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In the dynamic world of technology, our trusty Samsung tablets play an integral role in our daily lives. However, just like any digital device, they may encounter occasional hiccups or demand a fresh start for various reasons. Enter the reset function - a powerful feature that can troubleshoot issues, optimize performance, and even prepare your tablet for a new chapter. Now, we'll learn how to reset Samsung tablets with 3 effective methods, explore a step-by-step guide to reset devices through settings and hardware buttons, and even touch upon a smart approach using SmartThings Find.

Whether you're facing sluggish performance, software glitches, or gearing up for a new owner, join us on this journey to master the art of resetting your Samsung tablet.

how to reset samsung tablet

Part 1: Importance of resetting Samsung Tablet

The importance of resetting a Samsung tablet lies in its ability to address various issues, optimize performance, and provide users with a fresh start. Here are several key reasons highlighting the significance of resetting a Samsung tablet:

1. Performance Optimization

Resetting the tablet helps clear temporary files, cached data, and background processes, providing a performance boost and a smoother user experience.

2. Resolution of Software Glitches

Resetting allows the operating system to start afresh, potentially resolving these glitches and restoring normal functionality.

3. Memory Management

Resetting the device can help in organizing and optimizing the storage, ensuring better memory management and preventing issues related to insufficient space.

4. Preparation for Sale or Handover

Before selling or giving away a Samsung tablet, resetting it is crucial to protect your privacy and ensure that the new owner starts with a clean slate.

5. Operating System Updates

Resetting the tablet may be necessary when upgrading to a new version of the operating system. This ensures a smooth transition and reduces the likelihood of compatibility issues or conflicts between the old and new system configurations.

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Part 2: How to Reset Samsung Tablet via Settings

How Do you reset a Samsung Galaxy Tab? The most effortless approach to resetting your Samsung tablet is by using the Settings menu. With this convenient procedure, you can ensure that all data on your device will be securely erased in no time.

Steps to factory reset a Samsung Galaxy tablet via Settings:

Step 1: On the Galaxy tablet, head to the "Settings" app.

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the screen and choose "General management", and click on the "Reset" option.

Step 3: Proceed to "Factory data reset" from the list of options; tap on it to display apps & accounts installed on the device, which will be erased during the resetting.

Step 4: Click "Reset" and enter the screen password when asked. Click "Delete all". The device will power off, so wait a few minutes for it to reboot automatically. You can set up the device once again.

reset samsung tablet via settings

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Part 3: How to Hard Reset Samsung Tablet Using Buttons

Want to perform a Samsung tablet hard reset? If so, you will need the buttons on the tablet. You can enter Recovery Mode by tapping the buttons. Recovery Mode is an absolute lifesaver when it comes to resolving Android problems. When in Recovery Mode, you can not only perform a factory reset but also wipe cache partitions and update your system.

With no need to boot into Android, you can quickly access this helpful tool with a specific combination of Power, Volume, and Home Keys. Depending on your device's model, you must use the right key or button combinations when doing a factory reset.

Here's the guide:

Step 1: Power off the tablet with the "Power" key. After it shuts down, press the "Volume Up" and "Power" buttons for a few seconds till you see the Samsung logo on the screen, and the device will enter recovery mode.

tap on buttons to enter recovery mode for resetting samsung tablet

Step 2: Now, you can see a list of recovery mode shortcuts. Scroll to the "Wipe data/factory reset" option using the "Volume Down" key.

Step 3: A warning message will appear asking you to save Google account information before hard resetting; ensure you've saved the credential and select the highlighted option using the "Power" button.

Step 4: Hit "Yes" to erase all user data. Wait for some time for the process to finish. On the recovery page, click "Reboot system now", and confirm the action using the "Power" key.

Step 5: After resetting the device, you may need to provide a Google account to do the setup.

hard reset samsung tablet via recovery mode

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Part 4: How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Tablet via SmartThings Find

SmartThings Find is an upgrade of Find My Mobile, allowing Samsung users to reset Samsung tablets to factory settings when the devices get lost/stolen. But if you haven't enabled the Find My Mobile feature on your Galaxy tablet, you'll be unable to use SmartThings Find.

