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When switching data to a Samsung Galaxy device, you can use Smart Switch, a free and practical app. However, Smart Switch says not enough space on your old phone or the destination device. How can you cope with it? Actually, it is easy to solve this issue. Follow this guide, and find out the cause first. Then you can use the correct solution to fix it swiftly.

fix smart switch not enough space

Part 1: Why Smart Switch Says Not Enough Space

As you unbox a new Samsung Galaxy phone, you might be too impatient to wait to use the brand new gadget, but it is important to move your files from your old phone to this Samsung Galaxy device. Thus, you are going to install and launch Smart Switch to transfer your data. However, Samsung Smart Switch has insufficient space to back up or transfer. Why do the app say not enough space? Here are a few common reasons:

  • The internal storage space is almost run out on your old phone.
  • The amount of your selected data exceeds the storage space on your destination Samsung phone or tablet.
  • Some selected files are corrupted or incompatible with the receiver.

In some rare cases, Smart Switch might misread the storage device on your mobile device, which will lead to Smart Switch saying not enough space.

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Part 2: How to Fix Smart Switch Not Enough Space

Navigating through Smart Switch's "Not Enough Space" error requires an efficient approach to ensure a successful data transfer. Fortunately, 7 methods exist to address this issue.

2.1 Clear Cache on Both Devices

Cache is a temporary storage area that speeds things up on your device, so cache data is some temporary files stored on your device. When you run an app and use it, it will utilize the cache data to respond fast. However, if you haven't cleared the cache data for a long time, it will be piled up, taking up much storage space. When Smart Switch says not enough space, you can remove the cache data from your device.

  • Go to Settings and find and click "Apps".
  • Select an app, and tap "Storage" > "Clear cache".

clear app cache to free up storage space

Besides, if you don't want to remove app caches one by one, you can enter Recovery Mode, and choose "Wipe cache partition". This feature will delete all temporary files, cached web content, and system cache at one go.

enter recovery mode to wipe cache partition

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2.2 Delete Useless Files and Apps to Free Up Storage Space

Is there any app that you have installed on your Android handset or iOS device but use it rarely? If yes, please uninstall these apps on your phone when Smart Switch shows insufficient space to back up. Additionally, go to File Manager and delete those useless files together. Once done, lauch Samsung Smart Switch and back up or transfer your data again.

uninstall apps when smart switch says not enough space

2.3 Move Files to External Storage Space

If you have a workable SD card or USB flash drive, you can move some files from your phone or tablet that Smart Switch says not enough space to the external storage space first. After finishing the data transmission, you can move the files to your phone again. Then you won't lose any files and can fix the issue at the same time.

move files to sd card to get more space

2.4 Reinstall Smart Switch

Sometimes, even if the storage space is sufficient on both devices, Smart Switch fails to transfer or back up your data. If so, you can uninstall Smart Switch, and then reinstall it on your device, which can effectively solve app bugs.

reinstall smart switch if it always says not enough storage space

2.5 Check the App Version and OSes on Devices

The version of Samsung Smart Switch should be compatible with the operating systems of your devices, you know. For instance, when your iOS is lower than iOS 4.2.1 and Android OS is older than Android 4.3, the Smart Switch Mobile app will not work. Aside from that, it supports Windows 7 or later and macOS X 10.5 or higher. It is highly recommended to update Smart Switch and your device's OSes to the latest.

check smart switch version

To update the OS on Android, please go to Settings and choose "Software update". If there is a new OS available, please tap "Download and install" to install it directly.

update android os

To update iOS on an iPhone or iPad, please go to Settings and click "General" > "Software Update". If the new OS is available, click "Download and Install".

update ios to fix smart switch not enough space issue

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2.6 Transfer Less Data at Once

If the previous methods all are not suitable for you, you can try the simplest way: select fewer files or file types at a time. You can transfer your data with Smart Switch more than once, so transferring your files in two or more times will effectively avoid the storage space issue.

select less content if the samrt switch app displays insufficient space to transfer

2.7 Try Another Connection

As you know, Smart Switch Mobile provides users with 2 different connections - Cable and Wireless. Suppose Smart Switch says not enough space when you transfer your files with a USB cable, you can try the wireless connection. Maybe there is something wrong with the connection only, so rebuilding the connection can probably solve the problem.

use another connection

Part 3: Bypass Smart Switch Insufficient Space Using Alternatives

Actually, you can bypass Smart Switch to transfer your data with ease because there are many alternatives to Samsung Smart Switch in the app market. We test and select the top 3 efficient ones, and show them in detail below.

3.1 Using Samsung Data Transfer

Samsung Data Transfer is a one-stop transfer desktop app, supporting Android 4.0 or higher and iOS 5.0 or later. You can use it to transfer contacts, documents, SMS, photos, videos, music, apps, etc. It enables you to complete the data migration between Android and iOS devices with USB. Furthermore, for Android to Android transfer, USB and Wi-Fi connections are supported.

Key features of this Smart Switch alternative:

- Copy data from one phone to another without losing data.

- Retain the quality of your media files like photos and videos during the process.

- Support most iOS and Android mobile devices, such as iPhone 15 Pro/15/14/13/12/11/X/8, Samsung Galaxy S24/S23/S22/S21/S20/S10, ZTE, Motorola, Vivo, OnePlus, Sony, OPPO, Tecno, and more.

- Support the transfer from iOS to iOS, Android to Android, Android to iOS, and iOS to Android.

Download the replacement software.

download windows version of samsung data transferdownload mac version of samsung data transfer

Here's how to transfer data with this alternative:

Step 1: Download and install the Samsung Data Transfer on your computer, and then click "Mobile Transfer" to launch the program.

Step 2: Use two USB cables to connect both your mobile devices to the PC. For Android, please enable USB debugging; for iOS, please tap "Trust". Then the connection will be established.

transfer data with smart switch alternative

Step 3: Select the file types you want to transfer, and click "Start Copy" to begin the process.

copy data directly

3.2 Using Google Drive

Google Drive is a cross-platform synchronization app, so you can transfer and back up your data with ease as long as your the Internet is accessible on your device. Also, the free cloud space of every Google Account is limited, but you can upgrade the plan to purchase more space on the app or the webpage of Google Drive. It allows you to upload your images, videos, audio files, documents, etc. All in all, Google Drive is a convenient alternative app to Smart Switch.

replace smart switch with google drive

3.3 Using SHAREit

SHAREit enables you to share your apps, videos, photos, documents, and more from one phone to another. It's now available for download and installation on Google Play Store and Apple Store. While Smart Switch shows not enough space all the time, you can leverage SHAREit to send your files between devices.

use shareit to replace smart switch


The stratigies in this post all can help when Smart Switch says not enough space. You can fix the issue or bypass Smart Switch with alternatives. No matter what you choose, you will seamlessly transfer or back up your data soon. If you have any queries or suggestions, please drop down in the comment area, we'll appreciate that very much.

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