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Samsung Galaxy phones are so powerful that more and more people around the world turn to Samsung users. However, they cannot completely avoid data loss from their mobile phones. In many cases, the mistaken deletion due to your fast operation on a Samsung phone will cause losing data easily. Thus, Samsung data recovery is necessary, helping users recover Samsung data as soon as possible.

But which is the best recovery tool for Samsung? Today we will answer this question. Also, you can learn about how the recovery software performs and other useful information. Let's get started.

samsung data recovery

Part 1: What Is Samsung Data Recovery?

First of all, what is Samsung Data Recovery? On the one hand, it is a definition of restoring data from a Samsung mobile device, including internal and external memory.

On the other hand, Samsung Data Recovery is a desktop application to assist you in recovering deleted files from Samsung phones and other Android devices. With this software, you can get deleted files back even if you have no backup of your phone data. If you want to know more about it, go on reading.

Part 2: What Can Samsung Data Recovery Do?

What can this Samsung Data Recovery software do for you? You will know it by reading the details.

Recover different data types from Samsung devices: It is a comprehensive program to recover deleted contacts, photos, text messages, documents, videos, music, and more.

Display files on the interface: It can scan your Samsung file out and list them on the interface, so you can directly select the files you want to recover.

Recover data from internal and external storage: You can use it to recover deleted data from not only your SIM card and the device internal storage space, but also your external SD card. Furthermore, the SD card recovery is no rooting needed.

Support two scanning modes: If you want to fast scan your device, you can choose the "Quick Scan" mode. Besides, the "Deep Scan" mode can find more deleted files from the device.

Transfer Samsung data to a computer for backup: In addition to the recovery feature, it can transfer all the files, including your existing files, from the Samsung phone to a computer.

Smoothly work for most Android devices: With strong compatibility, it supports most Android devices running Android OS 4.0 and upper, such as Samsung Galaxy S23/S21/S20/S10/S9/S8/S7, Galaxy A23/A13/A73/A53/M13/M53, Xiaomi, Honor, OnePlus, ZTE, Vivo, and more.

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Part 3: How to Recover Deleted Files in Samsung?

How do I restore data on my Samsung phone with this Samsung phone data recovery program? In fact, it is extremely easy to use it.

Step 1. Install Samsung Data Recovery

Please download and install the recovery software on your computer. Then launch it, tap "Android Recovery", and connect your Samsung phone to the computer via a USB cable.

download win version of samsung data recovery software download mac version of samsung data recovery software

Step 2. Choose a Mode to Scan Your Data

- Once connected, please select the file types you want on the interface, and click "Next".

use the samsung data recovery software and select data types

- Select a mode to scan data from the connected Samsung phone, and tap "Continue" at the bottom right. Then it will prompt you to root your gadget, which aims at scanning deleted files from internal memory. You can skip it, but the scanning won't be thorough.

choose a scanning mode to find deleted files from samsung

Step 3. Recover Deleted Files from Samsung

- Please select a category from the left panel, and check the deleted files in red that you desire to get back on the right side.

- Finally, click the "Recover" icon to save your Samsung files.

recover deleted files from the samsung phone

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Part 4: How Much Does Samsung Data Recovery Cost?

This Samsung Data Recovery program is free to download, install, recognize your device, and scan your data. But if you want to preview and recover deleted files, you need to register it with a license code.

There are multiple options for purchase. For instance, you can purchase a yearly license for $49.95, or a lifetime license for $99.95.

As long as you launch the software, click the "Cart" icon at the top menu to visit the purchase page, and you can make an order on it. After getting the registration code, you can click the "Key" icon to register. Then you can start the recovery with the full version.

purchase and register samsung data recovery

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Part 5: Other Samsung Phone Data Recovery

Besides the previous software, there are many data recovery programs for Samsung devices on the internet, but not all of them are reliable. You'd better carefully make a selection, considering their security, recovery ability, compatibility, after-sale service, and more. The following are 4 options for your reference.

5.1 Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery

Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery supports multiple categories, like contacts, call logs, videos, audio, and more. Plus, this software is compatible with a wide range of Android devices, including Samsung. What's more, it is capable of extracting data from a broken Android phone. But sometimes, it cannot find the contacts deleted just now.

recover samsung data with dr fone android data recovery

5.2 PhoneRescue for Android

PhoneRescue for Android is also a safe and effective recovery tool for Samsung devices. You can selectively recover your files on the scanning list. It recovers not only those conventional file types but also WhatsApp messages and attachments. By the way, if you haven't rooted your Samsung phone, it cannot find deleted files from the device.

use phonerescue to retrieve samsung files

5.3 EaseUS MobiSaver for Android

Android EaseUS MobiSaver is an easy recovery program to get lost data back from Android phones. With the strong recovery capability, it can rescue the data because of accidental deletion, virus attacks, system errors, and more. However, you will find that the interface is old fashion.

restore samsung data with easeus mobisaver for android

5.4 Recuva

Recuva has a free version to recover files from a computer. Many people have recently asked if it can recover Samsung data. Please note that it is a program for Windows computers, digital camera cards, and MP3 players, but not mobile phones. Thus, it doesn't work if you intend to recover data from a Samsung Galaxy device.

recuva data recovery software


Have we explicitly explained Samsung data recovery? If you have any other queries about it, leave us a message in the comment area, and we'll respond to you soon. Plus, Samsung Data Recovery is a professional program to retrieve Samsung deleted data. You can download it to have a try.

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