Top 8 Android Phone Unlocking Software to Unlock Your Android Phone (Thorough Comparison)

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Security is always the first and foremost thing we consider when purchasing an electronic product. Nowadays, almost every phone has a password, PIN, pattern, fingerprint or face lock to protect the smartphone from unauthorized access. In order to upgrade the security, some people set a pretty complex or irregular password but unfortunately, they cannot remember.

So, if you forget the lock screen password, is there any easy-to-use Android phone unlocking software to unlock your Android device?

Well, this post will provide you with the top 8 cell phone unlocking software and you will surely have a clear understanding of their key features, compatibility, pros, cons and other aspects before you decide which one is the best Android phone unlocking software.

android phone unlocking software

#1 Android Unlock

Android Unlock is always considered to be the best phone unlocking software by almost all Android phone users. Actually, it is worthy of the name. No matter you forget the password on the Android lock screen or just obtain a second-hand Android device without knowing the lock screen password, it enables you to unlock the Android phone passcode in minutes by yourself.

Indeed, simply following the on-screen instructions, everyone can handle it to bypass pattern, PIN, password and fingerprints lock screen on Android without difficulty or losing data.

Thus, I highly recommend you to try it.

the best android phone unlocking software android unlock

Supported devices:

* All mainstream Android brands with Android 2.0 and later versions, like Samsung, LG, Motorola, Huawei, etc.

* Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP.

* macOS Catalina/Mojave/High Sierra/Sierra/El Capitan/Yosemite/Mavericks/X Mountain Lion.

android unlock free download


* Easy to operate, fast and highly secure.

* Fast remove 4 types of Android screen locks: pattern, PIN, password and fingerprints.

* Widely compatible with most Android brands running Android 2.0 to the latest version.

* Everyone can handle it without any difficulty.

* Detailed on-screen instructions to guide you on how to use.

* Unlock Android screen without data loss.

* Brief and user-friendly interface.

* Free technical support.


* Not support to unlock face lock on Android phones.

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You can effortlessly bypass your Android lock screen without password. Let's check it out.

#2 Multi Unlock Software

Multi Unlock Software is one of the easy-to-use programs to unlock phones, including Samsung, Sidekick, Sony Ericsson, Dell, iDen, Palm, ZTE and Huawei. Besides, the interface is very simple.

Supported devices:

* Some versions of Samsung, Sidekick, Sony Ericsson, Dell, iDen, Palm, ZTE, Huawei, etc.

phone unlocking software


* Easy to use.


* Not support to unlock some types of Android lock screen.

* Not work well with some Android phones.

* Old fashioned design.

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#3 Unlock Your Phone

Unlock Your Phone is a phone unlock software that uses the IMEI code and any network to unlock the Android SIM card. Also, this Android phone unlocking software is safe, fast and easy to use.

Supported devices:

* Samsung, LG, Google, HTC, Huawei, Motorola, Blackberry, etc.

use software to unlock phone


* Unlock Android SIM card.

* Widely compatible with many Android brands.


* Not support to unlock pattern, PIN, password, fingerprint or face lock.

* Paid service.

* Not work well on some Android devices.

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#4 KingoRoot

Different from other Android unlockers, KingoRoot is an unlock phone software that can unlock Android bootloader by using the Android SDK inside. When you connect the Android to the computer with it, it automatically downloads the USB driver to the computer and begins the unlock process after that. Well, as its name implies, it can root the Android device as well.

Supported devices:

* Android OS 4.1.2 to Android 6.0.

an android unlocker


* Wipe out Android bootloader and carrier bloatware.


* Only support the rooted Android devices.

* Not available on Google Play Store.

* Only work well with Android 6.0 and lower versions.

* It may take an hour or even longer time to unlock the phone.

* Not support to bypass lock screen which is linked to Google account.

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#5 Find My Device

Another Android phone unlocking software is Find My Device, which is originally a security system from Google Play Protect. But now you can use the erasing phone feature to bypass the lock screen PIN, pattern or password on Android device without losing data. Apart from that, you can reset a new password to lock your phone as well.

Supported devices:

* Android 2.2 and later versions.

* Computer browser like Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.

unlock phone with find my device


* Easy to use.

* Highly secure.


* The Android phone must be on.

* You need to sign into a Google account and enable the Find My Device feature on your Android phone before it gets locked.

* It needs to acquire your location.

* The device must be connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi network before it is locked.

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#6 4uKey for Android

If you want to find an Android phone unlocking software to unlock the Android face lock, you can select 4uKey for Android, which supports to quickly remove password, pattern, PIN, fingerprint and face lock on Android phone. In addition, it also lets you bypass Google FRP lock without a password.

Supported devices:

* Android 2.0 and later versions.

* Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (32 & 64 bits).

* macOS 10.15 and lower versions.

cell phone unlocking software


* Bypass 5 types of Android lock screen quickly: PIN, password, pattern, fingerprint and face lock.

* Bypass Google lock without a password.

* Easy to use and no tech skills needed.

* Erase the 4-digit and 6-digit screen passcode easily.


* It may not support some non-mainstream Android brands.

* Not free.

* Not support to unlock the voice lock on Android devices.

* The success rate of the app is not 100%.

#7 NokiaFREE Unlock Codes Calculator

NokiaFREE Unlock Codes Calculator is an ideal cell phone unlocking software for you to repair or remove the Android SIM card lock and it supports Nokia, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Alcatel, NEC, Maxxon, Sony, Vitel and Siemens phones. Similarly, this phone unlocking software also needs your Android IMEI number and internet connection. What's more, it is easy to use and understand.

Supported devices:

* Nokia, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Alcatel, NEC, Maxxon, Sony, Vitel and Siemens phones.

* Some Windows computers.

a program to unlock phones


* Support phones with different OSes, like Alcatel, LG, Nokia, Sony, Panasonic, etc.

* Easy to use.


* Not support some Android devices and versions.

* Outdated design of the interface.

* Not updated for a long time.

* The success rate of this Android phone unlocking software is low.

#8 Android Multi Tools

The last Android phone unlocking software is Android Multi Tools. Like other Android unlockers, it also supports to remove pattern, PIN and password lock from Android phones and tablets without losing data. Besides, it can reset PIN, face, gesture lock and forgotten Gmail account.

Supported devices:

* The supported Android versions is unknown.

* Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP.

unlock phone software


* Fast bypass Android lock screen.

* Easy to use.


* Your Android phone needs to be booted into the ADB mode.

* It's hard to find an official version now.

* Not updated for a very long time.

Final Thoughts

This article compares the top 8 Android phone unlocking software on their key features, compatibility, pros and cons, and you may have your own thinking about which one is the best phone unlocking software after reading the above information.

Well, if you are eager to bypass the Android lock screen without losing data, I highly recommend you to try Android Unlock, which can bypass 4 types of screen locks on Android in 5 minutes without losing data. Besides, it is easy to use, widely compatible, highly secure and very popular among Android users.

Then, if you encounter any problem during use, feel free to leave a comment below.

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