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Generally, electronic devices are fragile unless they are built for heavy usage. The fragility can also be observed in Android smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. The touch screen of an Android smartphone or tablet is one of the most important parts that allows you to access and use your phone. It can surely be disturbing if the screen cracks or breaks while having a lock on it.

You will be left in a dilemma of how to unlock a phone with a broken screen. This blog is your savior if you ever find yourself in such a scenario. The practical ways here will help you unlock your android phone with a broken screen without a hassle.

how to unlock phone with broken screen

Tips: Before unlocking your Android device, it's crucial to export data from the phone to prevent data loss. You can do that by using Android Data Extraction software specifically designed to restore lost data from a broken Android phone.

Part 1: How to Unlock Android Phone with Broken Screen with ADB

The Android Debug Bridge (ADB) allows computer programmers to send commands from their PCs to their devices. However, this solution only works as long as you enable USB debugging on Android. If not, you can skip this part.

The following steps will assist you to unlock Android with a broken screen:

Step 1: Look for an Android SDK and download it on the computer. You can download Android Studio to your computer.

Step 2: Download the drivers of the Android USB from the manufacturer's websites. And connect the Android phone to your computer, then launch the "Command Prompt" program. After that, enter cd C:/android/platform-tools. Go to the type ADB device and press the "Enter" key.

Step 3: Enter the below commands to unlock the phone:

adb shell input text "your code"
shell input keyevent 66

If the phone's lock is a pattern, enter this command:

adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key.

unlock android phone when the screen is not working via adb

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Part 2: How to Unlock/Access Android Phone with Broken/Cracked Screen via Samsung Account

"My Samsung screen is broken and I can't unlock..."

"How do I unlock my Samsung with a broken screen?"

Recently, many Samsung users have asked this kind of question in a forum. But luckily. a Samsung account can assist you in unlocking a Samsung phone with a broken screen. To utilize this method successfully, you will need a Samsung account that's been registered.

While this is an effective approach, many users don't create an account on their Samsung phones. If you already have a Samsung account and have added it to your cracked Samsung phone, you can easily unlock your phone.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Go to Find My Mobile on the computer and log in with it with your account details.

Step 2: Choose your phone on the left side menu of the screen.

Step 3: Tap "Unlock" on the sidebar to display the instructions on the screen to access the device. Then enter your Samsung account and password, and click the "Next" icon. It will unlock the Samsung Galaxy phone with a broken screen.

unlock samsung phone with a broken screen via find my mobile

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Part 3: How to Open A Phone with A Broken Screen Using a USB Mouse and the On the Go Adapter

This technique is only useful if you haven't enabled the USB debugging on the phone. You will require your phone, a USB mouse, and an OTG adapter. You will have to connect the Android device to the USB mouse using the OTG adapter. This method does not work for all Android device models; thus, you should check if your gadget supports OTG adapters.

Follow the steps to unlock an Android phone with a broken screen using USB Mouse and On the Go Adapter:

Step 1: Connect an OTG adapter's USB to the phone and a USB mouse to an adapter.

Step 2: When the devices are linked, a pointer will appear on the phone's screen. Unlock the phone screen using a pointer. After that, your gadget will be unlocked successfully.

unlock android phone with cracked screen via a usb mouse and on the go adapter

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Part 4: How to Unlock Broken Phone Screen with Android Device Manager

Using a Google account to unlock an Android device with a broken screen is another great approach. Your Android phone is linked to a Google account, which can aid you in unlocking an Android gadget easily. However, keep in mind that your phone must be connected to the same account and have a strong connection.

Here's how to unlock a phone with a broken screen via Android Device Manager:

Step 1: Open on the computer and sign in to the same Google account on the phone.

Step 2: After Google searches for the devices linked with the same account, choose your device, which was broken and locked.

Step 3: Choose the "Erase" option from the popup window. Make sure you confirm to erase the device along with the screen lock feature.

remove the lock on the android phone with a broken screen

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Part 5: Better Safe Than Sorry: Back Up Your Phone Data Regularly

Breaking a phone screen happens now and then. And all of your data may be trapped in your device with just one fall. If your screen is completely damaged, it is tricky to access and extract files from it. But, backing up data regularly is highly advisable and is a good way to keep them safe.

It is critical to maintain a backup of your phone. You may keep important documents and photographs in one location by using cloud services like Google Drive to create automated backups, or you can do it manually. Furthermore, files may be copied from your phone to your computer using a USB cable, either on an external hard drive or a USB.

Make sure you have a phone case and a protective screen if you want to prevent your phone from getting damaged when it drops. These will allow you to keep your device safe and avoid huge damage.


You probably know how awful it can be when you think about losing all of your important data after the phone's screen breaks. Fortunately, there are ways to help you access the phone even if the screen is broken. The above step-by-step guide includes tricks to unlock Android with a broken screen and get your data back.

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