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Since we live in a multi-platform world, sharing files between different types of phones has become a piece of cake. Even those who haven't tried transferring files between different phones are finding this completely easy.

However, only the best apps will guarantee successful transfer. This guide will walk you through the best apps to transfer data from Android to iPhone. Let's begin!

app to transfer data from android to iphone

1. SHAREit

SHAREit is one of the best apps to transfer data from Android to ios. This great tool is available on any system. The app has a higher transfer speed of about 20M/s, but it will depend on the connection and network you are using.

How to use SHAREit to transfer files from Android to iPhone:

Step 1: Download the SHAREit app on Android phone(from Google Play Store) and iPhone (from Apple App Store). And make sure both devices are using the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: Open the SHAREit app on Android and iPhone. On Android, click the "Send" button, choose the data you want to send, and click "Next" to proceed.

Tips: SHAREit will require access to Bluetooth, GPS, and Location Services on the device.

Step 3: On iPhone, click the "Receive" icon to open the connection between both devices. Now iPhone will be seen as a device on Android. Choose your iPhone device on Android to begin moving the data you selected.

transfer data from android to iphone via shareit


- It is a multi-platform app.

- Support direct transfer.

- Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection type.

- Have other features, such as a video player and music.

- Requires Bluetooth, Wi-Fi GPS, and location services.


- Extra features such as share zone and group sharing

- Transfers videos, music, photos.


- Too many ads.

- A little difficult to set up the connection.


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2. Samsung Data Transfer

Samsung Data Transfer, the best Android to iPhone transfer app, can transfer contacts and documents from Android to iOS without a hitch. It also allows users to transfer photos, videos, music, and more from iPhone to Android. Besides, it works for most iOS and Android devices, such as iPhone 13 Pro/13/12/11/X/8/7, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad mini, iPod touch, Samsung, OPPO, Xiaomi, Vivo, Google, ZTE, HTC, LG, etc.

How to use the best file transfer app for Android to iPhone on the computer:

Step 1: Download and install the program on the computer.

download win version of android to iphone transferdownload mac version of android to iphone transfer

Step 2: Connect your Android device and iPhone to the computer using a working USB Cable, and enable the debugging mode on both devices. The program will then recognize the devices automatically.

use the best app to switch from android to iphone

Step 3: Please ensure your Android phone is in the Source position. If needed, you can tap the "Flip" icon to change their positions. Finally, choose the types of files you want to transfer and tap the "Start Copy" button to start sharing data.

share data between iphone and android with ease


- Transfers multiple data types for Android and iOS.

- The USB connection is reliable.

- Transfer most data from Android to Android, including apps, contacts, call logs, and more.

- Help you transfer notes, calendars, bookmarks, books, and so on between iOS devices.


- The transfer process is simple and quick.

- Compatible with most Android OSes and iOSes, including Android 12 and iOS 15.

- No data loss.


- Wi-Fi connection is only available on Android phones and tablets but not iOS devices.

- Not a free program.

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3. Move to iOS

Move to iOS, used to transfer data from Android to iPhone, is a free app that suits its purpose well. It is Apple's solution to switch from Android to iOS. But, the transfer process must be performed when a new iPhone setup is done. And it cannot move data from iOS to Android.

How to use the app to transfer information from Android to iPhone:

Step 1: Download Move to iOS on the Android device, and connect Android and iPhone devices to power and are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: Switch on the new iPhone to begin the setup process. Then, finish every setup till you get to the "Apps & Data" screen, and click the "Move Data from Android" option.

Step 3: Open the app on Android and click the "Continue" icon. On the "Find Your Code" screen, click the "Next" icon.

Step 4: Enter the code on Android to enable the connection between devices. Then select the data you want to transfer to iPhone and click the "Next" icon to start the transmission.

use move to ios to move files from android to iphone


- Transfers several file types from Android to iOS.

- Uses Wi-Fi to connect.

- It needs only a direct transfer without a PC.


- Fast and efficient.

- No pc needed.

- Help you move data wirelessly.


- It can only be done during iPhone's initial setup.

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4. Android File Transfer

Android File Transfer is a kind of free Android to iPhone transfer software. However, it is only for Mac computers. Even though it's impossible to transfer files directly from Android to iPhone, with Mac as a median, everything is likely to go as supposed to.

Anyway, having your data in your Mac is a great way to keep them safe as well as the only step away from transferring them to iPhone.

Step by step guide to transfer files using Android File Transfer:

Step 1: Launch the Android File Transfer app on Mac. Then connect the android device to Mac with a USB cable.

Step 2: Click the "File Transfer" option when Android asks how you would like to use the connection. Next, open the program to browse the files on Android and drag and drop the data from Android to Mac.

Step 3: Disconnect Android and connect the iPhone. After that, drag the copied data from Mac into iTunes. Sync iPhone with Mac to transfer the files.

use android file transfer to copy android data to iphone on mac


- Transfers Photos & Video, Music, Files.

- Connect Android to Mac via USB.


- It is free to use.

- Support the drag and drop transfer.


- Accepts Mac only.

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5. Copy My Data

Copy My Data is a simple app to transfer information from Android to iPhone without a computer. It is also a free application that can support devices with different operating systems. It mainly relies on a Wi-Fi network to link devices.

Guide to transfer data from Android to iPhone using the Copy My Data app;

Step 1: Download the Copy My Data app on Android and iPhone from their App Store.

