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Is it difficult to transfer data from OnePlus to Samsung because they are distinct brands? Perhaps you can get help from this post introducing 4 practical solutions about OnePlus to Samsung data transfer. After learning them, you will have a smooth transferring process, so why not have a look?

transfer data from oneplus to samsung

Part 1: How to Transfer Data from OnePlus to Samsung in 1 Click – Samsung Data Transfer

Want to move data from OnePlus to Samsung in 1 click? If your answer is yes, please don't miss this super transfer tool - Samsung Data Transfer. It can copy 8 major types of files on the mobile phone without any hassle and keep the transfer data in high quality at the same time. There is no doubt that it is a time-saving transfer way.

The main features of the Samsung Data Transfer:

- Transfer data from OnePlus to Samsung in 1 click, including contacts, call logs, text messages, photos, videos, music, apps, and documents.

- Also, it is an Android to Android file transfer program, so you can use it on other brands of Android devices.

- Support iOS device as well, so it can help you convert contacts, notes, calendars, books and bookmarks from iPhone to iPhone.

- Easy to migrate contacts, books, music, videos, and photos from iOS to Android.

- Convenient to move contacts and documents from Android to iPhone/iPad/iPod.

What is important, it is widely compatible with almost all the Android phones/tablets and iOS devices, such as OnePlus 8 Pro/8/7T Pro/7T/7 Pro/7/6T, Samsung Galaxy S20/S10/S9/S8/S7, Samsung Note 10+/Note 10/Note 9/Note 8/Note 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab S/Galaxy Tab 4/Galaxy Tab S5e, HTC, ZTE, Motorola, LG, OPPO, Vivo, Huawei, Xiaomi, and so on.

Download the OnePlus to Samsung transfer software for free below.

download win version of oneplus to samsung transferdownload mac version of oneplus to samsung transfer

Steps to transfer data from OnePlus to Samsung in 1 click:

Step 1. Install Samsung Data Transfer

Please download and double-click the program to install it on the computer.

Step 2. Connect Mobile Phones to Computer

Then launch it and connect your OnePlus and Samsung phones to the computer with USB cables. It will recognize your phones after enabling the USB debugging mode on both mobile devices.

Step 3. Transfer Data from OnePlus to Samsung

- Once connected, please make sure the OnePlus phone is on the "Source" side and the Samsung phone is on the "Destination" side. Then you can select the desired data types on the middle panel. Finally, please tap on the "Start Copy" icon to begin the transfer process.

transfer data from oneplus to samsung in 1 click

- Then you can see the transferring interface. It will be finished in several minutes.

copy files from oneplus to samsung phone

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Part 2: How Do I Transfer Data from OnePlus to Samsung Selectively – Samsung Messages Backup

Samsung Messages Backup can let you selectively transfer kinds of data from OnePlus to Samsung. It can provide a detailed preview of data on the computer before the transfer. Therefore, when you would like to transfer several photos, videos, and other sorts of data, it will help you a lot. Certainly, it has the Super Toolkit feature that can transfer all the data in 1 tap.

Guide on how do I transfer files from OnePlus to Samsung Selectively:

Step 1. Download and Install Samsung Messages Backup

Please download and install this program on the computer. Then choose the "Android Assistant" module to enter the program.

download win version of samsung messages backupdownload mac version of samsung messages backup

Step 2. Select to Transfer Data from OnePlus

- Next, please link the OnePlus phone to the compute with a USB cable and enable USB debugging on OnePlus. After connected, please choose one data type you want on the left, and then you can view and pick out the files on the right side.

- Once selected, please tap on the "Export" button on the top to copy them from the OnePlus phone to the computer.

Step 3. Import Data to Samsung

Then you need to connect the Samsung phone to the computer in the same way. And choose the identical category on the left panel. By tapping the "Import" or "Add" icon, you can transfer the data which you saved from the OnePlus to the computer just now to your Samsung phone.

selectively transfer files from oneplus to samsung

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Part 3: How to Convert OnePlus Data to Samsung Fast – Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

It is known that Samsung Smart Switch Mobile can transfer data from one mobile phone to a Samsung phone/tablet. So it this app is another nice choice for you. If needed, you can download it from Google Play directly, and then you can enjoy its wired and wireless transfer.

Tutorial on how to convert OnePlus data to Samsung fast:

Step 1. Install Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

Above all, you need to download and install this app on both cell phones. Open the app to choose the "Send data" icon on the OnePlus and click the "Receive data" on the Samsung device.

Step 2. Connect OnePlus to Samsung

- For wire transfer, you can open the app and tap on the "Cable" option on the screen. Then you can connect both phones using a USB cable and an OTG adapter.

- For wireless transfer, please choose the "Wireless" option to make a connection between OnePlus and Samsung.

Step 3. Migrate Data from OnePlus to Samsung

After connected, you can choose the types of files on the OnePlus phone and tap on the "Send" icon at the bottom. And don't forget to click the "Receive" option on the Samsung phone. Immediately, it will start sending the selected data to your Samsung phone.

transfer data from oneplus to samsung with samsung smart switch

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Part 4: How to Migrate Files from OnePlus to Samsung via Google Account

Using Google account to do data transfer from OnePlus to Samsung is extremely helpful as long as you have enough cloud storage on Google. Actually, you can get 15 GB storage space on Google by signing up, and enlarge the space by purchasing the services. Simply put, you can realize the file migration with your Google account.

Here's how to migrate files from OnePlus to Samsung via Google account:

Step 1. Add Google account

From the beginning, you need to add the Google account on both smartphones: Settings app > Accounts > Add account.

Step 2. Back Up Data from OnePlus to Google Account

Then back up the data from your OnePlus phone to the Google account: Settings app > System > Backup. And please choose the account that you added on both phones.

migrate data from oneplus to samsung with google account

Step 3. Restore Data to Samsung Phone

Please enter Samsung's Settings app and choose the "Accounts and backup" option. And you will see the "Backup and restore" icon on the screen, please tap on it and enable the "Automatic restore" button. Then it will restore the backup data from the Google account to your Samsung phone.

transfer data from oneplus to samsung using google account

At last, you will migrate files from OnePlus to Samsung.

  • Does OnePlus Switch work with Samsung?
  • OnePlus Switch is created to serve OnePlus user, such as transferring data from one phone to OnePlus and backing up data from OnePlus to computer. It can migrate the data from Samsung to OnePlus, but unfortunately, it doesn't support moving data from OnePlus to other brands of Android phone. Therefore, this software works with the Samsung phone when it is the sender.


Now, it is easy for you to transfer data from OnePlus to Samsung no matter what the reasons are. These 4 solutions introduced above are all effective, but this OnePlus to Samsung transfer tool - Samsung Data Transfer, is the most efficient one among them. Give it an opportunity and you will get an excellent transfer.

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