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Want to share monumental iPhone videos with your friends but do not know how to send videos from iPhone to iPhone? The need to share videos, particularly in this digital era, has become inevitable. But luckily, there are several ways of transferring videos between iPhones, and this article will cover 6 reliable ways and explain them step by step.

how to send videos from iphone to iphone

Method 1. How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to iPhone Using iOS Transfer

The best method of sending data from one iPhone to the other is using a reliable iOS data transfer application. Among the available iPhone data transfer apps, iOS Transfer stands out due to its practical features. It enables Apple users to sync their data between iOS devices. Thus, you can copy your videos seamlessly to another iPhone. Also, you can use this software to transfer contacts, photos, music, and more at the same time.

Key features of this transfer software:

- Move videos between iOS devices without losing quality.

- Allow you to preview and select your video files before transferring them.

- Easily transfer iPhone videos to a computer for backup.

- Various files are supported, like contacts, messages, videos, pictures, etc.

- Help you complete the data transmission from iPhone to Android and vice versa.

- Support most iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices.

Download this iOS transfer software.

download win version of ios transferdownload mac version of ios transfer

Follow the simple steps to copy videos from iPhone to iPhone using this program:

Step 1: Download the correct version of this transfer software on your computer, and launch it on your computer. Use working USB cords to link the two iPhones to the computer. Now tap the "Trust" button after a "Trust This Device" message pops up on the iPhone's screen.

Step 2: The application will automatically recognize your iPhone after establishing a connection. Now set the source iPhone at the middle-upper part of the software's screen or hover over the dropdown menu to choose the source device.

send videos from one iphone to another

Step 3: Click on the folder containing the data you want to share. If you want to transfer videos, tap on the "Videos" folder on the left corner of the computer's screen.

Step 4: Now select the videos you want to transfer, tap the "Export to" button, and select the "Export to iPhone" option.

select and export videos to the target iphone

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Method 2. How to Airdrop Videos from iPhone to iPhone

Looking for ways to send videos from iPhone to iPhone? AirDrop is a macOS and iOS operating system feature that allows users to share videos between iPhones conveniently. To use this method, you must ensure that the two iPhones are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and are within a Bluetooth range.

Below are the steps for using AirDrop to transfer videos from one iPhone to another:

Step 1: Switch on AirDrop on the two devices.

Step 2: Browse the photo gallery application from your source iPhone and choose the videos of your choice.

Step 3: Press on the "Share" button. Choose "AirDrop" and select the target iPhone's name.

Step 4: Press "Accept" on the alert prompt that will appear on the destination device to allow video(s) to be received from the source iPhone.

airdrop videos between iphones

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Method 3. How to Send Videos from iPhone to iPhone Using Sharing Suggestions

The photos application on iPhone devices has a sharing feature that allows users to share videos/photos through emails, messages, etc. The application enables the users to select the sharing method, choose a video(s), and select the recipient.

Send videos from one iPhone to another using the Photos app's sharing suggestions feature:

Step 1: Turn on "iCloud Photos" on your devices.

Step 2: Launch the "Photos" application on the source iPhone and navigate to the "For You" tab to find the sharing suggestions. To browse all the suggested collections, swipe left and hit on the collection you want to share.

Step 3: Tap the "Next" button to share all or hit the "Select" option to allow you to deselect some videos.

Step 4: Select the people you want to share the videos with. The Photos application automatically suggests the recipients of the videos. As such, deselect the people you do not wish to send the videos to. To add more recipients, tap the "Add People" button and select more friends.

Step 5: Hit the "Share" button, and a message showing a list of the video's recipients will appear. Go through the message to ensure that you selected the right people.

Step 6: Finally, hit the "Send" button to send the videos to all the selected recipients. The best thing about this method is that it allows the sender to add comments when sending the video. Add a comment if you want.

use the sharing suggestions feature to share videos between ios devices

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Method 4. How to Transfer Video from iPhone to iPhone Using Google Drive

As smartphones dominate the communication sectors, video sharing has become one of the most used methods of exchanging memories, sharing fun, communicating, etc. If you are a new iPhone user who doesn't know how to transfer videos between iPhones, Google Drive has got you covered.

