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Ensuring that our contacts are seamlessly synchronized across devices is crucial. Google Pixel users, in particular, have the advantage of leveraging Google's robust ecosystem to effortlessly manage their contacts. In this guide, we'll explore 4 practical methods to sync contacts on Google Pixel devices, ranging from utilizing your Google account to employing specialized tools for a hassle-free transfer. Whether you're switching devices or simply looking to streamline your contact management, read on to discover the reliable processes for your Google Pixel.

how to sync contacts on google pixel

Part 1: How to Sync Contacts on Google Pixel with Google Account

You can sync contacts from an old phone to a Pixel phone with your Google account, but please make sure there are available storage space on your account. If not, please upgrade your plan first or delete some useless files from Google Drive.

Sync contacts to Google Pixel with a Google account:

Step 1: To sync your contacts to your target Google Pixel phone, you need to back up the contacts on your old phone to your Google account. Please go to the Contacts app on the old device, and click "More" > "Manage contacts".

Step 2: Choose "Sync contacts" > "Add account" to type your Google account. Then click "Sync" to save your contacts on your Google account.

Step 3: Unlock your Google Pixel device, and go to Settings. Then tap "Google" > "Settings for Google apps" > "Google Contacts sync" > "Also sync device contacts". Then turn on "Automatically back up & sync device contacts".

Step 4: Add the Google account to the Pixel phone, and then the contacts will be synchronized to this mobile device automatically.

sync contacts on pixe phone

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Part 2: How to Sync Contacts from Old Phone to Pixel Directly via Contact Transfer Tool

You can also transfer contacts to Google Pixel directly using a contacts transfer tool - Samsung Data Transfer, instead of cloud service. This software can copy all contacts from one phone to a Pixel phone at once. No contact info will be missed. Furthermore, it supports Android and iOS devices, so you can transfer your iPhone contacts to your Google Pixel 8 Pro/8/7/Fold/6/5/4/3 with ease.

Main features of this contact transfer tool:

- Transfer contacts to a Pixel phone or tablet with simple clicks.

- Fast detect all contacts stored on mobile phones and SIM cards.

- Copy text messages, call logs, videos, music, apps, photos, and more between Android devices.

- Support Android 4.0 or above and iOS 5.0 or higher, including Android 14 and iOS 17.

- Allow you to transfer data via USB and Wi-Fi between Android phones/tablets.

Download the transfer software.

download windows version of contact transferdownload mac version of contact transfer

Here's how to transfer contacts to a Google Pixel phone in 1 click:

Step 1: Please install and run the software on your computer after downloading it. Then click "Mobile Transfer".

Step 2: Connect your old phone and Pixel phone to the computer with their USB cables, and enable the USB debugging feature on both phones. If your old phone is Apple, please tap "Trust" on the phone. Place your Pixel phone on the "Destination" side by clicking "Flip".

transfer contacts to google pixel in 1 click

Step 3: Check the "Contacts" category, and click "Start Copy" to sync the contacts to your Google Pixel device.

start transferring contacts to pixel

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Part 3: How to Sync Google Contacts on Pixel via the Google Contacts App

The Google Contacts app is another helper to sync contacts to Pixel smartphones. As long as you install the app on your mobile phone, it will synchronize your contacts by itself. However, there is no iOS version available to download on iPhones.

Steps on importing contacts to Google Pixel from Gmail via the Google Contacts app:

Step 1: Install Google Contacts from Google Play on both mobile phones.

Step 2: Launch it, and sign in with your Gmail account. Also, allow it to access your phone's contacts.

Step 3: After a while, you will see your contacts displayed on the app. Now, you can access the contacts on your Google Pixel phone.

use google contacts app to sync contacts on pixel

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Part 4: How to Transfer Contacts to Google Pixel via VCF

Exporting your contacts as a VCF file is a useful way to transfer contacts to a Google Pixel phone. Even though the steps are slightly more than other ways, but if you prefer manual operation, you will experience the joy in this way.

Import contacts to Google Pixel using VCF:

Step 1: On your old smartphone, please go to the Contacts app, and click "More" > "Manage contacts" > "Import or export contacts" > "Export" > "Internal storage". Then click "Export" at the bottom. Your contacts will be saved to a VCF file, and the file is stored on this phone.

export contacts on the old phone

Step 2: Please send the VCF file to your Google Pixel phone. In this case, you can use Bluetooth or a social platform.

Step 3: Once you receive the VCF file on your Pixel phone, please open the Contacts app on Pixel, and choose the "Fix and manage" tab at the bottom. Then tap "Import from file" to select your VCF file. Then the contacts will be imported to the Pixel phone.

import contacts to google pixel using vcf

Part 5: FAQs of Syncing Contacts on Google Pixel

Q1: Why is syncing contacts important on Google Pixel?

Syncing contacts on Google Pixel ensures that your contact information is up-to-date and accessible across devices. It helps maintain consistency and saves you from manually updating contacts on each device.

Q2: How do I check if my contacts are syncing on Google Pixel?

Navigate to "Settings" > "Accounts" or "Google" > "Account sync". Ensure that the "Contacts" option is enabled. You can also check the last sync time to verify recent updates.

Q3: Can I sync contacts from multiple Google accounts on my Google Pixel?

Yes, you can sync contacts from multiple Google accounts. Simply add the additional accounts in the "Accounts" or "Google" settings and enable the "Contacts" sync option for each account.

Q4: Is there a way to access and manage contacts online for my Google Pixel?

Yes, you can use the Google Contacts web interface. Simply log in to your Google account on a web browser, go to Google Contacts, and manage your contacts online. Changes made online will reflect on your Google Pixel.


We've covered a spectrum of methods of syncing contacts to Google Pixel to cater to diverse user preferences. Whether you opt for the simplicity of Google Account sync, the convenience of direct transfers with Samsung Data Transfer, the user-friendly Google Contacts app, or the versatility of VCF files, the power to manage your contacts is at your fingertips. Enjoy the efficiency that comes with mastering the art of contact synchronization on your Google Pixel.

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