to upload your videos to iCloud.

Here's how to get a long video from iPhone to computer via iCloud:

Step 1. Upload Videos to iCloud

Please go to the Settings app on your iPhone, and tap your Apple ID > "iCloud". Then enable the "iCloud Drive" icon. Next, choose the "Backup" option, and click "Back Up Now" to upload your iPhone videos to iCloud.

Tips: To save your iCloud space, you can turn off those data types you don't want to sync to iCloud, like contacts, books, etc.

Step 2. Download Large Files to PC

After uploading your large videos to iCloud, please go to iCloud on your PC, and sign in with the same Apple ID. Then opt for the folder storing your videos. Now, you can download the large videos to your PC.

get your long videos from iphone to pc via icloud

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Part 3: How to Get Large Videos Off of iPhone via File Explorer

There is manual way to import a large video from your iPhone to a PC - using a data cable. But it will be slow to transfer big files in this way. However, if your videos aren't stored in the iPhone's "Photos" album, you cannot access or move them on the PC.

Here's how to get large videos off an iPhone to a PC via the file explorer:

Step 1. Connect Your iPhone to PC

Please use a USB cable to connect your iOS device to the PC, and tap the "Trust" option on the phone.

Step 2. Go to This PC

Please double-tap "This PC" and access your iPhone drive. Then open the "DCIM" folder, and find your large video files.

Step 3. Transfer Large Videos and Wait

Drag and drop your big files to your PC, and wait for the transferrring process to end.

move iphone large videos to pc via file explorer

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Part 4: How to Get a Long Video from iPhone to Computer via iTunes

iTunes is another reliable option for getting a long video from an iPhone to a computer. As long as you install the latest iTunes on your PC, you can start the video migration.

Steps on moving a large video from an iPhone to a computer via iTunes:

Step 1. Launch iTunes

Please make a connection between your iPhone and your PC, and launch iTunes on the desktop. Then the software will detect your iPhone.

Step 2. Go to File Sharing

Click the iPhone icon on the top left corner, and select the "File Sharing" option.

Step 3. Transfer Large Video Files to PC

Please opt for an app on the list to select your video file, and tap the "Save to" icon to store the file in a folder on your PC.

move big videos from iphone to pc via itunes

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Part 5: How to Send Large Videos from iPhone to Computer via AirDrop (Mac Only)

With AirDrop, you can send your large videos from an iPhone to a Mac computer wirelessly and without a network. This is a faster way than using Bluetooth.

Here's use AirDrop to send a large video from an iPhone to a Mac computer:

Step 1. Enable AirDrop

Please go to "Control Center" on your iPhone and Mac to turn on AirDrop, and choose who can receive your files.

Step 2. Send Your Large Video on iPhone

Navigate to your video on the iPhone, and click the "Share" > "AirDrop" option, Then select your Mac device. Next, you will receive the big file on your Mac.

send large videos from iphone to mac computer via airdrop

Part 6: How to Upload Long Videos from iPhone to Computer via OneDrive

You will get 5GB of free storage on OneDrive so long as you sign up for a OneDrive account. Besides, it can help you upload your long videos via a network. Whether you download the videos to your computer or not, you can access and view them via the same account on different devices.

Here's how to upload large videos from iPhone to computer via OneDrive:

Step 1. Download OneDrive

Please go to Apple App Store and download OneDrive on your iPhone. Then sign in with your Microsoft account.

Step 2. Upload the Large Video to OneDrive

Tap the "+" icon to upload your big video file from your iPhone internal storage, and make sure your iPhone is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network.

Step 3. Save the Large Video to Your Computer

Visit the OneDrive web on your computer's browser, and log in with the same account. Then you will see your video uploaded just now. Download it to a local folder on your PC if needed.

sync large videos from iphone to pc via onedrive

Part 7: How to Move a Large Video from iPhone to Computer via Bluetooth

Although you cannot send files from iOS to Android via Bluetooth, you can use Bluetooth between iOS and Windows computer. But please note that it is time-consuming to send large files via Bluetooth, and it only works within 10 meters.

Here's send a large video file from an iPhone to a computer via Bluetooth:

Step 1. Switch On Bluetooth

Go to "Control Center" on your iPhone to enable Bluetooth. Then click the "Start" > "Settings" > "Devices" > "Bluetooth & other devices" option on your PC to switch on Bluetooth.

Step 2. Bluetooth Pairing

Your iPhone will detect available devices via Bluetooth. As your PC shows up on the list, please tap on it to establish the connection.

Step 2. Send the Large Video on iPhone via Bluetooth

Find your large video on the iPhone, and tap "Share" > "Bluetooth" to select your computer. Then click the "Accept" option to receive the large video on your PC.

send a large video from iphone to computer via bluetooth


See? It is easy to transfer a large video from an iPhone to a PC via these 7 wireless or wired methods. If you choose the iPhone Transfer software, you can export all your large videos to your Windows computer at once. What's more, it will not damage the file quality. Anyway, start your transfer without delay.

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