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Would you like to manage Android SMS breezily? Too manay text messages on the Android phone but you don't know how to do? If you have the requirements on managing SMS on Android, please check out this article. There are 3 applications about Android SMS manager here for you. They will help you manage messages on Android in ease. With these apps, you can backup, restore, edit, delete, answer, send the text messages on Android. Read the following, you can know more about SMS manager for Android.

android sms manager

#1: The Best Android SMS Manager - Android Messages Manager

The first Android SMS manager which is introduced for you is Android Messages Manager - Samsung Messages Backup. With this Android Messages Manager, managing your total text messages on Android is a piece of cake. It contains multiple functions, such as editing, deleting, backing up, restoring, sending, replying to the messages easily. And you can get the details of the Android Messages Manager in the following.

Key Features and Advantages of the Android Messages Manager:

- It's easy to read your text messages of the Android phone, so you can manage your Android SMS on the computer with the large screen.

- Backup all the Android messages in 1 click and you won't lose the important information anymore.

- You can restore the backup messages from the PC to any Android phone. This feature can help you move the messages from the old Android phone to another.

- After scanning your Android text messages, you can receive, edit, send, delete, import and export the SMS on the Android phone.

- Besides Android SMS, this app can backup Android data on computer, such as contacts, call logs, photos, videos, software, music, books, and other documents.

- Connect the Android phone to the computer with the Android USB cable and WiFi, and you can choose one way to connect.

- The Android Messages Manager has Windows version and Mac version for everyone. You can download the correct version on your computer.

- It owns wide compatibility, which supports many kinds of Android phones, like Samsung Galaxy S23/S22/S21/S20/S10, Huawei nova 11 Ultra/nova 11 Pro/nova 11/nova 10/nova 9nova 8, LG Q92 5G/Q52/Q31/Q61, Motorola Edge 40/Edge+/Edge 40 Pro/Edge 30 Pro, Sony Xperia 5/1/XZ Premium, HTC U20/U19e/U12 Life/Desire 12, OPPO, Vivo, Google, OnePlus, and so on.

- When exporting the Android SMS, you can choose different formats including XML, TEXT, HTML, and more.

Download the Android Messages Manager for free below.

download win version of android messages managerdownload mac version of android messages manager

Disadvantages of the Android Messages Manager:

- Support Android phone only but not iPhone.

- While using the 1-click of backup feature, you can't select the text messages on Android freely.

- Without backing up the Android SMS, you can't restore messages on the Android phone.

Download the app and you will know more pricing information.

How to Use the Android Messages Manager:

Step 1: Install and Connect

- First of all, please download and install the Android Messages Manager on the computer, and then choose the "Android Assistant" module on the interface. Then connect your Android phone to the computer with a USB cable.

- Choose the brand of your Android phone and enable USB debugging on the Android phone.

manage messages on android

Step 2: Manage Messages on Android with Multiple Functions

- Once connected successfully, you can see the interface as below. Choose the "SMS" category on the left side, and you can see the Android messages on the right side.

- Tap on the "New" icon, and you can edit the new messages and send it to the receiver. Ticking off the checkboxes of the messages, you can choose the "Delete", "Import", "Export", "Reset", "Refresh" icon on the top menu bar. The app will implement your order correctly and quickly.

best sms manager for android

Step 3: Backup Android Text Messages in 1 Click

- Next, click the "Super Toolkit" icon and you can see the "Backup" feature. Click it and tick the "Messages" category on the pop-up page. Finally, tap on the "Back Up" button at the bottom.

manage sms with android text manager

- After a while, your Android SMS will be backed up to the computer.

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#2: The Powerful SMS Manager for Android – Android SMS Recovery App

The second SMS manager for Android is Android SMS Recovery app - Samsung Data Recovery. This software can recover the deleted Android SMS conveniently, and you can use it to backup your SMS from Android to computer. In addition, you can manage other Android data with the Android SMS Recovery app, such as contacts, pictures, call history, documents, music and more.

Main features and Advantages of the Android SMS Recovery app:

- You can make a stable connection between Android phone and computer with a USB cable simply.

- Without any ads and information leakage, the Android SMS Recovery app protects your personal information in security.

- Recover the deleted text messages on the Android phone quickly.

- Preview the deleted and existing messages on the PC.

- Backup Android SMS from the Android phone to the computer totally or selectively, including existing and deleted text messages.

- Backup music, photos, documents, videos, contacts, call logs, etc.

- As the Android data recovery without root, you can recover the deleted data from your SD card without root.

