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Android devices support APK file format in general. You commonly download and install an app on the Android phone/tablet from the app store. However, sometimes you couldn't find the app you want from the app store. In this case, you perhaps need to know how to install APK on Android from the PC.

For swiftly installing APK from the PC, this article has listed 4 practical approaches. Follow the guide, and you will install APK files on Android without trouble.

how to install apk on android from pc

Tips: What is an APK file? Why do we need to install the APK file?

Android Package is a package file format for Android OS. You can use it to install an application on an Android device. When you find your desired apps are not available on the app store or Google Play, APK files will help you.

Part 1: How to Install APK on Android from PC with Android Assistant

If you want to directly install APK from the PC to Android, this Android assistant - Samsung Messages Backup will make it. This program can assist you in selecting and installing APK files from the computer to the Android device. As long as you want, you can also uninstall Android apps on the computer. It can also manage your other data types on Android, like contacts, text messages, photos, videos, and more.

Hallmarks of the Android manager:

- Install and uninstall APK files from the PC to Android.

- One-click to back up photos, videos, music, documents, applications from Android to the computer.

- Fast restore the backup files from the PC to Android devices.

- Manage detailed files with importing, exporting, editing, deleting, copying, moving, and more.

- Take screenshots of Android on the computer.

- Wi-Fi and USB connections are available.

Amazingly, this assistant works with almost all Android phones and tablets, such as Samsung Galaxy S23/S22/S21/S20/S10, Samsung Galaxy Tab S/Galaxy Tab 4/Galaxy Tab S5e/Galaxy Tab S6/Galaxy Tab A, LG K62/K52/K42/K71/V60/V50/V40, ZTE Blade V40 Pro/V40/A72/A52/A3 Plus, Google, OnePlus, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, etc.

Download Android data manager for free below.

download win version of android file managerdownload mac version of android file manager

Guide on how to install an APK file on Android from PC:

  1. Download the software on the computer. Then install and run it on the desktop.
  2. Connect the Android device to the PC via USB for recognition.install an apk on android from the computer
  3. To install APK files on Android, please choose the "Apps" > "User Apps" > "Install" icon. Then you can select the APK files from the computer. It will automatically install it on your Android device.

put an apk file on android from the pc

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Part 2: How to Install an APK File on Android from PC with AirMore

Is it possible to install an APK on Android from the computer with AirMore? Certainly. AirMore is not only a wireless file transfer tool but also a useful helper on installing apps. But please make sure your computer and Android phone using the same network. Then you can start the operation.

Here's how to install APK files from the PC to Android with AirMore:

  1. Download and install AirMore on the Android phone, and browse the website on the PC.
  2. Make your phone scan the QR code for connection by tapping the "Scan to connect" button.
  3. For installation, please click the "Apps" > "Install" feature to select the desire APK files from the computer. Once done, click the "Open" > "Install" icon. The installation process will be finished in a short time.

copy an apk file to android and install it via airmore

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Part 3: How to Transfer APK from PC to Android Manually

How to transfer APK from the PC to Android and install APK from the PC via USB? Perhaps it is a little complex than the previous, but it can help you install an unknown source from the PC manually. It's only necessary to prepare a USB cable.

How to copy APK to Android via USB:

  1. Link your Android handset to the PC via a USB cable.
  2. Then you can copy and paste the APK file from your computer to your Android folder.
  3. Please tap on the file on your Android device and click the "Settings" option on the prompt. Finally, turn on the "Allow from this source" feature.

install apk files from the pc via usb

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Part 4: How to Transfer APK Files from PC to Android Phone Cx File Explorer

Generally speaking, there is a File Manager on the Android phone so that you can check your APK files at any time. But where can you put the APK file on Android from the computer if your phone or tablet has no this feature? In this case, you can download and install Cx File Explorer in advance. Then you can conveniently scan your Android data on it.

  1. Install this File Explorer on your Android device from Google Play.
  2. Connect Android to PC via a USB cable to open the "This PC" program.
  3. You can transfer the APK files to the Android phone by moving or copying. Then open the File Explorer on Android and hit the "Main storage" icon. You can view the Android internal storage. Please find the APK files and click it for installation. If prompted, please click the "Settings" > "Allow from this source" feature on the screen.

install an apk file to android using cx file explorer


If you learn about these installing tips above, installing APK to Android from the PC. And the Android manager - Samsung Messages Backup, can directly help you install APK files to your Android device on the computer. What a smart helper! Give it a chance, and you will get a fabulous assistant.

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