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Our devices have become an extension of our memories, capturing cherished moments with a simple click. Samsung phones, known for their feature-rich interfaces, provide a comprehensive gallery management system that allows users to organize, store, and share their photos effortlessly.

In this guide, we'll explore various tips to manage photos on a Samsung phone, from creating albums to utilizing the Gallery app's powerful features. Whether you're a photography enthusiast or simply looking to tidy up your digital photo collection, these tips will help you make the most out of your Samsung device's gallery management capabilities.

manage photos on samsung

Part 1: How to Create Albums on Samsung Phone

One of the key elements of efficient photo management is creating organized albums. In this part, we'll talk about the simple yet crucial process of creating albums on your Samsung phone, which is beneficial to Samsung photo storage management.

Here's how to create albums on a Samsung phone's Gallery app:

Step 1: Navigate to the Gallery app on your Samsung Galaxy device.

Step 2: Choose the "Albums" tab, and tap "+" > "Album" to make a new photo album.

Step 3: Then you can rename the album and move the pictures to it.

create albums on samsung gallery

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Part 2: How to Organize Pictures on Samsung Phone via Gallery App

The Gallery app on your Samsung phone is a powerhouse for photo organization. After mastering creating albums on the Gallery app, we're going to organize Samsung Gallery's folders and pictures. You can use the following tricks to sort photos on your Samsung device with ease.

Move pictures to an album on Samsung Gallery:

Step 1: Launch the Gallery app on Samsung, and long-press a picture. Then you can select your desired images directly.

Step 2: Click "More" > "Move to album", and choose an album. Then these photos will be imported from the old album to the this one. By the way, if you want to save the pictures in different albums, you can choose "Copy to album"; then your photos will be saved in both albums.

organize photos on samsung gallery app

Sync Samsung photos to the cloud on Gallery:

Step 1: Run the Gallery app, and click the "Menu" icon.

Step 2: Choose "Settings", and enable "Sync with OneDrive". Then your Samsung pictures will be uploaded to your OneDrive account. You can view them on other devices by logging in to the OneDrive account.

sync photos from samsung to onedrive

Besides, you can synchronize specific albums to OneDrive by setting it up via "Album to sync".

Share pictures on Samsung Gallery:

Step 1: Open the Gallery app on Samsung and navigate to the pictures that you want to share.

Step 2: Select the pictures, and click "Share". Then choose an app or platform to share your photos.

share photos on samsung phone

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Part 3: How to Move Pictures to SD Card on Samsung

Running out of internal storage on your Samsung phone? Part 3 explores the solution by guiding you through the process of moving pictures to the SD card. Learn how to optimize your device's storage capacity while keeping your precious memories intact.

However, not all Samsung Galaxy models support external memory, such as Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra/S24/S23/S22/S21, etc. If your phone or tablet has a microSD card slot, you can move your pictures to an SD card directly, or you will need a card reader and a computer as the medium.

Move pictures to an SD card on Samsung:

Step 1: Make sure you have installed your SD card on your Samsung phone or tablet. If not, please pull out the card tray to install your SD card.

Step 2: Navigate to "My Files", and access "Internal storage" to find your images.

Step 3: Select and copy your photos, and then choose your SD card. Finally, paste your photos to the external storage.

move photos from samsung to sd card

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Part 4: How to Put Images to Trash Bin on Samsung

Mistakes happen, and sometimes photos are deleted accidentally. However, luckily, there is a trash folder on Samsung Gallery to store those deleted images and videos. Thus, you can find and restore your deleted photos to make your memories more secure.

Put your images to Trash on Samsung:

Step 1: Open the Gallery app, and choose "Albums" at the bottom.

Step 2: Locate the photos that you want to remove.

Step 3: Select them and choose the "Delete" icon. Then the images will be moved to the "Trash" folder.

Restore deleted photos from Trash on Samsung Gallery:

There is a recycle bin on Samsung Gallery to save deleted photos for 30 days. During the valid period, you can restore them directly.