Follow the simple step shown below to sync your videos between iPhones:

Step 1: Download the Google Drive app, and install and launch it on the two iPhones. After that, sign in to the application using the same Google Account login credentials.

Step 2: Tap on the "+" to move to the next screen. Tap the "Upload" option and select the video you want to share.

Step 3: A "Locate" link will appear after all the videos are uploaded to Google Drive. You can use this link to access and view all uploaded videos. Moreover, the uploaded files can be viewed by navigating to the specified folder chosen when uploading the videos.

Step 4: Share the "Locate" link with the destination device. The recipient can use the link to access the videos by clicking on the link. Alternatively, you can use the Google Drive application on the destination device to access and download the videos.

sync videos between iphones using google drive

Method 5. How to Send Videos from iPhone to iPhone Using iCloud

iCloud provides the most reliable way of sharing data between iOS devices. This peerless iOS application provides two ways of sharing iOS data, depending on the data size. The iCloud Photos feature allows users to sync videos that are less than 5 min across iOS devices, while the iCloud Drive feature allows users to sync large files of up to 50GB. To transfer videos between iPhones using iCloud, the two iPhones must be signed into the same Apple ID account and connected to a reliable Wi-Fi connection.

How to share videos between iPhones via iCloud Photos:

Step 1: Launch the Settings app on the source device and tap on "[your name]".

Step 2: Tap the "iCloud" button and toggle the "Photos" button to on mode.

Step 3: Repeat the above steps using the destination iPhone, and all the videos on the source iPhone will automatically appear on your destination iPhone's iCloud Photos app.

import videos from one ios device to another using icloud

How to share videos between iPhones via iCloud Drive:

Step 1: Sign into your iCloud account on both iPhones and select the "iCloud Drive" option.

Step 2: Upload the videos to iCloud Drive by clicking on the "Cloud" icon on the toolbar, selecting your videos of choice, and following the instructions on the screen. Alternatively, you can upload the video to iCloud by dragging and dropping them into the iCloud Drive window.

Step 3: Access the "iCloud Drive" using the destination device, browse the available videos, locate the video of interest, and download it.

Method 6. How to Send Videos from iPhone to iPhone Using Email

Email is one of the oldest methods of sharing data. You can easily share videos between iPhones. You only need to connect the two devices to a stable internet connection. However, the main challenge of using email to transfer videos between iPhones is that it only allows users to share video files less than 25MB.

Below are the simple steps for sharing video files using an email:

Step 1: Open the email application on the source device and tap on the "+" or "Compose Email" button in the bottom-right corner of your iPhone's screen.

Step 2: Key in the recipient email and email subject and click the "Attach File" button.

Step 3: Select the videos you want to transfer and hit on the "Choose File" or "Open" file button. All your selected videos will be uploaded to the email within munites. Tap on the "Send" button to send the videos.

Step 4: Log into your email using the destination iPhone, tap on the "Inbox" button, locate the received videos, and download them.

send videos between iphones via email

Frequently Asked Questions on Data Transmission

Q1. Why am I unable to share videos between iPhones?

Several things that cause this problem include disabled iMessage, poor Wi-Fi or cellular connections, sharing too large files, etc. You can fix this problem by enabling iMessages, using a stable network connection, or sending small files.

Q2. Which is the most reliable way of sharing files between devices?

The most efficient way to share videos between iPhone devices is by using professional data transfer applications. One of the tried and tested data transfer applications you can depend on is Aiseesoft MobieSync. This tool is easily usable, fast, secure, and powerful.


This article has discussed how to transfer video from iPhone to iPhone using the iOS Transfer software, Airdrop, Google Drive, email, iCloud Photos, and iCloud Drive. If you want to move your videos in 1 click without cloud servers, you can choose iOS Transfer. This software can transfer multiple data types between iOS devices. Install and try it, and you will know its highlights.

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