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There is no denying that Android has developed a powerful operating system, which has gained great popularity among many Android users. Screen lock is the basic type of security on the smartphone. It provides a simple and secure way for your phone's privacy. There are also other types of titles that can be used to lock a phone, such as PIN, password, pattern, fingerprint scanner and face detection, and so on.

However, sometimes things can go against the plan. With so many passwords to remember, it is a normal condition to forget the password, pin, or pattern on your Android device. What should you do to log into your Android again? Luckily, many Android lock screen removal apps can help you unlock your Android device. This guide brings you the tools to remove a lock on an Android device.

android lock screen removal

1. Android Lock Screen Removal - Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock

Dr.Fone Android Screen Unlock is a popular program to remove the lock screen on Android devices with ease. It has the ability to remove four types of screen lock, PIN, pattern, password, and fingerprint, and guarantees that there will be no data loss during the removal process on some Samsung and LG phones.

Apart from Samsung and LG, it is compatible with many Android devices, such as Honor, OnePlus, Sony, Xiaomi, and more. With this software, you can easily bypass the Android password, and no technical knowledge is required.


- Compatible with a wide range of Android devices.

- Capable of removing 4 screen lock types, including PIN, pattern, password, and fingerprint.

- Allow you to use the advanced mode if your phone model isn't on the given list.

- Bypass FRP on Samsung without your Google account.

- No technical knowledge is needed.


- Only support a few Samsung and LG mobile phones on unlocking without wiping data.

- Costly for the unlimited devices on a business license.


- A one-year license for 1-5 mobile devices on 1 PC: $39.95.

- A lifetime license for 1-5 mobile devices on 1 PC: $49.95.

- A one-year license for unlimited devices on 1 PC: $399.00.

You can download this Android password removal software below.

download win version of android screen unlock

Unlock your Android phone with Dr.Fone Android Unlock software:

Step 1. Installation

Install the software on your PC, launch it, and choose the "Screen Unlock" > "Unlock Android Screen and FRP" > "Unlock Android Screen" mode.

Unlock android lock screen without password

Step 2. Connection

- Connect your locked Android phone to your computer via USB. Then select your Android phone model and other info from the list, tap the "Next" icon.

choose the phone information from the list

- Follow the guide to get your device into Download Mode.

enter download mode to remove the lock screen

Step 3. Remove the Lock Screen from Your Android Phone

After the program has downloaded the recovery package, you can click the "Remove Now" icon to start unlocking your phone. Once done, you can access the smartphone without a lock.

start to remove the lock from android

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2. Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager, also called Find My Device, is an official type of device management service for Android users. You can trust it to manage your Android devices through a Google account. It is able to locate, ring, lock, and erase lock on an Android phone or tablet when lost or broken. Android Device Manager provides a simple way to ensure your Android data is safe and secure. It can also work as an Android lock screen remover app to bypass Android passwords.

use google find my device for android lock screen removal


- Effectively erase lock screens from most Android devices.

- Remotely lock or wipe your lost Android device without a cable.

- No ad.


- Require your locked Android device to meet some conditions.

- Wipe all data and settings from your locked device.


- Free.

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3. iMobie Android Unlocker

iMobie Android Unlock is another full-featured Android tool that can help you remove the Android screen lock. When your Android device's touch screen doesn't work, or you forget the password, it's easy to solve the problem. It can work as a great lock screen remover app to open your Android phone. You don't need to put any defaults, and it is highly compatible with any popular Android device. In addition, it guarantees that there will be no data erasure.

imobie android password removal software


- Remove any types of Android screen lock with simple steps, including face recognition.

- Compatible with most Android devices.

- Easily eliminate your Google account.


- Quite expensive.

- Cannot unlock Android phones wirelessly.


- About $41 per year.

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4. iSeePassword Android Password Removal

iSeePassword can directly remove any lock on your Android without erasing any data. It comes with inbuilt algorithms that help in bypassing any lock screen mechanism on an Android device.

This android lock screen remover claims that it will never damage your android device. Supports most Samsung series like Galaxy S, Note or Tab and LG 2, 3 and 4 series, and more. So far, it is only compatible with Samsung and LG devices. iSeePassword Android password removal works fine on the latest Android 7.1.

iseepassword mobile phone lock open software


- Fast remove a lock from Android without a password.

- No damage to your phone.

- Support most Samsung models.


- Cannot remove face recognition on Android.

- Only compatible with Samsung and LG phones.

- Need to perform a factory reset on your locked Android phone.


- Basic license (1 device/1 PC): $39.95 per year.

- Family license (5 devices/1 PC): $59.95 for a lifetime.

- Business license (unlimited devices/1 PC): $349.95 for a lifetime.

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5. EMCO UnLock IT

EMCO UnLock IT is a free tool to unlock files and folders locked by applications or system processes. It allows you to detect processes that lock a resource and unlock it by closing files and library handles for the resource. All in all, this unlocking app is quite easy, time-saving, and powerful.

emco android lock removal app


- Unlock the files and folders locked by a system or an app.

- Powerfully work for Windows x86 and x64 platforms.


- Not support Android devices.


- No price statement.

6. LokLok

LokLok replaces your Android lock screen with a shared whiteboard that is always in sync between you and whoever is connected. You can draw on your phone without unlocking it and share your masterpieces on social media. As a completely free unlocking app, LokLok makes your default Android lock screen less boring!

draw on android lock screen with loklok


- Allow you to draw on a blocked screen and share the images with others.

- Support most Android models.


- Incapable of removing the lock screen from Android.


- Free to use.

7. UnlockUnit Mobile App

You can also unlock your Android phone using the UnlockUnit Mobile App. This unlocks app can be found on Google Play Store. It's easy, safe, and secure to unlock your Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, Blackberry, and so on. What's more, you can also earn money by using this unlocking app to unlock your friends' phones!

unlock unit mobile application for android


- Unlock Android phone network locks.

- You can receive the unlock code in minutes.


- Only unlock those Android phones released in 2019 and before.

- Fail to work at times.

- Not a free app.


- About $9.00.

8. Smart Lock

With the Smart Lock feature, you can skip the slide to unlock, and your phone screen will turn on immediately. You needn't enter your password because it will keep your device unlocked when it is on you. You don't need to unlock the keyguard when your cell phone is in your pocket or bag. You can add locations where you want to keep your phone unlocked.

smart lock on android phone


- Access your Android phone without unlocking it.

- It is a built-in feature on most Samsung Android devices.


- The on-body detection function cannot differentiate between you and others.


You now know the top Android lock screen removal software you can use to bypass a lock on an Android device. Whether you want to unlock your Android phone with free unlock apps or you prefer to get more security and quality from paid apps, you can easily find the suitable one from this post. We'll recommend Dr.Fone Android Screen Unlock, since it can remove lock screens with a high success rate.

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