Step 1: Open Gallery, and tap the "Menu" icon.

Step 2: Choose "Recycle bin" or "Trash" and "Edit". Then select the images you plan to retrieve, and click "Restore". The restored images will be saved in the original album.

restore deleted photos on samsung gallery

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Part 5: How to Manage Samsung Gallery Albums on Computer

Extend your photo management capabilities beyond your Samsung device. In Part 5, explore the methods for managing your Samsung Gallery albums on a computer with Samsung Messages Backup, a comprehensive tool for data transfer and management. It can scan and display all your Samsung photos on your computer, and allows you to transfer your photos from Samsung to the computer for backup. Furthermore, it will not lower the image quality.

You can also use it to create albums to organize your Samsung pictures with a larger screen on your computer, and delete those unwanted data directly. If you want to manage your contacts, SMS, apps, documents, and more, this software can help you as well.

Highlights of this photo manager:

- Enable you to manage your Samsung photos on a computer directly.

- Support copying, moving, deleting, searching for photos, and creating/deleting albums.

- Seamlessly back up Samsung images and other media files to a computer.

- Easily restore your photos from the backup on your computer to any Samsung Galaxy device.

- Help you copy pictures from your computer to Samsung.

- Compatible with Android 4.0 and upper, so you can use it for most Samsung Galaxy models, including the latest Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra/S24+/S24.

download windows version of samsung photo managerdownload mac version of samsung photo manager

Here's how to manage Samsung Gallery albums and photos on a computer:

Step 1: Download and install the photo management software on your computer, and click "Android Assistant" to launch it.

Step 2: Connect your Samsung Galaxy device to the computer with USB (Wi-Fi connection is also available). Then choose "MTP" and enable USB debugging on Samsung. The connection will be establshed, and you can see the "Home" interface.

organize samsung gallery folders on a computer

Step 3: Choose "Photos" > "Library". You can see all your Samsung albums and photos on the interface. Then manage your photos with the menu bar. For instance, tap the "+" icon to make a new album, and then move specific photos to it. To export your photos to your computer, you can check the photos and click the "Export" feature. Using the "Add" feature can import images from your computer to your Samsung phone.

manage samsung photos on a computer with multiple featues

Part 6: FAQs about Samsung Gallery Management

Q1: How can I use Secure Folder to protect my photos?

To use Secure Folder on a Samsung phone to protect your photos, follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings app on your Samsung device.
  • Scroll down and select "Biometrics and Security".
  • Look for and tap on "Secure Folder".
  • If you haven't set up Secure Folder before, you will need to sign in with your Samsung account or create one.
  • Once set up, open Secure Folder and add the photos you want to protect by moving them into the folder.
  • You can now access your protected photos from within the Secure Folder, and they are kept separate from the rest of your device's content.

Q2: Does Gallery Sync back up my photos to Samsung Cloud?

No, Samsung Cloud is no longer to sync photos or videos on Samsung Galaxy devices, but you can back up your photos to OneDrive on the Gallery app.

Q3: How to take screenshots on a Samsung phone?

To take a screenshot on a Samsung phone, you can use one of the following methods, depending on the model:

  • Use physical buttons: Simultaneously press the Power button and the Volume Down button and hold them for a moment.
  • Use palm swipe gesture: Ensure that the Palm swipe to capture feature is enabled in your phone settings (Settings > Advanced features > Motions and gestures); swipe the edge of your hand across the screen from right to left or left to right.
  • Use S Pen: If you have a Samsung phone with an S Pen, you can use the Air Command menu to capture a screenshot.


In a world inundated with digital memories, mastering the art of photo management is essential. Your Samsung phone, equipped with intuitive features and powerful tools, empowers you to curate and cherish your photo collection. Moreover, you can manage your photos and albums on your computer with Samsung Messages Backup. Even though you want to back up your Samsung photos, you can make it in simple clicks.

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