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If you want to purchase a new Android tablet to replace your iPad, you might need to transfer data, at least contacts, to the new device. However, as we know, there are some limits between Android and iOS. Thus, you cannot manually send files from the iPad to Android.

Then, how to transfer contacts from iPad to Android with ease? This is the key we will talk about today. There are 6 iPad to Android contact transfer methods for your inference. Let's go to have a look.

transfer contacts from ipad to android

Part 1: How to Transfer Contacts from iPad to Android in 1 Click?

Want to transfer contacts from an iPad to Android in 1 click? It is not impossible. Try this contact transfer software - Samsung Data Transfer, and you can move all contacts at a time with simple taps. What's more, you can send text messages, music, photos, and more files from iOS to Android simultaneously if you want.

Hallmarks of this iPad to Android transfer program:

- Smoothly transfer contacts as well as other file types from an iPad to an Android device.

- Allow you to copy contacts from Android to iOS without hassle.

- Easily transfer data from Android to Android, and from iOS to iOS.

- Support you to clear data on your target Android device before transferring files.

- Work with almost all iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, including iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPhone 12 Pro/12/11/XS/X/8, Huawei Mate X2/Mate 40/Mate 30, OnePlus Nord 8/7/6/5, Motorola Moto G 5G/Moto G9 Power/Razr 5G, Google, OnePlus, LG, ZTE, Samsung, and more.

Download this iOS to Android contacts transfer program for free below.

download win version of ipad to android transferdownload mac version of ipad to android transfer

Steps on how to move contacts from iOS to Android with this software:

Step 1. Install the Contact Transfer Software

Download the Windows or Mac version of this transfer tool on your computer, and install it correctly.

Step 2. Connect Mobile Devices to Your Computer

Please connect the iPad and Android device to the computer using USB cables. For a successful connection, you need to let your iPad trust your computer, and enable the USB debugging mode on Android.

Step 3. Transfer Contacts from iOS to Android

- Make sure your Android handset is on the Destination side, and tick off the "Contacts" category. Then start transferring by hitting the "Start Copy" icon.

one click to transfer contacts from ipad to android

- As the transfer is over, you can check the iPad contacts on Android.

fast copy ipad contacts to android

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Part 2: How to Sync Contacts from iPad to Android with Google Account?

You can add your Google account to your iPad, sync contacts, emails, calendars, and notes to Google cloud space. That means you can move contacts from your iPad to Android without a wire. How convenient! By the way, if there is no sufficient cloud space on your Google account, you need to upgrade the services or delete part of files in advance.

Here's how to sync contacts from an iPad to Android via a Google account:

Step 1. Add Your Google Account on iPad

- Launch the Settings app on the iPad, click the "Passwords & Accounts" > "Add account" > "Google" option. Then you can enter your Google account on the screen.

- After that, turn on the "Contacts" option. It will help you synchronize contacts to Google cloud space.

Step 2. Sync Contacts to Your Android Device

- Navigate to the Settings app on your Android phone/tablet, and tap the "Account and backup" > "Backup and restore" icon. Then switch on the "Back up my data" icon, and click your account to press the "Sync now" icon.

- Your contacts will show up on your Android device.

sync contacts from ios to android via google account

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Part 3: How to Move Contacts from iOS to Android via iCloud?

The iCloud services can back up most files on your iOS device, like contacts, emails, calendars, photos, etc. Furthermore, it allows you to check your backups on other devices by signing in to iCloud. Simply put, it is a helpful assistant to export iPad contacts to Android.

Guide on how to move iPad contacts to Android via iCloud:

Step 1. Enable iCloud Backup

Please go to Settings, tap your name, and scroll down to choose the "iCloud" option. Then you can enable the "iCloud Backup" > "Contacts" option here.

transfer contacts from ios to android via icloud

Step 2. Browse iCloud Website on the Computer

Visit the iCloud webpage, and sign in with your Apple ID used on the iPad. Next, click the "Contacts" > "Settings" > "Export vCard" option. Then it will download the contacts on your computer.

import ios contacts to android using icloud

Step 3. Import Contacts to Android

- To import the iPad contacts to Android, you need to connect your Android handset to the computer via USB, and copy the contact file that you downloaded just now to Android.

- Open the Contacts app, and click the "More" > "Manage contacts" > "Import or export contacts" > "Import" option. Then you can import the vCard file. After finished, you can view the contacts on the Contacts app.

import contacts to android device via icloud

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Part 4: How to Transfer iPad Contacts to Android Using Email?

Believe it or not, using email can help you send contacts from the iPad to Android. As long as the size of your total contacts is less than 50MB, you can share them via email. Because many Android phones can compatible with sending contact files, you can import contacts without effort.

Here's how to send contacts from an iPad to Android via email:

Step 1. Select Contacts

- Run your Contacts on the iPad, and pick the desired contacts. Next, click the "Share" icon and choose the "Email" option.

- Enter your email address, and send your contacts immediately.

Step 2. Download Contacts on Android

Log in to the email that can receive your contacts on the Android device, and download the contact file directly.

Step 3. Import Contacts to Android

Then open the Contacts application and tap the "Settings" option to import the contacts.

send contacts from ios to android via email

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Part 5: How to Export Contacts from iPad to Android via iTunes?

Obviously, you can back up and restore iOS data with iTunes. What if you want to export contacts from an iPad to Android? Can it work for you? Fortunately, it can. There is a synchronization feature on iTunes that can merge contacts to your Google account. Let's see it in detail.

Here's how to sync contacts from iPad to Android using iTunes:

Step 1. Connect iPad to Computer

Open iTunes and connect your iPad to the computer. It will require you to log in with your Apple ID for the first time.

Step 2. Sync Contacts with Google Contacts

Tap the iPad icon and the "Info" option. Next, you can select the "Sync Contacts with" > "Google Contacts" option, and type your Google account. Then hit the "Apply" icon at the bottom.

Step 3. Sync Contacts on Android

Add the same Google account to the Android device, and click your account to tap the "Sync now" icon to sync the iPad contacts. Once done, you can use the contacts on the Android mobile device.

send contacts from ios to android using itunes

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Part 6: How Do I transfer My Contacts from iPad to Android with Dropbox?

Another cloud service tool is Dropox, which can assist you in uploading multiple file types from iOS and Android devices. In other words, you can upload your iPad contacts to it and download the contacts from it to Android. However, you need to save your contacts as a vCard file at first.

Tutorial on how to transfer contacts from iOS to Android via Dropbox:

Step 1. Save Contacts as a VCF File

To export contacts to VCF, you need to back up contacts to iCloud: open Settings, tap your name, click the "iCloud" icon, and enable iCloud Backup.

Step 2. Upload the VCF File to Dropbox

Log in to iCloud with your Apple ID, click the "Contacts" > "Gear" > "Export vCard" icon. After that, open the Dropbox website, and sign in with your account. Then you can upload the VCF file to Dropbox.

Step 3. Transfer Contacts to Android

Install Dropbox on your Android tablet, and log in with your Dropbox account. Next, you can download the contact files. Finally, open Contacts and import the contacts.

share ipad contacts to android via dropbox


Undoubtedly, contacts are essential data on our mobile handsets. No one wants to enter contacts manually when switching to a new device. Therefore, it is necessary to learn the transfer methods introduced above to transfer contacts from an iPad to Android. As an efficient transfer tool, Samsung Data Transfer can copy contacts once and for all, despite from iOS to Android or vice versa. Undeniably, it is an excellent choice. So, give it a chance?

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