Step 2: Open the app on both devices, and tap the "Next" > "To or From Another Device Over WiFi" option. Then it will begin searching for another device.

Step 3: Select your Android device on your iPhone, choose the "Copy data from selected device" icon, then confirm and type the PIN. Then, tap the "Next" icon to select data types on Android. At last, click the "Next" icon to start copying data from Android to iOS.

copy data from android to iphone via copy my data


- Transfer contacts, calendar, photos, and videos without a data cable.

- Easily connect your Android phone and iPhone over the Wi-Fi network.

- Transfer data directly from Android to iPhone.


- Easy to use.

- Support 4 file types.


- Rely on the Wi-Fi network.

- Require the same network.

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6. Xender

Want an app to transfer data from Android to iPad? You can utilize Xender. It is a great app you can't miss on your app transfer list. No internet connection is needed, because it can offer the hotspot for your connection, but the devices must be on a similar Wi-Fi network. Xender shows all files on the home screen under different categories.

How to use Xender to transfer files from Android to iPad:

Step 1: Install Xender on both mobile devices. Then, on an Android device, open the app and click the "Plus (+)" icon on Android, and select the "Create Group" feature.

Step 2: After creating a group on Android, take your iPhone, open the app, and click the "Plus (+)" icon. Select the "Join Group" option, and find the iPhone device, and tap on it on Android. After that, both devices will connect automatically.

Step 3: Choose the data to transfer on your Android device, and click the "SEND" button. Go to iPhone and click the "RECEIVE" button to receive the data being sent. The transfer process will begin immediately.

switch from android to iphone via xender


- Transfers music, PDF, WORD, EXCEL, ZIP, photos, and more.

- No USB or PC is needed.

- Support Android, iOS, Tizen, Windows, and Mac.

- Convert video files to audio files.


- Transfer more file categories.

- No need for skills in operation.

- No internet connection is needed.


- Phones must be on the same network connection.

- Contain ads.

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7. Send Anywhere (File Transfer)

Send Anywhere is another app to use in transferring your data between iPhone and Android. It works on Android and iOS platforms. Actually, this is one of the simplest apps to use. The app creates a link that should be shared with the receiver, who only needs to open the link to download the files sent. Simple, right?

Let's see how to use this app to send data from Android to iPhone:

Step 1: Download and install the app on your Android and Apple smartphones. Then run it, select the data you want to send on Android, and tap the "SEND" icon to get a 6-digit key on the screen.

Step 2: Click the "Receive" tab on the iPhone, and enter the key. Then the app will send the selected data to your iPhone.

send files between ios and android devices via send anywhere


- Easily establish the connection between Android and iPhone.

- Allow you to transfer files selectively.

- Support Wi-Fi Direct.

- encrypt the transfer process.


- It is safe and simple to use.

- Send large files without mobile data.

- Send the files stored in external storage.


- Cannot transfer APK files.

8. Smart Transfer

Smart Transfer is quite similar to the SHAREit app, where it must be installed on both devices. Smart Transfer can transfer more files such as contacts, photos, videos, and calendars.

Let's see how to send data through Smart Transfer:

Step 1: Download, then install the Smart Transfer app on Android and iPhone.

Step 2: Open the app on Android and click the "SEND" option, then choose the "RECEIVE" option on the iPhone.

Step 3: Use your Android device to scan the QR code on the iPhone for the connection, and tap on the "YES" icon on iOS. Then select the file types, and click the "START" icon on Android. The app will transfer your data to the iOS device.

move files from android to ios via smart transfer


- Transfers different kinds of data, like contacts, calendars, videos, reminders, etc.

- Allow you to complete the data migration via Hotspot or Wi-Fi for free.

- Transfer content from one or more devices to one device.


- Support multiple file types on Android and iOS devices.

- It is free.


- There are many ads on the app.

- Requires network to connect.

- You cannot choose individual items like a single photo.

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ZAPYA is a combination of SHAREit and Xender. Since it can transfer most files, it provides many ways to connect to an iPhone. You can use a QR code or shake it to connect. ZAPYA also comes with a sharing feature.

Here is how to use ZAPYA to transfer files from Android to iPhone:

Step 1: Download and install the ZAPYA app on both devices. Then launch it, and tap on the "Transfer" icon at the middle of the bottom on your iPhone.

Step 2: Click the "Help" > "Connect to Apple Device" option, and you will get a QR code. Next, hit on the "Scan" icon on your Android device to scan the QR code.

Step 3: After the connection, please pick the files you intend to send on Android, and click the "Send" icon to copy the files to your iPhone. Also, don't forget to hit the "Receive" icon on the iOS device.

share files from android to iphone via zapya


- Allow you to transfer files from Android to iPhone no matter if you are offline or online.

- Enable you to create a group to share files with others.

- Help you install all apps onto a device at a time.


- Support most file formats.

- Send files to those nearby offline.

- Allow you to share entire folders at once.


- Not all the features can be used for free.

- Require many permissions for data transmission.


The above is the best transfer apps you can use to transfer files from Android to iPhone. However, it all depends on your needs since they transfer different data. If you need a reliable and efficient transfer program, Samsung Data Transfer is a nice choice. It can transfer different files from Android to iPhone and vice versa. It can also copy almost all files from Android to Android.

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