- It is highly compatible with Android phone, like Motorola Razr HD/P30, ZTE Axon 10s Pro/9 Pro, Samsung Note 10/9/8/7, OPPO Reno 3/R17/R15, Vivo, Xiaomi, and so on.

Disadvantages of the Android SMS Recovery app:

- It doesn't support to edit or send Android SMS.

- You can't link the Android phone to the computer via WiFi.

Download the Android SMS Recovery app and you can get more pricing information on it.

How to Use Android SMS Recovery App:

Step 1: Download and Install Android SMS Recovery App

Above all, you need to download and install the Android SMS Recovery app on the computer, and then link the Android phone to the computer with a USB cable. Please enable USB debugging on your Android phone.

download win version of android sms recovery appdownload mac version of android sms recovery app

Step 2: Choose Scanning Modes and Retrieve the Deleted SMS

In the "Android Data Recovery" tab, please tap on the "Next" icon. And choose one of the scanning modes on the interface. Select the "Text Messages" on the left. The app will scan the deleted and existing Android messages.

android sms manager for pc

Tips: If you want to recover the deleted SMS completely, please root your Android phone at first.

Step 3: Recover and Backup

- Now, select the text messages on the right side, you can see the deleted SMS in red. Tick the deleted messages and click the "Recover" icon at the bottom, and the app will start to retrieve the deleted SMS on Android.

- If you are eager to backup all the text messages from the Android phone to the computer, please click the first box on the top right which means you choose all the messages. At last, click the "Recover" icon.

- All the Android messages will be backed up on the computer.

restore and backup sms with android sms manager app

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#3. The Helpful Android SMS Manager App - SMS BACKUP n2manager

This SMS manager for Android is a helpful app which allows you to send messages anywhere, so wherever you are, you can send and receive the messages in the world. It is so practical for you that it supports 18 languages. It also has the ability to backup and restore text messages.

Advantages of the SMS Backup n2manager:

- Send the messages anytime and anywhere in a low rate.

- You can backup Android SMS very fast with this SMS manager for Android.

- The small size won't take up too much storage place on the Android phone.

- You can set a schedule for SMS backup.

Disadvantages of this Android SMS manager:

- You cannot backup the whole messages in 1 click.

- Sometimes it will take a long time to send a message.

How to Use the SMS n2manager:

Its usage is simple. When you install the app on your Android phone, please click it to enter the app. Then you can choose the modules of different features that you need on the interface. And it will carry out your order.

android sms manager app -sms manager

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#4. The Easy Android Text Message Manager - SMS Manager

With this Android text manager - SMS Manager, you can backup and restore the text messages on the Android phone fast. And you needn't worry about that others peep at your SMS.

android sms manager app

Advantages of the SMS Manager:

- Backup and restore the Android text messages quickly.

- Move the messages into the inbox of this Android Text Message Manager, and it can protect your messages from peeping by others.

- You can enable and disable the SMS notification on the Android phone with the app.

Disadvantages of the SMS Manager:

- There are only backup and restoration functions in the Android SMS Manager.

- You can't send the messages with this app.

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#5. The Smart Android Message Manager - Auto SMS Cleaner

Having too many junk messages on your Android phone? Don't worry. This smart Android Messages Manager - Auto SMS Cleaner. You can set up the date to clean the Android SMS on the app and it will delete the messages on time automatically.

android sms manager app auto sms cleaner

Advantages of the Auto SMS Cleaner:

- Auto-delete the junk messages on the Android phone according to the set date.

- Restore the deleted messages if you delete them by accident.

- Create new folders if you are in need.

Disadvantages of this Android Messages Manager:

- Can't edit, send or answer the messages in the application.

- Its compatibility is lower than the Android Messages Manager.

#6. The Strong SMS Manager for Android - GateSMS

This strong SMS Manager for Android - GateSMS, can help you pay less for the text messages on the Android phone. With the brief design, you will enjoy using the SMS manager.

sms mnager for android - gatesms

Advantages of the GateSMS:

- You can send messages to your friends with this app conveniently.

- Pay less for text messages with it.

- You can see the profile photos of your friends and others when you're having conversations.

- When receiving the messages, it will have a vibration.

Disadvantages of the GateSMS:

- If you don't have a network or WiFi, you can't use this Android SMS manager at all.

- Sometimes your friends can't receive your messages when you have sent SMS to them.


The 6 apps of Android SMS manager which are introduced above is beneficial and useful because of their strong functions. You can choose one of them according to your wishes. But if you feel like getting the best SMS manager for Android, please pick out the Android Messages Manager - Samsung Messages Backup. It has the most functions among the 6 Android text message manager apps. At last, thank you for your reading and welcome to write down your opinions on the comments part.

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