Factory reset a Samsung tablet via SmartThings Find:

Step 1: Navigate to this address on your computer:, and tap "Get Started" to enter your account and password that you added to your Samsung tablet.

Step 2: Once logged on, choose your tablet, and click "Erase data".

Step 3: Tap "ERASE" under "Factory data reset" in blue, and then input your account credentials again for verification. The resetting will begin. As it finishes, tap "OK".

reset samsung galaxy tablet via smartthings find

Extra Tips: Crucial Preparations Before Resetting Samsung Tablet

1. Back Up Samsung Tablet

Resetting a Samsung tablet can delete all data from the device, and the data is hard to recover. If you have useful files and information on the Galaxy device, it is vital to back up your Samsung data before resetting it.

To back up your Samsung data to your computer in 1 click, you can utilize Samsung Backup and Restore. This software can transfer all your contacts, text messages, videos, music, photos, etc., to your computer. Furthermore, you can access your backup data on your computer, and restore the backup to Android whenever you like.

Highlights of the backup software:

- Fast back up and restore Samsung mobile devices.

- Support various data types and formats.

- Highly compatible with Android 4 and upper, including the latest OS.

- Work well for most Android tablets and phones, including Galaxy Tab A9+/A9/S9 Ultra/S9/S8 Ultra/S8/S7/S6/S4, Galaxy S23 Ultra/S23/S22/S21/S20/S10/S9/S8, Google, Motorola, T-Mobile, ZTE, Alcatel, and more.

- USB and Wi-Fi connections are supported.

download windows version of samsung backup and restoredownload mac version of samsung backup and restore

Here's the guide:

Step 1: Download and install the backup software on your computer, open it, and click "Android Backup & Restore".

Step 2: Link your Galaxy Tab to the computer via USB, and enable the USB debugging feature on the tablet. Then the connection is ready.

back up tablet before resetting it

Step 3: Click "Backup", and check the data you want. Tap "Browser" to select a location for your backup data, and hit "Back Up" to proceed. Your Samsung files will be saved to your computer.

back up data from samsung tablet to computer

2. Remove External Storage

If your tablet has a microSD card or any external storage device, consider removing it before the reset. This prevents any potential conflicts during the process and ensures that the external storage is not affected.

3. Disable Factory Reset Protection (FRP)

If you have enabled FRP (Factory Reset Protection), which is a security feature to protect your device and data, make sure to disable it before performing the reset. This usually involves removing your Google account from the device temporarily.

4. Sync Accounts and Settings

Ensure that your accounts, such as Google or Samsung accounts, are synced to the cloud. This ensures that your settings, preferences, and other data associated with these accounts are saved and can be easily retrieved after the reset.

5. Charge Your Tablet

Ensure that your tablet has sufficient battery charge or connect it to a power source before initiating a reset. A loss of power during the reset process can lead to complications and potential data corruption.

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FAQs on Resetting Samsung Tablet

Q1: What is the difference between a soft reset and a factory reset?

In general, a soft reset means that you can reset your device via settings, and you don't have to power off the device. There are several options: reset all settings, factory data reset, reset network settings, and reset accessibility settings. Only the factory data reset will remove all your apps and data.

A factory reset means that it will reset your tablet or phone to its original state. You can perform it via settings or Recovery Mode by using buttons. That is, the soft reset contains the factory reset, but it's not exactly the same as the factory reset, because it has other resetting options.

Q2: Will a factory reset remove my Google account?

Yes, performing a factory reset on your device will typically remove your Google account from the device. A factory reset restores the device to its original state, erasing all user data, apps, and settings. This includes the removal of the Google account associated with the device.


Your journey to mastering the art of resetting is complete. Armed with 3 effective resetting methods, extra tips and a wealth of information from our FAQs, you can now reset your Samsung tablet with ease and then take charge of your Samsung tablet's performance. Embrace the power of a fresh start and continue to unlock the full potential of your digital companion.

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