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Forgot to move your files before formatting your SD card? Then you might desire to know how to recover files from a formatted SD card in Android to rescue your important data. However, panic is unnecessary because you can use 3 methods provided in this post to recover files from your formatted SD card. Without further ado, let's check the possibility and the solutions right now.

how to recover files from formatted sd card in android

Part 1: Can We Recover Data from Formatted SD Card on Android?

Formatting an SD card means resetting the card to a clean slate. All the files stored on the SD card will be removed. So, can you retrieve the files from the formatted Android SD card? In fact, if you don't utilize a specialized recovery tool, it's difficult to get the files back. But if you have backed up your files, your can easily restore them even if the card is formatted.

Anyway, try the 3 ways in the next part, and recover your files from the formatted microSD card as fast as possible. Remember, please don't store new data on the card before recovering your files.

Part 2: How to Recover Files from Formatted SD Card in Android?

The sooner you start the recovery, the better the chances of recovering your files from the formatted SD card. Read through the following 3 methods, and recover your data with ease.

2.1 Using SD Card Recovery

The expert of SD card recovery - Samsung Data Recovery, supports recovering photos, videos, music, and documents from SD card without backup or rooting. As long as your SD card is workable, it can detect and scan the card smoothly, and then find your deleted files from the card. It also allows you to view and select the data it found before recovering them.

Key features of this SD card recovery tool:

- Recover different files from SD cards without effort.

- Detect and recognize several SD cards at the same time.

- Display the files found on the SD card on the interface.

- Directly transfer files from your SD card to your computer.

- The data recovery of Android internal storage is available.

Download the SD card recovery program.

download windows version of sd card recovery download mac version of sd card recovery

Here's how to recover files from a formatted SD card without backup:

Step 1: Download and install the SD card recovery software on your computer, and then click "Android Recovery" to run it on the desktop.

Step 2: Tap "SD Card Recovery" on the top, and connect your SD card to the PC via a suitable card reader. Then tick off the card, and click "Next".

recover files from formatted sd card without backup

Step 3: The software will start to scan your SD card. After that, select the files you need, and click "Recover" to save them on your computer. Then the recovery will be done.

select the files and recover them on your computer

2.2 Using Backup

Perhaps you backed up your SD card's files to your computer, Google Drive, OneDrive or other locations? Please check your backups on your computer and your cloud accounts.

If you usually use Google Drive to back up your Android files, please visit or launch Google Drive and sign in with your Google Account and password. Then check your uploaded files. Once you locate the files, please download them to your Android phone or computer if needed.

download files from google drive to restore them

Besides, the built-in Google Backup feature on your Android phone will not back up your files in external storage space, so your Android backup file doesn't contain your files of SD card.

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2.3 Using Disk Drill

You can also try Disk Drill, a program to recover data from various external USB drives, including SD cards. It enables you to recover files up to 500MB for free. However, its Windows version supports Windows 10 or upper only. If your computer runs Windows 8/7, please update the OS in advance.

Here's how to retrieve files from a formatted SD card with Disk Drill:

Step 1: Download and install the software on your computer, and then plug your formatted SD card into your computer,

Step 2: Launch the program, and then it will begin to scan your SD card.

Step 3: After that, preview the files it finds, and select the desired files. Finally, click "Recover" to save the files.

recover files from formatted sd card using disk drill

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Part 3: FAQs on Android Formatted SD Card

Q1: How can I format an SD card on a computer?

If you want to format an SD card on your computer, you need to insert the card into your computer first, and maybe you need a card reader if there is no SD card slot on your PC. Then go to "This PC" and right-click the drive of your microSD card. Next, click "Format" to proceed.

Q2: Can I undo formatting an SD card if the process starts?

No, you can't. Once you initiate the formatting process, you cannot stop it. Furthermore, the formatting cannot be reversed. Thus, please think clearly before taking action.

Q3: Can I repair a corrupted SD card by formatting it?

Formatting an SD card can solve the corruption issue at times, but it cannot work all the time. If your SD card is severely corrupted, the formatting will be ineffective.


You have a chance - using Samsung Data Recovery - to recover your files from a formatted SD card even though you don't have backup. This program will scan your SD card and list the files it finds. Then you can easily get your files back. However, if the formatting is thorough, no tool can recover your files but backup. A regular backup habit will save you time and important data.

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